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ISO Boston MeFites. Must have big thirst.

i'm in boston, fri/sat (6.18/6.19) looking for a _late_ night dark beer or two. locales and/or company would be most appreciated. looking for the boston (or environs) version of nyc's spuytun duyvil.
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Well, they had this beer at Waltham's Watch City Brewing Co. that tasted like... what was it? Rosemary bread? with a hint... of bubblegum? Somebody help me out here. I don't know, it was this weird color, too. And strong!
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hellhammer stout! moody street stout! thanks! perfect!

after a couple of those, the bacon cask beer will be difficult to resist.

thanks again. this bubblegum thing, tho, i can't go for that.
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ps: why does everything close so early?

pps: while i have your attention: what's up with nahant? i was poking around google maps, is it as scenic as it seems? shall i conquer it with my pirate battalion?
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Nahant is pretty damned scenic, perfect for conquering.
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Here are my pics from my motorcycle trip to Nahant.
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Everything closes early because last call is 2am. And by 2am, the Commonwealth means that all feet are across the bar's entrance by.

Hope you enjoyed your stay.
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hey not on display, thanks, watch city rocked, in addition to good stout, there was a dash of 'cruel summer' followed by m.i.a.

i would live at that place if i were still up in somerville. it was weirdly empty 'round midnight, tho, i counted just 10 hardy souls. i scared off a jewish woman who sat next to me by talking about the nouveau christian wedding i had attended earlier in the day. although i have loved many jewish women, my atheism and stout consumption are generally a recipe for heartbreak....
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