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Previously covered on the blue, The Room will be showing at Chandler Cinemas, May 15th at 11pm. If you haven't had a chance to see this fantastic trainwreck of a film, now would be a great opportunity. I'd like to host a meetup/pre-film party at my house starting around 6 ir 7 if any AZ Mefites would be interested.

I've never been to a meetup, I've never hosted a meetup, so I really have no idea what I'm in for. However, I have a pretty good-sized house in Tempe on the corner of University and Mcclintock. I have a beautiful wife and 3 teacup yorkies and lots and lots of records to spin (James Brown, The Beatles, Ween, et cetera). We will be ordering pizza and providing beer and soda, although everyone is free to bring sides or other liquor, whateva.
Along with whatever Mefites that might decide to come, there'll be members of my 'Bad Movie Night' club (inspired after reading this Askme) there as well, and we'll be showing all kinds of entertainment on the big screen until it's time to head out for the movie, which starts at 11pm. We can carpool for people who want to drink at the party before the movie. If anyone gets really tanked, I do have a guest bedroom and several couches.
If this is in any way an incorrect way to do a meetup thread, I apologize. I hope everyone who lives within a three or four state area comes, and I really hope I suck you into my Bad Movie Club. =) We meet bi-weekly, wear stovetop hats, and smoke tobacco pipes. I'm serious. We watched Troll 2. You know you want this.
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Before clicking through, I assumed this was some adaptation of Hubert Selby, Jr.'s novel The Room. Which would certainly have been an ambitious project.
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I forgot to add that people interested in coming should drop me an MeMail for directions to my place. =)
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Huh. I just learned about The Room today in this askme. I am so pleased to have some context behind this posting without having to click the links.
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God I love The Room. I encourage anybody near this to go. It's like a fun guarantee.
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I watched 5 minutes of this on adult swim the other day. The bump they had at the beginning of commercial breaks said:


I might've watched if they hadn't black barred the boobies but as it is there are only so many hours in my lifetime.
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Go see it. Go see it. Go see it.
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Die Zimmer!
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Man, where are all my AZ peeps ya'll?
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