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A few days ago there was an AskMe looking for music recommendations. Someone posted a link in it I wanted to bookmark later, but now I can't find it. Did it get deleted or am I just searching for the wrong tags (tried music and mp3)?
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For future reference, is there a way to search deleted posts?
posted by justkevin at 4:17 PM on December 1, 2006

A lot of people still don't tag posts, or don't do it well. Try using the search box (while in askMe), where you can also be more specific (this searches the posts and comments in a thread).
posted by jacalata at 4:27 PM on December 1, 2006

Check out these Greasemonkey scripts to view deleted posts.

(Need Firefox, Greasemonkey, internet service, computer, etc)
posted by niles at 5:17 PM on December 1, 2006

I think it got deleted.
posted by ThePinkSuperhero at 5:54 PM on December 1, 2006 [1 favorite]

I tried Plutor's greasemonkey script, but it doesn't seem to work for AskMe.
posted by justkevin at 6:23 PM on December 1, 2006

That was me. It got deleted, but there's plenty of tasty stuff in there anyway, and I have been making much use of it.
posted by frykitty at 7:11 PM on December 1, 2006

Yeah and if you like the seabear record, go ahead and buy a cd from him. They are handmade and he sews the covers himself.
posted by mds35 at 7:51 PM on December 1, 2006

Yeah that greasemonkey script hasn't working in askmetafilter for quite some time. Plutor knows about it but I don't think there's anything he could do about it. Or there was but it was a pain in the ass, I don't really remember. Anyway, I believe it was because anonymous questions in the queue have numbers before they get posted so the number ordering is completely messed up.
posted by bob sarabia at 8:30 PM on December 1, 2006

In the future, phrase the question differently, so as to appease the moderators. For example, make clear that, if you were to kill someone (which you're not, of course!), and you wanted something sort of new and cool to listen to, what should you listen to?

You can insert any hypothetical illegal act into the question to fit the type of music your looking for--or maybe just change the theme of the murder around a bit. At any rate, if you do this, your thread should go down as a classic, and you'll mine it for years to come.

Good luck.
posted by The God Complex at 3:18 AM on December 2, 2006

Thanks frykitty. It was the singingfish link I was looking for.
posted by justkevin at 11:00 AM on December 2, 2006

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