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Birthday thoughts from an old-timer.

Think it was Lance Arthur, on the old-old-old Glassdog, who linked to MeFi and naturally, as a duly-devoted Web Follower I logged on, got an account and thought nothing of it. Later, as "blogs" stopped being some arcane buzzword and became a reality, I would find myself coming to Metafilter more and more often. It became a crash pad, a place to find some commonality and actually feel like you were in a crowd on the Web.

Kaycee Nicole, the 2000 election, 9/11: these are the most intense periods of Metafilter activity I remember. Afterwards, the entire web became one huge reptilian brain stem, and a place where horribly intelligent people were screaming at each other about the end of the world was too much too handle. Still, though, even in my periods of fallow activity, I would check out links that people would bring in and was always struck by just how much knowledge and experience was actually here, diligently catalogued by its users.

Now don't get me wrong: you're all crazy. Out of your damn minds. But here Metafilter stands, ten years on, which is downright Paleozoic and also heroic. I have parodied it (which got noticed) and I have vented my frustrations, but I just wanted to thank MeFi for being here, because the Web is so much better for it. I also want to thank and congratulate Matt on what really is an amazing achievement. Metafilter's now officially an institution; long may she stand. Er, run. On servers. Which stand.
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Was that the original beanplating comment?
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Yeah, it's kind of amazing that MetaFilter is still everything I wanted it to be back when I started lurking. I remember January 2002 as when my friend linked me to some story on the site. I began lurking more and more often. Then things started happening with the signups.

If I remember correctly there was a period where you could only signup on certain days of the week at certain times. Then signups were totally closed for a bit. Around that time I realized I needed to get my ass in here so I wouldn't be left in the cold.

Member since October 2002. I was 19 years old when I signed up.

I think one of the amazing things to me about this place is it really perpetuated a sense of the lack of ownership of the awesomeness on the net. I'm not going to lie, when I first signed up I was young(er), and I really did because I had some cult-of-personality adoration for people like ColdChef and Migs and jonmc and matt and so on.

Eventually, and I think I can mostly thank jonmc for this, I came to realize that they were just people too, and while I should be grateful for the time they spent sharing content with me, I could do it too! Anyone could!

That's when my brain exploded with the possibilities of the nets, and if nothing else, I will be eternally grateful for that.
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I think it'd be cool if we had lots of MeTa posts like this this week. As much as I might sounds like I'm joking, I'm not.
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Aww man, the parody is down. I remember it as being awesome. Any chance there's another link somewhere? Or am I doing it wrong?
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I was going to post something like this, but maybe I'm afraid of the way I love you all the time, MetaFilter.

Maybe I'm a lonely man who's in the middle of something that he don't really understand.
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Metafilter: Me love you long time.
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Speaking of old school and the things which led us here, whatever happened to It was neat in a demoscene-for-stupid-javascript-tricks kind of way.
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I feel about Metafilter the way I feel about my church. (Which I have attended since it was 400 members and is now over ten times that.)

I have been here in some form or fashion since, oh, 2001 (I was definitely here for Kaycee Nicole) when we weren't as, well, numerous.

I still love my church, and I still love Metafilter, but numbers change things. It's way more impersonal, altho in both cases I still know and recognize quite a few folks. There are advantages to being larger, but I cannot help but miss the days when I knew everybody, or at least recognized everyone.

Hey, grow or die, tho. And Metafilter has continued to grow both in numbers and features, confounding the numerous times that folks declared Mefi was dying....and I even remember a time or two when Matt, in frustration, came pretty darn close to pulling the plug.

Here's to you, Metafilter. I may not be making it to a meetup, but I hoist my glass of Diet Coke to you.
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Metafilter: You're all crazy. Out of your damn minds.
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ocherdrago: The very one.

lazaruslong: I just put it back up for the occasion. November 2000...jesus.
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solistrato, I just want to take this occasion to give you a shout out for being the reason I bought in 2000, which was my only Mefi link for the next nine years... ;)
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St. Alia of the Bunnies: There are advantages to being larger...

