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January 3, 2013

Is it you or is it me?

System problems? [more inside]

December 26, 2012

<3 you guise

Happy holidays, and thank you for curating this collection of curious thoughts and writings all year! Looking forward to 2013 and a whole 'nother collection of the Best of the Web. [more inside]

December 23, 2012

MetaFilter Server Issues

We're having a few technical glitches with the MetaFilter servers so you might experience a few problems. [more inside]

December 21, 2012

MetaTalk Holiday Queue in the Queue

We're going to be queuing MetaTalk posts from December 24th to January 1st. [more inside]

November 21, 2012

MetaTalk Holiday Queue Time

With US Thanksgiving rapidly approaching, it's time for another MetaFilter holiday tradition: The MetaTalk Queue. [more inside]

November 6, 2012

pb Rocks!!

Thanks to pb for the Ajax updates on threads. Otherwise I suspect that the election thread would break Metafilter tonight with reloading. I've already seen a JRun error or two.

September 25, 2012

Ten Years Gone

I meant to do this yesterday, but thanks for ten years MeFites. You people are fuckin jake by me.

August 31, 2012

MetaTalk Queue: Late Summer Edition

MetaTalk posts will be queued this weekend starting this evening and ending late Monday. [more inside]

June 30, 2012

No Leap Seconds here

I take it that Metafilter dodged the bullet tonight? [more inside]

June 11, 2012

MetaTalk Queue Redux

Summer approaches in the Northern Hemisphere, and that means it's time for camping, barbecues, and the MetaTalk queue. [more inside]

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