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Matt, please delete all threads associated with my most recent long article to which I linked on my own site. I'm afraid I completely misjudged the audience here and it's clear that this was not an appropriate forum in which I should try to reveal feelings as personal and important as those were.
posted by Steven Den Beste to Etiquette/Policy at 3:05 PM (3 comments total)

Honestly Steven, as much as I disagree with what you wrote, and with you blogging your site, the cat's out of the bag.

It's too late now.

Besides, you had to realize that what you were posting was pretty much guaranteed to jerk some knees. By blogging yourself, you also put mostly everyone into a "what the hell, this guy's blogging himself" mindset, which is automatically going to make us less receptive.

It sucks, but it's there. In 2 or 3 days tops it'll require a scroll to see it, and therefore will be off most peoples' radars.

If you feel it's time to do damage control, why not take advantage of the forum that's there to argue your point? Perhaps get some of us who disagree to at least understand your point of view.

That is, afterall, what discussion's about.
posted by cCranium at 6:34 PM on August 1, 2000

"Love hits you when you least expect it"

Someone told me that a few years back, when I was at the edge *my* rope.... Of course I laughed at them and said "bullshit".

A month later, I met my wife of eight years.

Just so you know we're all not heartless bastards Steven..

Hang in there. :0)
posted by CyberPal at 2:20 PM on August 6, 2000

Gee, the stuff I find out about when I check MT.

posted by baylink at 8:08 PM on August 21, 2000

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