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Love the new ajax flagging and looking forward to seeing it on the other sites. I especially like that it shows that you have flagged something, and would like to see an option to remove said flag in case of a mistake, or regretting a knee-jerk reaction.
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Matt/Jess/Cortex have said in the past that a single stray flag won't grab their attention... it's a lot of flags of the same post that does.
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Flagged as flaggy.
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I could be wrong, and I don't want to flag something just to confirm it, but I think the "Flagged" text that appears after a successful flag is dynamically created client-side and will only appear until you close or reload the page. So if you're worried about seeing it remain indefinitely, don't be.

Or, if I've misinterpreted and this is unrelated to the upgraded javascript flagging, then this is an ability we've lacked for as long as flagging has existed, and it hasn't been a problem for the reason IndigoRain pointed out.
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Mod note: Persistent flagged status seems to be working—I just flagged twiggy's comment, went elsewhere, came back: still Flagged. So that's good.

The new system will go live site wide Soon.

And, yeah, removing a flag would be more effort than it's worth. A knee-jerk flag will probably just read to use as Huh, Really? A nonsensical one is more of a Snuh? It's basically a Snuh?-Huh?-Oh! continuum.
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MetaFilter: A Snuh?-Huh?-Oh! continuum.

I don't know what that means.
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You don't Gesundheit an aborted sneeze. That's so gauche.
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I'd been hearing rumors that, in an effort to be more concise, cortex was working on his own language. It's good to finally see it.

From my understanding "Snuh? -Huh? -Oh!" is a treatise on the efforts to evaluate an ongoing ontological discussion as seen from the perspective of both a mediator as well as a judicator.

I look forward to the complete dictionary; When accuses me of doing something, I want to be able to say "nuh-uh!" and have it convey my full meaning.
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when someone accuses...
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Other key lexemes include:
- ooh
- uh-huh
- ah
- meh
- heh
and, for moments of deep satisfaction,
- mmm
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You watch your mouth at the dinner table, young man.
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ting tang walla walla bing bang
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