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Chatty asks are fun. Why not make it permanent?

I see there's a real-time chat, why not one in the style of the site? A sort of miscellaneous, Not Otherwise Specified subsite. I'm imagining basically chatfilter questions & maybe funny or interesting things not chewy enough for a FPP. (This is not really A Suggestion, more a what if & why/why not curiosity.) [more inside]
posted by Baethan on Sep 14, 2023 - 40 comments

Bring together all of Mefi

I would like to discuss the benefits of having content from all subsites directly displayed on the front page. Great stuff created by fellow Mefites gets overlooked for now good reason other than the treachery of our lazy lizard brains. [more inside]
posted by Foci for Analysis on Dec 6, 2019 - 29 comments

"Most Favorited Tracks from your contacts" is A Thing

  1. Go to music.metafilter.com
  2. Check sidebars
  3. One will list "Most Favorited Tracks from your contacts"
  4. Some of these songs won't be Jingle Rock Bell (but luckily some will)
  5. Punch 'Em In The Dick!
  6. (Er, by which I mean "please comment, favourite or just enjoy listening to the best of MeFi Music")
  7. Cheers MetaFilter!
[more inside]
posted by comealongpole on Apr 12, 2017 - 8 comments

New subsite idea: theveryidea.metafilter.com

It would be a complement to Jobs and Projects - a place for Mefites to post ideas that they, personally, are not going to use, and thus make them freely available for other creative and talented Mefites to run with. [more inside]
posted by kristi on Dec 9, 2016 - 68 comments

MeFi Housing?

I launched my latest apartment hunt this week (I'm moving to Chicago!), and turned immediately to the Ask MeFi archives for advice. As I sent my 93rd email to an unknown Craigslist poster this afternoon, it hit me: Wouldn't it be great to do this on MetaFilter? We already have Jobs, which is very close, and Ask threads about housing often include a few leads from other members. In fact, I was tempted to post one myself for this reason, but I don't really have an original question. [more inside]
posted by ecmendenhall on Apr 12, 2013 - 44 comments

Cross-posting sub-sites?

Is it ok to cross-post a music question you have posted in AskMe to Music? [more inside]
posted by no1hatchling on Jun 17, 2009 - 15 comments

MeFi Personals

This is the second time I've seen someone propose a MeFi personals section and I'd like to second the motion. [more inside]
posted by skylar on Sep 29, 2008 - 138 comments

A question and answer area for people to talk about writing/recording music

Request for another way to interact in Metafilter Music. [more inside]
posted by micayetoca on Jun 26, 2008 - 28 comments

Is it time for MetaFilter consignment?

I know a MetaFilter swapsite or Craigslist-y thing has been suggested before, but now that I have a thing burning a hole in my pocket that I'd like to give to an interested local Mefite -- like, today -- I'm wondering if it's time. I'd like to sell or give away things to you, and I'd like to buy stuff, too. I'm pretty sure that we could do some really interesting things with this, like what Miko did with her $9 something offer.
posted by Plutor on Jun 13, 2008 - 79 comments

MeFi Projects getting public comments

A big tweak to Projects: new comments going public [more inside]
posted by mathowie on May 27, 2008 - 43 comments

Subsite For the Election?

election08.metafilter.com ? [more inside]
posted by cell divide on Feb 21, 2008 - 92 comments

art mefites talent

So I missed the deadline to call in my question. That would have been fun, but life has been crushing, it happens. Since I can not wait until the next time - Matt, Jess, Cortex, JB, others?: we have MeFi Music, which is really so much fun, but so many MeFites have other talents. Can we expand MeFi Music, or add another category, to include other arts? I would really love to see short stories, poems, paintings, photos, etc. [more inside]
posted by caddis on Feb 12, 2008 - 35 comments

Need More Travel

Travel doesn't seem to get much traffic. The post yesterday was the first in almost a month. Can we get a link to it at the top, along with the links to the other subsites?
posted by rajbot on Nov 26, 2007 - 34 comments

Do Some Users Really Only Stick With ONE Subsite?