Is that why Ralph gets preferential treatment?
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Ralph wouldn't know a portabella if it bit him on the ass.
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I courted MetaFilter for a number of years before it let me in. So, and I may be going against the grain here, but hear me out–fuck you, MetaFilter!
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Omigoodness. I was directed here via Glassdog too, back in the day! (Loved his writing, and his site always had damn fine design.) Took me a while to sign up, but yes, have always appreciated this here filtre méta.
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Wow, I think you've just solved the mystery of how I got here. I couldn't remember for the life of me what originally brought me here - I was discovering hundreds of cool new sites at the time, and I never registered the exact path that brought me to one or another. But I definitely followed Glassdog (as well as several other sites from that group - Alex Massey's various sites,, Karawynn's site, I can't even remember all of them. And the mother of them all, of course, the fray.), and bells are clanging madly in my memory at the mention of a link to Mefi there. Thanks, solistrato!

I was 17 when I started lurking here in late 2000, and feeling very self-important and full of myself. Very jaded and world-weary at having survived almost 13 years of public schooling with (I thought) my mind intact. Metafilter appealed because it was new, it was fresh, it linked to cool stuff, and the commentary was thoughtful and witty, sometimes delightfully funny and sometimes scathing.

It's funny - at the time, I was very involved with a close group of friends on an IRC channel, and I often pondered the transient nature of the internet. I wrote on my site about how I wondered if I'd have the same friends in a year, in five years, in ten. Whether the sites I knew and loved would still exist.

Hanging out on IRC didn't really last, but Metafilter did.

I remember Kaycee and 9/11 and portabella mushrooms and pancakes and sexy sex and the plate of beans, ParisParamus (he was my hero sometimes - other times it was Migs I idolized) and when commenting in haiku was all the rage (that was fun. Anyone for bringing that back?). I've never made much of a contribution here, but this place has certainly contributed to the richness of my intellect, such as it is. For an indication of just how shallow said intellect is, I'll just say that my goal in life is to be IRFH when I grow up.

Thanks, MetaFilter. It's been a blast. Don't go away.
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Jesus Christ, I've been hanging around here for nine years. I remember being so eager after I signed up to make a dent in the place that I'd run around on the web actively looking for cool shit to post. As it turns out, they were all just terrible. I mean, seriously, don't go looking at my posting history; you will find only woe. Really embarrassing.

And yet I stick around. This place sure has its moments. Kaycee, Seattle earthquake, the skeevy hosting company design ripoff, the multiple pointless Kottke disses, GiveWell . . . yep, still sticking around. Happy ten, guys.
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In case it's not clear, I absolutely love the periodic bursts of frenzy that happen here and on the blue, despite that they make our beloved mods shed hair.
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Is that why Ralph gets preferential treatment?

Wouldn't YOU like to know? :-)
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For an indication of just how shallow said intellect is, I'll just say that my goal in life is to be IRFH when I grow up.

Can't quite figure out
Whether I was just name dropped
Or damned with faint praise
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Metafilter is an awesome, creative, inspiring, educational, fun, entertaining, witty and passionate community. the community actually saved my life, in real life. And given me endless joy, buckets of tears of laughter, countless things learned, very occasional agida but is truly a sort of psychic home. Am deeply grateful to have happened on this awesome place Matt created and made welcome to the amazing people who have gathered here for a decade, which is a millenium in geek time.

Thanks to Matt, Cortex and Jessamyn for modding this place with infinite fairness, honesty, meticulous patience and steadiness. Truly an extraordinary accomplishment.
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I had heard about the site from a friend, and checked it sporadically. I remember the thread that got me reading regularly. Remember the What is this creepy site advertising? thread? I found it near the beginning on the saga and was entranced. It felt like a spy novel, and I couldnt belive people were actually doing the things they were writing, and collaborating on a mystery! It was so cool!

