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A while ago I ran across a link (here in the grey, I think) to a post on one of MeFi's satellite sites (MetaChat, maybe?) that described how dogs and cats interact with the world differently. I can't remember where it was posted, or who posted it, and google isn't turning up anything useful. Does anybody remember this?
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The title, that's a Ghostbusters reference, right?
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This is pretty much all over the place.
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Dogs dance like this

Cats dance like this

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cjorgensen: WTF? Why was that posted on Yahoo! Answers? What is the question? Why is the "best answer" somebody saying "lol lol lol"? Why are there twelve other "answers" all saying the same thing and no one mentioning that the site is not a web forum, let alone a place for pasting email forwards? Yes, I understand that the vibe there is more, um, "casual" than AskMe. It still makes my head hurt though.

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Dogs are from Mars and Cats are from Venus?
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Possibly? (in ask.metafilter)
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No... it was several paragraphs long and described the type of agency that dogs have. For example, my dog moves her bed around to suit her. A cat would just sleep somewhere else. Dogs and cats approach the world differently, and this was a brilliantly written post describing it.

I'm fairly sure that the post was not on the blue, green or grey; it was on a satellite site like MetaChat or one of the other meta-Metas. It was written by a poster whose handle I recognize, but can't remember who. I'm sorry I can't be more specific.
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WTF? Why was that posted on Yahoo! Answers? What is the question? Why is the "best answer" somebody saying "lol lol lol"?

Why in the hell is the first word on each line capitalized whether or not it's the start of a sentence?!
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That "cat diary" on that Yahoo! "Answers" post is from a Bizarro cartoon from the 1990s which I still have on my fridge.
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Dogs join the army. Cats join an artists' commune.
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Dogs are easier to dress.
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Slightly more to the point:

How Intelligent Are Cats ?

Are Dogs More Faithful Than Cats ?

Both of which come from the Messybeast Cat Resource Archive.

And then there is Where Do Cats Sleep ?

All this came from looking with The Truth about Cats and Dogs for search term.
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