I've often heard/read the anecdotes that "Only the die-hard Mefites look at MeTa" and "Most of the AskMe regulars don't venture into MeFi." Is this validated by actual user data and/or site hits? (I don't know if that's the right terminology to use). When I first came across Metafilter (2-3 years before I actually became a member) I immediately clicked on the other links at the top (AskMe and MetaTalk were the ones I remember being there when I first found the site). Do some users really only stick with one subsite or is that just a myth?
posted by amyms on Nov 26, 2007 - 136 comments

TravMe? TripMe? MeTr?

Matt, will Travelfilter ever go live? Or is it going to wither on the vine? [more inside]
posted by Razzle Bathbone on Oct 17, 2007 - 13 comments


I was kind of peeved when Technorati dropped the book category from their popular page and list. I've also noticed a lot of requests for book recommendations on AskMiFi. Bunches of book or bookish tags. Mefites seem a bookish crowd. A fascinating Librarything group. Might it be worth considering expanding the book conversation specifically? We have a Music page. Why not a Books page? Rather than posting music files or lists, we could link to Amazon or Powells or Libraything or Google Book Search or WorldCat or blogs or reviews. There's a movement to react to the old media's abandonment of book coverage by encouraging more online coverage. Is this worth investigating for Metafilter?
posted by Toekneesan on Jul 11, 2007 - 31 comments


I looked in projects and music, no place to simply put words, no music. so... delete away if inappropriately located. we'll fedex all the boxes use this number for the price lets take whats left of life and pack it up all tight don't forget the waybill make sure you have the address right here let me pin this paper so you'll know your way outside can't I stay here said the snowman its so nice and warm tonight
posted by infini on May 8, 2007 - 11 comments

It Was a Dark and Stormy Night (PST)

Has any more thought been given to a MetaSpace for creative writing? As in a help-me-improve-this zone? Not a Penguin-type wiki by any means--simply an impromptu writers' workshop. I'm assuming AskMe is absolutely inappropriate for that sort of thing, and that it's out of scope for MeFi Projects. MeFi is a nice demographic for this kind of thing, BTW, as it seems to consist mostly of snarky articulate bastards. Thanks.
posted by YamwotIam on Mar 31, 2007 - 23 comments

RSS Feed Issues

RSS gone bad? Metafilter Jobs, Ask Metafilter, and Metatalk are showing front page Metafilter posts instead of their respective posts. I'm using Google Reader, if that matters. I tried adding the feeds using Sage to see what was up, and it finds feeds but won't find any actual posts.
posted by schnee on Mar 29, 2007 - 19 comments


MetaSwap? [MI]
posted by 6550 on Mar 8, 2007 - 63 comments

The Green Should Be White

Ask MetaFilter should default to a white background for new users and those not logged in.
posted by anildash on Mar 5, 2007 - 514 comments

My links subsite-specific

Can we have the "My Posts" and "My Comments" links at the top of each page/site go to just our own posts and comments for whatever subsite site we are currently on? (more inside)
posted by loquacious on Dec 17, 2006 - 18 comments

MeFi Classifieds

Metafilter Classfieds?

Ok, we're now doing projects, jobs, general advice....why aren't we doing classifieds?
posted by filmgeek on Nov 23, 2006 - 50 comments

Jobs Expiration

Expiry date for MeFi Jobs. Jobs should expire automatically after 30 days, and should not appear in the main page/map/tags after that. There should be a possibility to prolong the expiry date if necessary.
posted by Sharcho on Nov 12, 2006 - 10 comments

Naming Metafilter Projects subsite

Random thought: The official nickname for MetaFilter Projects should be MeJects. Whadaya think?
posted by winston on Oct 26, 2006 - 24 comments

MetaFilter Jobs Success!

Hooray for MetaFiler Jobs! I got hundreds of inquiries from Craigslist and other job boards but ended up hiring the one (1) person who applied from this MeFi jobs posting.
posted by MattD on Oct 13, 2006 - 11 comments

City Guides Subsite?

cityguides.metafilter.com? How about it?

Inspired by Lougi's recent Askme Q, I suggest a section be set up where people can a) post requests for specific city info and b) post their fave tips for cities they know well. These threads could remain open indefinitely and be a great resource for people travelling or moving and would cut down on AskMe Q's about such things. If possible, perhaps a sidebar on Ask which just lists the names of the last 5 cityguide threads that have had activity would be a handy way to see when a city you know/care about has questions/activities.
posted by dobbs on Sep 26, 2006 - 39 comments

meetups subsite

Now that we have all these nifty subsites, how about a new one, devoted entirely to meetups of mefi folks? (meetup.metafilter.com?)