I was on vacation when I found it, and it kind of ruined my trip. All I wanted to do was find an internet cafe and check for updates in the thread. The eventual conclusion kind of sucked, but oh well -- it got me checking MeFi every day.

From then on out, I decided to sign up once I could think of an appropriate username. Instead, I went with milestogo some months later on an impulse to finally have a damn membership already.
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So...did you start the Existential Flame War?

Comment indicating vague astonishment with potentially shared history of otherwise unrelated online community-like structures. Metaphorical reference to shared consciousness.
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Remember the What is this creepy site advertising? thread?

God I love that thread. Such a weird one-off phenomenon.
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Metafilter for me has this amazing parallel with my home city.
I originally came here (almost 9 years ago! Jebus!) because this is where my boyfriend was. He's long gone and not regretted, but I've stayed and fallen in love with the place. It's my hometown now, my village, even if I leave it will be where I'm from.
I try to describe what an amazing place it is to people who don't live here, but they couldn't possibly get it. They might have visited and been put off by the regular Gale Force winds, but it takes time to get to know the people.
We say about our city that you just can't beat it on a good day. So here's my soppiest praise:

Metafilter: you can't beat it on a good day.
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I have no idea how I got here or why. I was just looking for a used car.
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"It's just a website."
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A little FTFY action for the old MeFi parody (the thread that spawned the original mefi extracurricular monkey site, 9622):

Nader Nader Nader!
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Ron Paul Ron Paul Ron Paul
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The more things change.
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I was a Kaycee Baby myself. I remember the blogs lighting up over that one (when "blog" was still a word you had to explain to people.) It was that bit of detective work that made me want to finally join the site (I'd checked out the links before that, but never really wanted to feel involved.) Since then I've loved every one of the MeFi Detective threads, all the way up to the latest bullshit call by unixrat.
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Thanks Matt.
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Yeah, thanks Matt, what you did is pretty amazing and what Jessapbcorpinta do is pretty damn nifty too.
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Oh god! I'd forgotten about that site advertisement thing. I was lurking then, but I was absolutely glued to that thread.

Unfortunately, I can't remember what got me to pay my $5, but I know I toyed with the idea off and on for a long time.
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God, that sounds like a many-armed borg-like entity sitting in front of a panel of ten monitors with three buttons each labeled "Delete", "Ban", and "Nuke to outer space".
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I was thinking of Pilot from Farscape.
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I don't want to close my eyes. I don't want to fall asleep, 'cause I'd miss you, MetaFilter, and I don't wanna miss a thing.
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I order Jessapbcorpinta beans with my burrito because it's healthier that way.
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It's a cute site, but like so many, very US focused, very caught up in their folklore and references. (via)
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That's exactly the kind of comment I'd expect from a robot named Hornsworth Portswiler.
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It would be great if a New Mexico meetup would take place at that ski resort near Taos.
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This place is some sort of goddamn Memepool rip-off.

I'm going to stick with reading
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Ski Taos!
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I don't know how I found you. I first joined to ask questions. I did not know what to think of the blue. Reading the grey was like listening to teens' discussions and ramblings after elementary school. I don't comment or post as much as I would like to. But I like it here. This is internet home for me. Thanks mods, and thanks fellow mefites! Long live metafilter!
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I'm pretty sure I was about 14 when I started lurking. I can only wonder at the impact of 8 years of Mefi on a developing adolescent brain...
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Christ. I just experienced my first pang of nostalgia for a defunct website. Fuck you, MetaFilter.
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You had me at "think."

*dabs eyes, rushes into Mefi's arms*
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We were all so much younger and innocent back then, weren't we? Anyone remember Cool Site of the Day? Now the internets are full of sites so cool they're stumbling all over themselves to tell us about it.
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Yes, thanks, Matt, and thanks mods, for making this place what it is. Stumbled upon this place in 2005, and have visited almost every day since (the only exceptions being no internet access during vacations). I'm no old-timer, but I've been here long enough to remember the long crazy threads with img tags!
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Dong Resin
Miguel Cardoso

The names float in and out of memory but are not forgotten....

