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I'm curious why my carefully researched post about emotional intelligence -- the culmination of a three-month ordeal I suffered that I honestly think needed to be shared -- was deleted. Most of the links were articles that were no more than two weeks old, and there was a lot of activity in the comments. True, there was a previous post about the subject, but its main link was dead. Considering the trivial subjects of my other posts, I'm surprised that this one was taken down.
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It really seemed like a post that was suited to your own blog, not a big community blog. Mathowie and cortex and I all read it and were sort of not sure what the point of it was. It was flagged a bunch of times, which is what brought it to our attention originally, but we didn't see which part of it was "hey here's something interesting/neat I found on the web."
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"I honestly think needed to be shared" doesn't really equate with interesting stuff found on the web that make up normal posts here. It had a sort of personal blog feel, like a confession, and the links seemed to just be stuff that matched your experience.

Members here don't do a lot of first-person story type posts because it doesn't really scale with the community here.
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Somehow, when I saw the deletion, I just knew the whining would soon follow.
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that I honestly think needed to be shared

That's what everyone thinks. Honestly.
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As the deletion reason says, the post was kind of bizarre in it's bloggy "let me tell you about how I'm doing" presentation. Matt and Jess and I talked about it a bit because it seemed so dang strange, and came to the conclusion that it should be pulled.

There's nothing wrong with the topic, per se, but going about it as a links attached to a personal anecdote and exhortation is kind of at odds with normal metafilter posting conventions. A post generally shouldn't read like an entry in your blog, and we've removed things for similar reasons a few times in the past.
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Ooh, trifecta!
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Grouse, no whining, just curious.

I'll phrase my future posts differently.
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Rock and roll, CJP. For the record, this'd be the perfect sort of thing to take to email first—if we're deleting things, we're probably around for a prompt reply if you write asking for further explanation.
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