Request: link to deleted double threads in the main one. November 15, 2001 11:59 AM   Subscribe

I'd like to request that when a post is removed because it is a double-post, can it simply be removed from the index page and a link to it inserted into the comments for the post that is retained? Is this possible?
posted by greyscale to Feature Requests at 11:59 AM (2 comments total)

Unfortunately, I can't find the post at the moment, but it seemed that Matt's concern was a "subculture" developing where individuals would post things simply to get them yanked, and since the dead thread documenting their success would live on, they'd be able to revel in their victory indefinitely. This would apply to bad posts in general, not just double posts, but the effect would be the same for either.

Sorry I couldn't find the original reference--I might be paraphrasing incorrectly.
posted by disarray at 2:27 PM on November 15, 2001

I believe Matt once tried to append one thread to another. This would be the best solution, I think.
posted by todd at 3:47 AM on November 16, 2001

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