So many of you have made me laugh, made me pissed and made me think.

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metafilter for me is epitomized by "one night with ed"
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I was referred here by either kottke or Camworld. In mid-'99 I was very interested in this new 'weblog' thing and was preparing to start one of my own. One reason I was one of the first (I AM NUMBER 206) to register was because I was rather obsessed in trying to ensure I had the username of wendell everywhere I could. I was involuntarily offline for almost all of 2001 so I missed the Kaylee Nicole thing and MeFi's response to 9/11. When AskMetaFilter started, I realized how confident I was NOT with my own knowledge and experience. It's easier to spout off on TheBlue than somewhere somebody might actually take my advice, so I rarely visit TheGreen, even reluctant to ask questions myself. In recent years, I've come to embrace my image as a screw-up; not too dissimilar from the kid "Wendell" who played sidekick to an L.A. radio DJ in the '70s, but without the need to be actually competent behind the scenes.

I very much regret that I am unable to make it to a Tenth Anniversary Meetup due to my feeble physical condition, reinforced by my old reliable car giving up the ghost in the last week. I've given TMI on this site about some things in my life but nothing about others. One reason this anniversary is bittersweet for me is because I have some personal projects yet to be completed that were started before MetaFilter existed. The "wendell meme" strikes a very strong chord for me, because in my life, pretty much everything that ended did not end well. And one of my worst personal failings has been the inability to let go, making it all much worse. Let's just say that MetaFilter is the only thing I can think of right now that I am happy about 'hanging onto'.

In fact, this occasion has inspired a lot of introspection for me which I will do you the service of NOT sharing. But then, one thing MetaFilter could do so much more than anywhere else on the web was to make me think. Let's just say that I am feeling more accepting with my life than I was when I started typing this. This is not just a website.

After everything, this is still the nicest thing anybody ever said about me on MetaFilter. Thanks for listening. And even if you don't remember giving it, thanks for the hug.
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I started writing before infini's comment was posted, but now that I see the six-word story thread he linked to and what I wrote there...

I came. I saw. I left.
Nothing was quite what we expected.
Time heals all wounds... too slowly.
Happened again. But not like before.
Night of passion, followed by Cheerios.
She never existed; I miss her.
No one expected the spinach inquisition.
I didn't promise miracles. Well, one.
Life was short, but surprisingly pleasant.

See, MetaFilter? There you go making me think again. (and five of my nine six-word strories were based on actual events)
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I miss jonmc - I don't think he's been around for a few months.
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I checked on, here's Glassdog's linking to MeFi
(it's in the GDRec Archives, not the actual page. Couldn't find that)
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From the Glassdog link, found by slater, above:

And then there's MetaFilter. While this is still basically "one man's dream," the man in this case being Matthew Haughey, he's inviting everyone to come along for the ride. Post your own interesting links, or comment on other people's. A community-minded Weblog? Maybe it is the end of the world, after all...

and i feel fine.
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I came here when davy (rip if only on here) referred to it on alt.bitterness (also rip, damn it's so sad to think of what usenet has become compared to what it was) and I lurked for quite a while. Now I'm mostly a lurky lurker but occasionally I feel like sharing my opinions on stuff and I thank my brother for ponying up the $5 with his paypal account. I love this website. It has been my pleasure and my honour to have had it bookmarked on all the computers I've destroyed over these many years. You've encouraged me to think before typing and to not use as many commas as I may have used previously (unfortunately, I still love brackets). Happy fucking birthday!
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1574 here - I can't remember how I got here, but there were only like 4 websites at the time and they were all considerably better than any of the rubbish you get these days. I lurked for a few months and then in my second post, to my eternal shame, I broke at least 3 of the Unwritten Rules of Metafilter as well as the Really Big, Totally Written One as well.

