Unrequested Password Requests March 25, 2002 12:43 AM   Subscribe

I have been out of the country for the past five days and have come back to a number of password requests sent to my email address. I haven't requested them myself.
Is this going to be someone simply trying to access my account pointlessly?
posted by Frasermoo to MetaFilter-Related at 12:43 AM (5 comments total)

Is Mefi getting so big that crime's actually becoming a problem? Seems like there's been a whole mess of issues coming up lately and distinctly uncommunitylike.
posted by crasspastor at 1:11 AM on March 25, 2002

Some 13 year old's idea of a good joke?
posted by SpecialK at 8:02 AM on March 25, 2002

Not to start a war here, but isn't this exactly community-like, Crasspastor?

Frasermoo: I'm a little unclear what you mean by "password requests." As far as I understand, there's no such thing, other than you mailing Matt, and him personally responding with your password. Your phrasing makes it sound like it's being requested from you.
posted by Su at 9:59 AM on March 25, 2002

Su, on the login error page, you can get your password emailed to you.

Someone emailed me a couple weeks back, claiming they thought they had created an account here a year or two ago with a similar username, so they were probably just trying to see if it was theirs or not.
posted by mathowie (staff) at 10:44 AM on March 25, 2002

Oh. I've never seen it or even seen it referred to.
The benefits of always using "illnevertell" for my password, I guess.
posted by Su at 11:00 AM on March 25, 2002

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