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Update to this post on Tim Langdell, Mobigames and the Edge trademark: EA Victorious as Court Denies Injunction Against Publisher for 'Edge' Trademark The court has denied Edge Games’ motion for injunction, citing that it believes that Langdell made fraudulent statements to the US Patent and Trademark Office and strongly believes that Langdell is “suspect,” and has been “trolling” the game industry for licensing opportunities. His actions could possibly warrant “criminal penalties.”
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Is this newsworthy enough to make a new post to the blue? If not, why is it newsworthy enough to make a new post to the gray?
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Because the grey is home to things that are updates to things in the blue.

All of this talk of blue and grey really makes me want to listen to Iced Earth, and bonus points for anyone who understands that.
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Yeah, as a gaming nerd I'm glad to hear it but the original post wasn't really notable from a mefi-specific angle, so with the stronger disinclination we've been pushing lately against misc. post/news updates I think this is a good case of either worth a new post or no. If the news is just the court's denial, my personal feeling is maybe it's a bit thin for that, but I don't know if there's been interesting or meaty developments related to it so it's pretty much up to you to make that call if so.
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