The fact that it was about GG Allin really doesn't make that fact any more bearable.
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How I got here, by elfgirl. (Lazily copied from the 10 years post on the blue):
I'm pretty sure I got here through dhartung (although it may have been Azrael) who I got to through zannah who I got to through Blogger's recently updated list, when such a thing still existed. So it's, er, Blogger's fault? (♫It's Evan's fault, he broke the 'Net. He's very sorry.♫)

I am a little mortified to find that my first comment included the phrase "begs the question". My activity levels since then have waxed and waned, but it's always a fun, interesting, thought-provoking place to be.
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but hear me out–fuck you, MetaFilter

When should we start listening for it?
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♫ ♪ Can it be that it was all so simple then or has time re-written every line? ♩ ♫
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♫ ♪ Is this the little website I caarrriiieeed? ♩ ♫
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Iwas hanging on MonkeyFilter for a while and noticed every once in a while its description of itself -- "a Metafilter clone, only with more bananas and less flinging." I finally decided to check out the original and never went back. I miss you Monkeyfilter. When is their birthday?
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The oldest posts on the Monkeyfilter site are dated November 17, 2003...
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This thread needs a pissing elephant.
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There are advantages to being larger, but I cannot help but miss the days when I knew everybody, or at least recognized everyone.

Kind of like the difference between high school and university. give me university any day.
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Amberglow, where art thou?

And it may be tacky to report your own comments, but it fits.

We are the Askme Green Preservation Society
God bless Anonymous, DTMF, and Should I Eat This?
We are the Moderator Appreciation Society
God save Cortex, Jessamyn and Mathowie.

Protecting the old code from bein' abused
Protecting the new users, from me and from you
What more can we do?

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Back around mid-2000, my OMGBFFBBQ started a site with a name (surprisingly) similar to Metafilter and the same apparent intent of "let us with the curious postings and we discusses it!". Thanks to her rampant ADHD, demanding job and generally lame and overly snarky discussions (ha!) the site fizzled within a year. (to be fair, I was her demanding boss. You're welcome, Matt. I retroactively claim the title of MeFi Competition Eliminator!)

I found Metafilter in early 2001, loved it, but I was cranked that I couldn't sign up (I'm still cranky about it. I should have a lower number, dammit!) but I read and read and was really and truly hooked by the time 9/11 came.

I'm not a huge contributor by any stretch, but MeFi has really become a home for me over the years (and my various sock puppies(think sweater puppies, but with socks and Metafilter)). Thanks to Matt, Jessamyn, Cortex, pb, other mod(s) that I'm blanking on and especially all you Mefites for being my dysfunctional home away from dysfunctional home.
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Nine years. I had just turned thirty. Now, I'm nearly forty, and I can't imagine what the past decade would have been like had I not clicked on that link from all those years ago. Some of my closest friendships have grown out of this site. I've moved states, then countries, and lost track of some of those friends, but one thing has remained constant over the years: when people ask, it never gets any easier to explain how we met.

Thanks for everything, Metafilter. And, if by chance I'm wrong and there is a God, and he asks me why I became an atheist, I'm totally blaming you guys. Nothing personal. I'm sure you understand.
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MetaEcho: Amberglow, where art thou?
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Is this where I ask how to get my songs from my PC to my ipod? Thanks guys. Thanks Matt.
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Also, I assume as Metafilter has nearly 100,000 worshippers that Cthulhu will awaken shortly.
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Also, I assume as Metafilter has nearly 100,000 worshippers that Cthulhu will awaken shortly.

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I'm blowing off several other events for the local 10th MeFiversary party. It makes me realize once again that this place is something of a 2nd home, only THE YELLING IS PRINTED, which is much easier on me than my 1st home.

