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On the blue, people occasionally post links to repositories of images of one kind or another. Has anyone amassed a collection of these?
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I don't think so. Might be a good use for the wiki? Maybe you could call it LookAtMe?
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I started a Cats of Metafilter Flickr group a while back but I often fall behind on inviting users to add their MeFiCats. So...add your MeFiCats already.
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Not sure if there's one in Mefi Land, but here's a page I've had bookmarked for a while where an awful lot of collecting of links to free stock photos has been done.
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Photos are nice, but I was thinking more of digital collections from libraries, collections of old paper ephemera, wartime posters, book covers, that kind of thing.
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In answer to a question on the green, "Being an inquiry into extant instances of prolix and lapidary prefatory remarks upon a narrative": Origins of Modernity.
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I have thought for at least a few years that there is becoming a renewed place for portals. Curated sites that aren't just blogs dribbling stuff out every day or whatever. Just a collection of related things, like cats who have appeared on Metafilter. The glory of the niche, the internet does junk like that real good.
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