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Would it be possible to add a button to adjust the font size in the edit comments field? Similar to the Bold or Italics button, a "-1", so it's simpler to add asides to your comments. Having a "+1" would be bad, for obvious reasons. (also, there's a small bug -> inside (that -1 would have been useful here))
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Not sure if this a bug or if it's intentional, but when I previewed my MeTa thread, I had only a Post button, no preview button, and no text field with my post in it to edit. The previewed post appeared, but asides from the Post button, there was nothing else. I'm running Windows 98 SE, IE 5.5. Everything works fine for the comments preview, as I just found out.
posted by skwm at 1:32 PM on December 4, 2001

I'm not so sure about the font size... but I think a button for <small> might be useful to some.
posted by mkn at 1:35 PM on December 4, 2001

Yes, thats what I meant. I didn't mean a -1 button, where if you press it 5 times you end up with a -5, just an option to set some portion of your text to a smaller, pre-set size.
posted by skwm at 1:39 PM on December 4, 2001

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