Redboxes and christmas. Phreaks unite! December 23, 2008 9:27 AM   Subscribe always wanted one!

I suppose this kind of skirts the boundaries of "ok" or not, and if it's uncool then delete it. I'm not askin for money, just willing to share the bounty.

As some may or may not know, I'm moving to Florida. Actually been there almost 2 months, but I'm home now so I can drive down w/ all my crap.

Which leads me to my point...crap.

Back in the day...I was a phonephreak. I'm sitting on 7 brand new, radio shack tone dialers I bought when they discontinued them. I'm also sitting on 5 brand new crystals from Mouser. I suppose a redbox would still be functional if you were willing to call the operator (I am...) but since there aren't many payphones these days they're mostly just educational devices.

If anyone is interested, lemme know. I've already given away about 85% of the rest of my junk...
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I'm also sitting on 5 brand new crystals from Mouser.

Your ass must hurt.
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Yeah this is more of a craigslist thing than a MeTa thing. I'll close it but not delete it. Best of luck.
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