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Did posts from the askmefi queue thing get deleted? I just noticed a post I was going to look back at later wasn't there, it was posted through the ask mefi queue thing posted to projects a few days ago.

Any hints?
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Signs point to yes. They were pretty universally terrible questions. [NOT RACIST]
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Metatalk thread : mathowie. So it is no more.

Any hints?

Any hints as to what the question you searched for is? (you did search didn't you?) But I will boldly speculate that if it isn't where you last left it, then yes, it has indeed been deleted. Not all of the queued questions were axed (there were, what?, 5 of them at the most).
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*another swig of ketel one*
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There there, good Plutor. There, there.
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Jessamyn told me in email that the gyroscope one was deleted because the person who posted to it AskMeQ "outed" himself in the comments on AskMe, and this established that the question was posted in violation of the guidelines. Nevermind that I, who posted it on AskMe, hadn't posted there since August. I'm not complaining - I'll get over it in 11 days, 2 hours, 44 minutes, 17 seconds.
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Oh, oh god. You know that every time there's a MeTa thread about a deleted AskMe a dugong dies, right? Dead. Never to return. Dead, and hastening the extinction of a race of gentle giants of the shallow South Seas. Dead, and yet another reason to think that this world is too cruel a place, too harsh and unyielding to be worth it. Please stop. Think of the dugongs.
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If you kill big dugongs with smoke bombs you can earn a piece of the Triforce. Dugongs Dislike Smoke!
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Fourteen days behind the wheel. Fourteen days of blood and pain. Fourteen days added on. Fourteen days.

like hell
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I think this is pretty much answered.
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