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We should be able to refer to a topic (i.e. whole of thread) using single link - in a way that will allow us to send it via email to other people who are likely to be interested, but don't use metafilter regularly.

posted by vinod to Feature Requests at 2:13 AM (3 comments total)

I'm confused. You mean something like this:

posted by toddshot at 2:42 AM on October 1, 2001

On the main page, the link which shows the total number of posts in a thread is a link to the thread which will do what you're asking for.
posted by Steven Den Beste at 4:38 AM on October 1, 2001

I really don't see Metafilter as an email list service. Unless I've misunderstood you vinod, this seems a feature that doesn't significantly contribute to direct online discussion in its current http form. You could make a script that will check the page yourself......for whatever you want it to check for.
posted by greyscale at 10:12 PM on October 2, 2001

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