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Maxine Hong Kingston grew up in two worlds: the "solid America," of confounding white "ghosts" to which her parents emigrated, and the misogynistic China of her mother's mesmerizing "talk-stories," where girls were worthless, tradition was exalted and only a strong, wily warrior woman could scratch her way upward. The next meeting of the Mefi Book Club will be held in MetaChat on Tuesday, April 26th. We'll be discussing Ms. Kingston's powerful, controversial and award-winning memoir, The Woman Warrior, and her attempts to discern the truths behind those talk-stories while discovering her personal identity. Please check out the Hungerford lecture on the book (or watch the video), and join us!
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Grad program does not allow me to join, but chiming in to say that The Woman Warrior is one of my favorite books, ever. It's beautiful, haunting and indeed mesmerizing--her seamless use of metaphor and magical realism is seriously amazing. Highly recommended!
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I'll note for San Francisco Bay Area-ites that she'll be speaking at the UC Berkeley Morrison Library on Thursday, April 14 from 5-6 pm, free.
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Why isn't this on the front page instead of MetaTalk?
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Awesome! I just re-read China Men last week. I know I have the Woman Warrior around here somewhere, I just have to find it. I'm looking forward to the chat.
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Why isn't this on the front page instead of MetaTalk?

It would be a self-link. FPPs shouldn't be in first person.
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clarknova, it was agreed in meta last august that monthly (and only once a month) book club announcements would be okay to go in meta. John Cohen is right: while i think the book club is the best of the web, it would be a self-link on the blue and i have an aversion to banhammerung.
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I will always remember The Woman Warrior because it was one of the books we read in English class for Naval Academy Prep School. At some point, I will read her other books.
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