The moderation is critical to what makes it work. Not too visible, not heavy-handed. That, and the community of interesting people. I miss some of the cool MeFites who've gotten lives, and don't post anymore. There are lots of cool new people. Ask.Me is a great implementation. I'm really looking forward to seeing how MeFi keeps growing.

Thank you Matt, Jessamyn, Cortex, Pb and Vacapinta. wow, it's way too easy to type Cacapinta by accident. Heh. Caca.

Thank you, metafilter and all you crazy subfilters. I salute you, and will toast you on Sunday, in the company of my Invisible Internet Friends.
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I haven't been able to figure out when I started coming here, only that it was after signups were closed. I got in in the April 2004 landrush but had been itching to join since at least 2002. The earliest link to MeFi on my blog is from July 2002; I started blogging in March of that year.

For some reason I have memories of refreshing and refreshing and refreshing the 9-11 thread as I sat in front of the tv, stunned and unbeleiving. I know that I was furiously exchanging emails with a pal who lived in Jersey and we were flinging links at one another right and left.

Here's the timeline. That indicates "26jul2002 - Signups reopen, limited to 20 per day," and I recall never being able to crawl through the door at that time.

So I'll tentatively say I started really following the site in September 2001 - another September that never ended, really.
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Nice post, solistrato - I'd love to have more "old timers" drop by.

Glassdog, peterme, camworld, rebecca's pocket, cardhouse - all the early blogs sang the praises of mefi, can't remember specifically which one brought me here. For a trip down memory lane, see this Jesse James Garrett's list of weblogs last updated 12 Oct 2000.

Had I joined when I first came here, I'd be a 3 digit vet but I was too intimidated, everyone seemed so geeky-techie smart. I lurked until I started posting at blort and then quonsar influenced me to join. No other site on the web has consistently made me laugh more, learn more, weep more, curse more, or lose more sleep. Thanks to mathowie for the vision, the generosity, the smarts, and the good humor. Thanks to all our great, wise, and ever-patient mods - jessamyn, cortex, vacapinta. Thanks to pb for all the great enhancements of late. And to all of you snarky, smart, funny mefites - my buddies, my sailors, my sweethearts, my geese - to all of you, my mantra is the antithesis of eyeballkid's: I love you all.

Here's to the next decade.
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I knew Zach via Maggy Donea's mindspace, a very early community blog (met Lance at one of her IRL parties, actually). Zach dropped off that blog once we got tired of his obnoxiousness, and one day I was in a "whatever happened to..." mood, and found his personal blog, in which he described "getting ripped a new one" from some breach of Metafilter ettiquette, so I came here to check things out, just over 9 years ago now. My earliest great MeFi moment was the great TiVo giveaway of September 2000.
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I still feel like a newbie, so I'm surprised I actually joined seven years ago. Like many others, I first lurked for a long while - I remember that 9/11 thread as it was unfolding - and when I wanted to sign in, the registration was closed. But I signed up the first moment I had the opportunity, and never regretted it.

Echoing madam jjj, here's to the next decade!
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CUJoe roped me in. Damn you CUJoe!
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it's strange to think of a website being 10 years old. Websites don't get old. They get built and then abandoned after 3 months. 10 years is a long time. 10 years threatens to become 20, 30, and once you hit 30, for sure you're going to hit 60.

at 60, the frightening possibility of a website outliving you is raised, meaning, of course, that I cannot sleep until I hunt down metafilter and violently strangle it until its lifeless body tumbles to the floor.

posted by fishfucker at 7:52 AM on July 17, 2009

posted by fishfucker at 7:53 AM on July 17, 2009

Oh, MetaFilter. I came for the links, stayed for the commentary, and lived for the trainwrecks.
posted by Lush at 11:52 AM on July 17, 2009

Happy Birthday MeFi, even if no one faved my timeouttime song.. wait on second thought, fuck you.
*clumsy attempt at a punch*
*lie on floor awhile*
posted by fleacircus at 3:59 AM on July 19, 2009

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