Women performing as men as the head of the household? May 13, 2009 12:54 AM   Subscribe

I'm looking for a post on Metafilter, maybe within the last year or two, about these women who would 'convert' to be men for the rest of their lives - not sexually/biologically, just in terms of their function within their villages (and in some cases in terms of gender, though). They were accompanied by photos of old men (or women) wearing pants and sort of hanging out and looking really relaxed/hip/baller. If I remember, this took place in somewhere in Eastern Europe. Thanks!
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Whoaaaaaa! Awesome! Thanks so much!
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But if you kill me, I have to kill you.
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There's also a crazy Alice Munro story called "The Albanian Virgin" that has as it's subject this same thing... (June 27, 1994 edition of The New Yorker)... which jokeefe mentions in the thread. It's a great story, as I recall, though admittedly I'm a total Munro fanboy.
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No problem, I thought it was pretty interesting back when I read it myself, so it stuck in my head.
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I hereby pledge, from this day forth, to live as an Albanian woman who has pledged to live as a man.
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Ooh, thanks for pointing out the Munro story. Going to look for it now.
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There's also this one, which has some interesting links of its own.
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I hereby pledge to live as an Azerbaijani woman who has pledged to live as a man.
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Surprisingly, the Masonic pledge is a word-for-word translation of the Albanian "woman committing to life as a man" pledge.
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Ah sweet. So good to see Alice Munro getting props. Also a raving, frothing fan, From Bklyn.
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Thanks for posting this MeTa! I missed the original post (which was posted on my birthday -- yay!). It's fascinating. I'm also a huge Alice Munro fan, so this is all working out very well!
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I originally meant that they looked like they could do dunks and three-point shots and layups and stuff, but nice catch timeistight, didn't realize the double meaning in my original question. Ha! =)
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I wish...
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Read the Munro over lunch. It was lovely.
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Strangely, it turns up in in Lord Byron's Novel by John Crowley as well.
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