Reverend Moonpie Wants to Marry YOU! March 2, 2010 8:49 AM   Subscribe

Rev Mr MoonPie's ready to officiate your DC gay marriage.

And he's gotten the Washington City Paper to help shill for him!

Maybe shill's the wrong word - he's offering to do it free. I personally suspect, however, that it's all a plot to publicize his impending kool-aid pickle venture.

Kudos, Mr Moonpie.
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For those who haven't a clue (like me a minute ago) - MrMoonPie.
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Whoops, sorry - I just assume everyone knows MrMoonPie!
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Another helpful link.
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Well poop, maybe there's an award for most pointless and redundant metatalk post ;)
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I would gay-marry Mr Moonpie.
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MrMoonPie is a dear friend and great guy. He gets my full endorsement.

If our hero gets overwhelmed, I can also recommend the civil ceremonies that the city does. The (hetero) service I attended was heartfelt and had real joy. It was much more than just some bureaucratic exercise.
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I always figured I probably knew Mr. Moonpie or, especially had seen him around, but after learning his name and seeing his picture (albeit with shades) I guess I don't know him after all.
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I would gay-peep in the windows of Mr MoonChefs' boudoir.
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MrMoonPie, that is awesome. Thank you for doing this!

When we were gay-married in San Francisco in 2004, City Hall was packed with homos who wanted to get married and volunteer officiants who wanted to marry them. It was wonderful and very moving to have these folks give their time in this way. There was a lot of crying (the good kind), so remember to put some extra kleenex or handkerchiefs in your pockets!
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I'm trying to spread the word to others--have passed this on to my local LGBT group as well as the national federation (on Facebook) I hope some group in the DC area takes this idea and runs with it, organizing a cadre of volunteer officiants.

Thank you, Mr. Moonpie.
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One of the reasons this is urgent is that marriage license applicants must specify their officiant at the time of application. I could go down there tomorrow and advertise, I suppose.

There's a 3-day waiting period, so the earliest marriages will be on Tuesday, the 9th. I'm making arrangements with one couple to meet them at the courthouse at 8:30; they're planning on getting there in the wee hours, so they can try to be the first ones. We'll see how that goes.
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is it weird if a girl in Canada wants to thank you for doing this? oh well.

thanks for doing this!
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"Last October, Newman and his wife—an interracial couple—attended the National Equality March with a picket sign that read, “Our Marriage Was Once Illegal, Too” (The couple met in 2002 through a City Paper personals ad that read, “Every time you answer someone else’s ad, God kills a kitten. Tall urban hipster urges you to please, think of the kittens”)."

You are awesome.
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Awesome! This straight-Texas resident and former DC neighbor, would also like to thank you. I'll be spreading the word to friends in DC.
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A Californian here who also wishes to thank you for your efforts. Unfortunately we lost the right for gay couples to wed in this state and I hope that doesn't happen anywhere else!
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Lynsey, that's really part of why I'm doing this--we need to get as many folks through the process as possible, as quickly as possible.

Oh, and I'm up to three couples now!
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MrMoonPie: I would like to state you are a mensch. Thank you for stepping up.
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Good work!
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Three cheers for MrMoonPie!
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Kudos, bravo, and many thanks!

Also discussed on MetaChat, if you want to moon over Mr. Pie some more.
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I'll officiate your Michigan gay-wedding in a church and everything. Though it won't count, so far as Lansing is concerned. /indescribable frustration
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Bless you, MrMoonPie.
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i know everyone involved in this story from subject to writer to publisher.

this is why i love DC.

mrmoonpie is like top 5 best people i have met from the internet

ps i may be moving back to capitol hill-- WOOHOO!
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MrMoonPie, you're doing such a wonderful thing. Thank you!
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Going to get married to your same-sex partner in DC? Don't forget to get your free cupcake!
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I officiated some friends' marriage right before the vote on 8, so they got in under the wire. Then when they had a real ceremony (I did the paperwork on Saturday during a football game, beer in my hand), I wrote up some vows after interviewing them, and it was fucking gorgeous. Two beautiful women in these fantastic gowns, right on the coast, and they had motherfucking falcons. It was by far cooler than either of the straight marriages that I officiated.

With each same-sex couple that gets married, we get closer to equality as a nation. We have and continue to fuck this up as a nation, but each couple is a step forward to what we should expect from America.

Way to go, Mr. Moon Pie. Way to go DC.
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Wait wait - falcons? Tell me more, klang! Also, pix!!!!
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This is Awesome MrMoonPie.
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My children (ages 13 and 9) are utterly and totally perplexed as to why gay marriage is illegal. My friends' kids are also equally perplexed. As long as parents like us keep raising kids like them, there is hope.

Thanks, Mr. Moon Pie. You rock!
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And when Californians get back the freedom to marry the person of one's choice, I'm in San Francisco, ordained, and waiting to perform gay weddings pro bono publico.
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Mr Moonpie, I favorite you a hundred times.
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MrMoonPie: Lynsey, that's really part of why I'm doing this--we need to get as many folks through the process as possible, as quickly as possible.

You know, with the amount of money people are willing to spend on a wedding, you're not exactly helping the industry by GIVING IT AWAY FOR FREE. Jesus Christ.

Okayokayokay, kid because we love, etc. The MoonPies are awesome and here are just a few pics to prove it.
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MrMoonPie is my shordurpersav of the day. Goddamn, that's awesome.
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Hangashore: your pics moved me to tears.. Thanks. I needed that.
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Hooooo boy--up to 8 couples I think? And I've told them all to tell folks in line to list me if they need a name, so it could very well be more. I have weddings planned at the courthouse Tuesday morning, at my house later that evening, and on various weekends for the rest of the month. I have a news crew who I'll be meeting Tuesday (Channel 9, CBS).

Little ol' me. Wow.
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the_royal_we: Hangashore: your pics moved me to tears.. Thanks. I needed that

Nope, not my pics. Even better: these are from MrMoonPie's blog, and are (mostly) pics that others took of the MoonPies as they showed their support at the marriage equality march in DC last October.
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MrMoonPie: if you make it on TV, please let us know, so we can find the stream, point and go "That guy? He's a Man."
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I saw the MoonPies at the National Equality March getting their picture taken with someone who loved their sign. I noticed, because I loved their sign, too. Now it kind of feels like a celebrity sighting.

Congratulations, Mr. MoonPie - enjoy the upcoming weddings!
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In an interesting coincidence, I'll be performing a marriage at a home in the Trinidad neighborhood of DC, a block away from where the Loving family lived after being kicked out of Virginia for marrying across racial lines.
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Update: Got 8 weddings to do tomorrow, starting around 10 am at the courthouse and finishing at 7 pm at my house (plus another 10 in the coming weeks). In between, there's one at the office of David Catania, the Councilman who sponsored the marriage-equality legislation, and one on the roof of the Dept. of Interior. Timing is a little tight, especially in the afternoon, and no one was especially excited about being on TV, so I don't know that there will be any live coverage. But I bet there will be pictures!
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Words cannot describe the day I just had. All 8 couples were in the right places at the right times, and all difficulties were overcome. A bit stunned, still, so maybe I'll blog about it all later.
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MrMoonPie, that's just f'ing awesome.
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13 down, 15 to go!
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Whoa! Keep it up.
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25! Got kicked out of the National Arboretum today; guess they don't like unpermitted weddings. We got the papers signed first, so that's cool.
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