The current solution, having them mixed in with callouts, bugs and general griping is (I think) insufficient. Many people who would be interested, don't even know they exist. They scroll off the page fast, and organizing is a painful process.
posted by vacapinta on Sep 7, 2006 - 62 comments

Swapping on MeFi

Feature request: I want swap.metafilter.com. I really want to unload my junk on my fellow MeFites, and buy their junk off them. Please, Matt? Craigslist and eBay don't require a 5-spot to join, unlike MeFi, so that cuts down dramatically on the skeezy lowlife scammer factor. Another advantage is that this place is a real community and people care about their reputations. The community self-policing is strong, and MeFi's full of interesting people with (most likely) compelling junk they want to get rid of. One man's junk is another man's treasure.

Also, people here are really creative. Wouldn't it be cool if Miguel could sell his books here, for instance? Or Steven Den Beste could trade anime with other otaku. MeFites who are painters could sell their paintings. Sculpture. And so on.
posted by evariste on Aug 22, 2006 - 59 comments

it's high time for a separate category for NewsFilter

Maybe this has been proposed on the 'Talk before, and I know it's been suggested on the blue, but I think it's high time for a separate category for NewsFilter. IMHO, one-link posts to, say, a CNN story would be A-OK. The renewed air strikes in Lebanon prompts me to say this: I'd like to see fellow MeFier's immediate opinions on this, and don't feel the need to construct a multi-link, "worthy" FPP.
posted by zardoz on Aug 2, 2006 - 52 comments

Projects visited link color is unreadable for me

Couple of buggies and questions:

Projects visited link color is unreadable for me. Oddly, it's a different unreadable color at work (that picture) vs at home (purple). Something goofy on my end?

A couple of music questions inside, too....
posted by twiggy on Jul 24, 2006 - 11 comments


someone suggested in a AskMe thread that we start a Teen AskMe section. I'm all for it since we are a level headed bunch (excluding some times at MeTa.) I am sure the grammar and butchering of the English Language would bug some of you. I think it would be better then all the banner ad sites that are trying to sell teens garbage. What are your opinions?
posted by wheelieman on Jun 30, 2006 - 76 comments

Should MetaFilter have another section called MetaNews?

Should MetaFilter have another section called MetaNews to keep the geopolitical stuff separated from the quirky best of web stuff?
posted by parallax7d on Nov 28, 2005 - 4 comments

Wherefore art thou metafilter music?

Is anything ever going to happen again with metafilter music? There are a lot of musicians on this site, and I'm pretty sure that a lot of people are unaware of it.

Also, when is the metafilter projects site going to launch?
posted by interrobang on Sep 22, 2005 - 5 comments


I bet "travelfilter" as a discrete site would be enormously successful, yea, even income-generating.
posted by mecran01 on Aug 3, 2005 - 39 comments


Any or all of the following additional sections would be most welcome: MetaFilm, MetaLit, MetaDesign, MetaMusic. They could be discussions on current trends/reviews in the chosen fields and/or critiques on Mefi members ventures in these areas. I know this is more like a herd of ponies and most likely not forseeable in the immediate future but I thought we could at least talk about it.
posted by poopy on Jan 14, 2005 - 24 comments

What if AnonyAskMe had its own page?

People are concerned about the NSFW nature of AnonyAskMe questions and about the large volume of AnonyAskMe Qs pushing posts off of AskMe more quickly than before. What if AnonyAskMe had it's own page? And what color would it be? Maybe a hot red or hot pink?
posted by Shane on Oct 19, 2004 - 17 comments

Whatever happened to this idea?

Whatever happened to this idea?
posted by pieoverdone on Jun 9, 2004 - 12 comments

Politics supporter subsites idea

I just had an idea, it's just an idea, let me know if I'm nuts or this has any merit. Let's say around June 1, when the US presidental campaign gets into its full stride, I setup two sub-metafilter sites, one at BushIn2004.metafilter.com, the other at KerryIn2004.metafilter.com for fans of either to blow off their steam and keep MeFi proper largely free of the campaign-squabble-of-the-day posts we're likely to see? (yeah, and I'm curious how a bush supporter blog would go over too)
posted by mathowie on Apr 23, 2004 - 141 comments

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