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Where's the post on Melitta (and similar) one-cup style filter thingies? I remember reading it, but I've searched "melitta" and "coffee" on both mefi and askmefi, and I can't find it. Does it exist or am I hallucinating?
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I don't know which thingy you're referring to, but we have a Keurig machine with single-cup coffee pods (and you can also buy a reusable filter for it). Frankly, I hate it. The coffee is good (very strong, though) and it's convenient but the Keurig machine sucks. It keeps breaking down and apparently it's an experience shared by many, many people (just look at review), including a lot of leaks or the machine just shutting down. I've been fighting their customer service trying to get them to replace it for me for months now.

But if that's not what you're talking about, uh, then just ignore this :-D
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Man, I was looking for a site last night, but now totally don't remember what it was, and I seem to have cleared my history.

Maybe it'll come to me if I comment.
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Hey man, were you looking for the prop 19 site, klang? Huh-huh.
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Are you sure it was on Metafilter? I just saw this on Lifehacker.
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Oh whoops, I didn't get that you were looking for the post on it and not a similar product. Sorry, disregard my earlier comment LOL
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Just speaking up in defense of the Keurig. I have this one at home and this one at work (for me and my staff). There are two keys to keeping them running smoothly . . . 1) don't bang them closed or hit the brew button with all your might and 2) every four or five cups or so, run clear water through without a pod.

If you are nice to your Keurig, it will make wonderful coffee/tea and run like a top.
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aHA! Jabberjaw - thanks, that was it.
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Man, skip the plastic cone. Go with a ceramic cone so you do not get the fear of the plastic in your brew. It is worth the extra money and the ceramic is very sturdy and thick. The only other thing to invest in is a real good hot water kettle that has temperature control. That combo has made my caffeinated life much more convenient.
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2) every four or five cups or so, run clear water through without a pod.

Hmm, thanks for the tip, bearwife! Usually when I call customer service, they have me disassemble the machine, wash out all the filtration parts, and jam a toothpick up the sharp piercer-thingy and then re-rerinse and put it all together again. It usually works, but then it stops after anywhere from 3-12 cups. I'll give that a try next time and see if it improves things!
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jadepearl - any particular kettle with temp control you recommend? I've looked but they all seem pretty pricey. Thought this actually might be a not quite as good but much cheaper alternative.
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Usually when I call customer service, they have me disassemble the machine

That's what they told me too, after asking me sternly if I'd de-scaled. None of that is necessary any more since I started regularly running the clear water without a pod. (I admit that at home, I often do the clear water thing every other or every couple of cups, but I don't believe that frequency is really vital.)
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In reply to the Dutchman, my present kettle is one I got from Upton Teas which, does not seem to be available any longer. I like it a lot and it has been rock solid for me though Iam sure it is not as accurate as it could be on the temperature control.

I tested out the Breville and man, it was not worth the money at all. I got a plastic taste with mine.

The one being sold at Maria's, looks good and is my next one if the Upton dies on me or gets transferred to my office. The PINO seems to be more precise than the Upton and so is a serious contender for my tea brewing. The main thing is to be sure that plastic does not touch your hot water or is part of the brew process.

Now if you are in the UK, then your kettle choices are GREAT. I regretted not being able to bring a UK kettle with me.
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(I get Lifehacker and Metafilter mixed up every so often too.)
(Even worse, I also used to get Neatorama and io9 mixed up with Metafilter.)
(And I might have even gotten Consumerist and Jezebel mixed up with Metafilter in the past.)

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