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Could there be a place within Mefi Music for people to post tabs?

Pretty self explanatory idea. Sometimes I find myself wanting to know how someone played a certain song, but I feel like I'd just be a burden on whoever I messaged asking how they played a song. Would it be possible to have a place where people could post the tabliture to their songs? I haven't really thought of how it could work into Metafilters whole design concept, but I think it'd be neat.

Just seems like something that could be kind of fun. Maybe no one would do it, but I think it'd be sweet to find covers of songs by metafilter users uploaded to MeMu. A nice Challenge could be about covering another users song, perhaps.
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I think it'd be nice to have a place for standard notation as well.
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Doesn't seem like the amount of people who would contribute the transcriptions with their songs would be large enough to justify creating and maintaining such a system.

I'd just encourage HiFites to put it up on their own website however they please.
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Would-be tabbers, strive do as nice a job as the ones on the Cynic page.
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Agreed about the challenge - "cover someone else's song" has worked a treat elsewhere and would be really fun here too - but I'm not sure I understand what you mean about tablature, other than that you are hoping people will post it anyway so it's already there without you having to ask for it. That's also a burden and I think most people won't, especially non-guitarists.

People who do want to share tabs don't need a special place, surely, as we have comments, and the code tag hopefully works for the formatting, eg:


(Unless I screwed it up somehow.)
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/moshes frantically
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That's in the wrong position, gnfti. But if you want it to sound like Tony, you do play it on the fat string.
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I owe Blackthorn on Broadway $530.
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Just to clarify, this wouldn't be meant as a requirement, at all. Just an area to put tabs (which would not be limited to guitar, hopefully). But, after thinking about it more, it's probably true not enough people would contribute to justify it.

I do think that a cover challenge would be a lot of fun, though. And for the less experienced among us, a tab (or standard notation) would be useful. Maybe in the challenge, if you want to cover someones song, you should just message that person, rather than if you want your song covered, put up a tab.
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Building a specific site function for housing tabs/notation is putting the cart before the horse, I think. Mikey-San has it right: If you're interested in how someone played something, do ask them and see if they can provide an answer, or if someone else wants to have a go at transcription if they're no good at it.

If you personally have already tabbed out a part of something you've posted and want to share it, throw it in a comment like motty and gnfti suggest up thread, or put it in a text file on a server and link it.

Generating tab and notation is time-consuming work, and I could be wrong and out of the loop but I'd estimate that the vast majority of folks who are posting songs to Music aren't doing so for their compositions.
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Tablature: good idea.

MeFi cover challenge: another great idea. We need a need type of challenge anyway, and this sounds perfect.

February, anyone?
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I nominate Born To Run by Bruce Springsteen.

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Dropped D tuning, GNFTI
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Homer: [reading screen] "To Start Press Any Key". Where's the ANY key? I see Esk ["ESC"], Catarl ["CTRL"], and Pig-Up ["PGUP"]. There doesn't seem to be any ANY key. Woo! All this computer hacking is making me thirsty. I think I'll order a TAB.
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I personally would happily do chord charts, but as cortex said, I never do actual tabs or notation and I would imagine most of the people are like that. Not that anyone here is asking for my tabs, of course, I'm just saying it for statistical purposes.

Also, if someone was so interested in a song of mine to ask, I guess I'd find a way to do it. Or perhaps send a video of me playing the song (just because it's faster).
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There's nary a chord change to be found in any of my music, so tabs would look pretty sad. A one-note tab? I don't think so... But I could offer suggestions on how to bang on a small twisted piece of junk metal!
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* looks up surprised from scratching self and coding*

*holds up lighter*
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gnfti, I'm a pianist, and can't read tabs, but somehow still knew what song that was. Well done.
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Ok, gnfti, I'm ignorant and I give up. What was that tab a snatch of? (I first thought it might be Paranoid, which would have been cute, but it isn't.)
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motty, you're kidding? You are sooo close, it's IRON MAN!
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It's a little more obvious if you replace all the individual note values with the word "DUN".
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Cheers, snsranch.

I guess I never had that big a Sabbath phase - years ago I had some weird bootleg vinyl called Black Sabbath Volume 2, but that was all, and moreover, now I've looked it up a bit, all that consisted of was some but not all of the Paranoid album - War Pigs, Fairies Wear Boots, Paranoid etc. I don't remember Iron Man being on it. Bah. Shame on me etc.
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