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Today I get interviewed by a lawyer about this post. Not specifically about that incident, but as supporting evidence to try and get the store in question to settle a different court case. The lawyer has told me that the security department has already admitted to criminal behaviour. Considering that this event occured at least 5 years before I made that post, I've already expressed how little I remember. I expect to say "I don't remember" a lot. I just bring this up as a reminder that people outside this board can and will read whatever you post (remember our own shoplifting community?).
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how did they find you? did they google goons + woman's head + pole? (not being funny here, seriously curious)
posted by micayetoca at 10:55 AM on October 26, 2006

micayetoca, it comes up pretty high in a Google search for "Army & Navy" shoplifter.
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micayetoca, for what it's worth, the thread is the fourth result for ""army & navy" canada security hurt"
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After reading the second thread linked, I'm kind of hoping someone from the Nova Scotia police goes Googling and busts paultron.
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oh, sorry guys, I just realized the store is called "Army & Navy." I just glimpsed over it and thought it said "two army and navy goons", which would have been less easy to find. Sorry for the distraction, thx for the reminder, Kickstart.
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I'm not sure how he found me, though I suspect it was just Google searches like suggested. Actually, he tried to talk to me about 3 months ago, but he was not very flexible for scheduling for the favour I was doing him, so I cut him off. He recently contacted me again and apologized, so I'm giving him a very little bit of my time.
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I heard the fish in quonsar's pants is actually stolen property
posted by matteo at 11:28 AM on October 26, 2006

He stole it from me.
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no offense meant, but it kind of sounds like this lawyer is reaching a bit ....
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I'm kind of hoping someone from the Nova Scotia police goes Googling and busts paultron.

Busts him for what? He didn't identify any specific objects that he stole. Good luck trying to get a judge to look at that case.

And I'm not sure that I believe him anyway, since every Chapters in the country uses those theft prevention stickers and nobody is skilled enough to get them all, every time. When I worked there nearly ten years ago, we put stickers everywhere. Inside the spines of hardcovers. Stuck to the insides of boxes, stuck in multiple places on a dustjacket. Just when you think you got them all, you missed the one slipped between page 102 and 103. Chapters is not a good store to try to steal from on a consistent basis.

Coles, on the other hand....

As for me, I wanted to respond to costas' first comment, which forgets the fact that while retailers claim to include the cost of shrinkage in their margins, if their shrinkage dropped to zero we would not see a corresponding decrease in prices.
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All done the interview...

The lawyer was reaching a lot, trying to get me to give an exact date of the event, and specifically hoping that I saw his client in 2002 be arrested (I saw this in 2000, I believe). All done, and hopefully I won't have to think about this any further.
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That old, linked thread is absolutely great.
posted by blacklite at 3:56 PM on October 26, 2006

That "stealing" thread was awesome. Was I really posting that much FOUR years ago? Man, I gotta find some new websites to frequent.
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I put it up for the metafilterhistory tag.
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Someone making a flim about people who take pet medicines,
contacted me recently,because of a comment I posted on Askme, pointing out that aquarium stores sell all sorts of antibiotics.
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Man, that shoplifting thread reminds me why I joined MetaFilter in the first place. Is it just me being nostalgic or do people not think that discussion is superior to what goes on now? Even vitreol seems more involved: like people give a shit about the conversation. There are few snarks. People actually modify and reconsider their positions - and with humour, wit, passion. Va va vim.
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That was a great thread, and makes me miss some of those who have disappeared or switched to lurking. I'd like to repost this bit from y2karl because it expresses so well and forcefully something that enrages me as well:

Anything cool or interesting to a select few gets stolen from the Seattle Public Library. In the 60s, I knew a woman who had stolen God's Man by Lyn Ward--a first edition. There was a box set of CDs on the Beats that friend once checked out. It's long gone--the library tends not to repurchase after the sixth theft or so. I'm not fond of the moral condemnations here in general but stealing from a library is one thing I find especially sickening. It's stealing from the commons, from everybody else at once. Those who do are scum to me.

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