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The Veteren's case against John McCain post was deleted, and I can understand why, but...

It was a single link post to a blog... so I'm not going to say it wasn't deletion worthy - but for those who actually got a look at that blog, it was chock full of some interesting links and information. So for me personally, it ended up being a good post.

There's some links in there to IAVA, the Iraq and Afghanistan Veterans of America homepage - which I'd never heard about but as a vet will SOON be joining. There was another link (also at IAVA) to the action committee's political scorecard, which ranked members of congress on their votes since 2001 as they related to veteran's issues. I took that report and dumped it into Excel, sorted it, and came up with some surprising results - even to liberal 'ol me. Such as... 98 Dems received scores/grades of an 'A'. Republicans received zero 'A' scores.

The IAVA requires you to be a veteran to have membership. I may be an exception, but by and large most vets are quite conservative. That makes for some interesting info that was conveyed in that single link post.

I understand why the post was deleted, but I think it was still a damn good post once the link was further explored.
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Indeed. I sent the poster a MeMail telling him how much I was enjoying the blog.
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EXCELLENT! Thanks so much for that... now I'm NEVER gonna get to sleep tonight. So... much... to... click... on...
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By the way, IAVA's congressional scorecard that's mentioned is from 2006. They'll be releasing a 2008 scorecard within the next few weeks, I believe.
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...and I meant to add that I've had nothing but positive experiences with IAVA. They also did a great job with the push for the new GI bill, and their website has been helpful.
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Pretty interesting blog. I'd love to see some better highlights used to present it, instead of some mccainia. Can this be a "try again in a week?" thing?
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The leaves shure are 'bout to be pretty this time of year in Merrimack.
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Yes, I enjoyed that blog too and I'd like to see the post come back next week. Maybe with links to a few more well-written military blogs or something?

The dude's photo was priceless, with the cockeyed helmet and the bubblegum and the "Who YOU lookin' at, chief?" expression.
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One more vote in favor of some kind of a second look.
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I liked the link, but I see why it was deleted. It could have been fleshed out more. Maybe next time.
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I know a couple of people on the IAVA staff. They are good folks, and they have an enviable position among groups in DC - they're advocating for good treatment for vets, which is pretty much politically impossible to oppose. (openly, anyway). The founder, Paul Reickhoff, is going to be a big name one of these days.
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MeFi mail sent to you, LobsterMitten.
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Metafilter: We'd rather rim Meat Loaf. Seriously.
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"Bill Engvall's Keep Your Wang Out of My Goat"

Heh. Thank you Ann and Nancy Wilson.

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And fuck you borked ital button.
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Augh. It seems that the left half of the City of Merrimack is severely out of focus. Someone should call the grounds division.
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OK. I have never particularly liked Heart. UNTIL NOW. The Wilson Sisters RULE THE UNIVERSE. That is all.
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Sarah Palin likes Van Halen.
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Is that Wilson Sisters editorial for real? Where was it published? Was it a paid advertisement? Potentially too good to be true, especially without attribution.
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wendell, it's a spoof. Check out the link I just posted.
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Doesn't matter; the Wilson Sisters still rule the universe! And three-quarters of Van Halen have pitbull-lipstick stains around the bases of their wangs!
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I am personally conflicted about deleting posts that do nothing but highlight a single link. it feels half-assedand uninspired of an OP to not even have made an effort to tell me why this is so cool or provide me with further reading links. on the other hand there are again and again single-link posts that keep me occupied for hours on end and I would hate to have missed them because a higher bar had kept a poster from submitting that link to the FP. (the case at hand is not an example for a post I would have missed.)

I wonder how others feel about this issue.
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Metafilter: trollop-faced cunts
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(In the purely ironic, non-misogynistic British sense, that is.)
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krautland, I am a defender of good single link posts so I see your point.

That being said, there has been so much controversy over posting news and politics that "a higher standard" approach seems to have evolved. Generally speaking, if you want a news, politics, or obit post to survive, you need to work a little harder create a substantive offering. I too was happy to see that link and found much of the info in the post new and noteworthy, but was pretty sure it would be yanked. If it had been framed more as "where do vets stand" and been a tad more comprehensive (linking to IAVA or some other supporting links) rather than as an anti-McCain post, it might have had a better chance.

Generally, I agree with the "higher standard" approach. I would like these topics to be available on mefi, but I do not want mefi to be drown in recycled Yahoo and AP news. IMO, this blog was a margin case. I might have kept it* but I understand its deletion.

*Not a mod, would never want to be a mod. Tough job! Mathowie, when is the last time you gave everyone a raise?
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I'm really happy to see that link to Merrimack's website posted. When I was in high school, there were no 7-11s in Manchester. The place has a few of them now, sure, including the old Christie's convenience store, which became part of the borglike 7-11 chain. But back in the day, if we wanted to get slurpees, we'd have to drive all the way to Merrimack. It was near to Manch, but the drive was like twenty minutes. More like thirty or forty minutes if you include having to wait for Mike to save his game of Earthbound first, or if we needed to pick up Porter on the way. It was a bit of a hike.

So anyway, one evening, everyone's in the mood for slurpees, so we all pile into Mike's van and drive out there. We get our slurpees, and everyone's hanging out in the parking lot, sipping from their giant cold sugary cups, smoking, eating Sno-Balls and such. And all of the sudden, this GIANT FUCKING BUG buzzes directly into Dave's eye. Comes out of nowhere, man, just "BUZZZZZZZZ WHACK," right at the guy's face. Dave freaks out a little, bats it away, and it lands on the ground. So we all gather round to take a look. It's this like gigantic scarab beetle thing, all lustrous and shiny and shit. We're talking ancient Egyptian holy insect looking creature. Golden, huge.

Dave wants to kill it, 'cause you know, it just slammed right into his eye and all, but all of us are like, "No no, you kill it, you're gonna get a curse on you. Let it live and you'll get wishes or something." So he didn't step on it, and it stayed on the ground, doing its thing. We all stood around it, staring at it uneasily.

Anyway, 517, thanks for the link, but I couldn't find anything about that magical bug on the merrimack website. So if you want to turn your link into an FPP, you might want to flesh it out a little bit more.
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So, did he get a wish?
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Eh, just want to say good on you matty for supporting a thread that wasn't yours.

Not that that should be worthy of accolades. It's just seems that -- magically -- those who come to MeTa wondering why a good fpp was deleted just happen to be those who posted them in the first place.
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"And three-quarters of Van Halen have pitbull-lipstick stains around the bases of their wangs!"

Is this what the analists mean when they say John McCain is worried about his base?
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analists. heh.
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This post about that post has all three flavors of awesome!
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