This post has me thinking about whether letting kids assume everyone is straight is good, or bad. July 13, 2010 7:32 AM   Subscribe

From This post, I feel that the advice to say nothing is everyone else trying to tell me to stay in the closet where I 'belong'. The other advice has been really helpful, so I'm trying to decide if I agree or not.

I know, I'm talking about my own post, but I have an additional question.

Several people in the thread offered the advice that my sexuality should remain totally off the radar, because the idea of adults having a sexuality is not cool.

Then there was another post by crawfo saying that actually, this is, in itself, homophobia. I'm thinking about it, and I think that I agree... The advice that "Kids don't need to know that YOU'RE gay" feels like there's an additional, unspoken "Because actually knowing would corrupt them and you should let them think you're straight."

I guess I can see where people are coming from. Pointing out that someone has sex with someone else is really not kosher. BUT, sexuality isn't about sex, it's about love. I love my boyfriend. It feels like a betrayal to deliberately not mention him because kids shouldn't be confronted with the idea that a specific person they know is straight.

It seems like a social pressure... Let the kids think everyone is straight, because that's better then letting them know someone is gay. It really feels wrong to me, but other people obviously have some strong beliefs I'd like to discuss here.
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I think you may be getting a lot of cross-talk from US posters, as you know here in the states the Boy Scouts have an official policy of homophobia, so we just assume that all other scouting orgs have similar issues.
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Additional questions can be asked in a week.
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You pretty much need to ask this question next week. I think it's interesting and relevant but it's not really MeFi-related except as it points to your own question, so I'm going to close this up.
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