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Hey guys, remember way back in 2005 when I had that AIM bot that let you talk to random people on the net? It melted down frequently due to some restrictions of the AIM network, and I lost interest in it. Apparently, the community didn't because people have MeMailed me about it since. I talked about doing a AJAX version, but never got around to it. So I thought you might like to hear that someone else did.

Here is to hoping he makes a big pile of money on ads.
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On the blue
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There was a post about it a week and a half ago, in fact.

Also, jesus butts, Projects has been around since 2005? Didn't we like just launch that thing a little while ago? That's freaking me out a little.
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Well, apparently I'm the last one to hear!
It's kind of cool, the apparent author is exactly the age I was when I wrote my version.

This strengthens my conviction that memes percolate out of cultures, not individuals. Hmm... even the phrase "my conviction" seems off now - maybe it would be more accurate to say, the conviction that's taken up residence in me.

If one ant decides not the do his part in grabbing the twig, it doesn't slow the colony down much, does it?
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Hail, fellow!
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cortex: "There was a post about it a week and a half ago, in fact."

Thanks for pointing me toward that FPP (which also led to the one about Salmoning)... the thread is fucking hilarious. Not gonna try it out, though... those heady days of IRC, before I had Windows... Everyone was a stranger! It was like worldwide DDial -- you weren't gonna run into anyone in the mall... (Except this one guy on #truth who turned out to be this kid I went to high school with... but anyway...) yeah, thanks.
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I tried it a week or two ago. People kept talking about dicks. The posted thread conversations were awesome though. If this could somehow be between anon mefi members it would be ultra fabulous.
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Almost every time I have used Omegle so far it has resulted in ASCII pictures of Rick Astley. I don't know if this represents a hostile takeover of the service by hardcore Rickrollers or just my own shitty luck.
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All my conversations turned out to be with bots. Phhhhblt.
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I said hi, but the robot didn't want to talk to me :(
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I met three Brazilians and two Chinese! It's awesome for penpals if you have patience.
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This is fun.
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I'm working on my own version of this called Billy Bot Thornton. It allows you to have really uncomfortable conversations with complete strangers.
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