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Two years ago today, I posted an AskMetafilter that changed my life.

I've done a few more weddings since I last updated that post, but the bigger news is that my wife quit her office job last September, and is now performing weddings as her full-time job. She has a website and an awesome office/wedding space and cards and promotional mint tins and all that, and it all started right here.

I had no way of knowing what a huge, life-changing chain of events that one post would set into motion; thanks to all for their support and assistance.
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L'Chaim! Here's her website.
posted by exogenous at 7:29 AM on March 1, 2012

That is wonderful!

In exchange for one (1) box of promotional mints, I will be very appreciative of said promotional mints.
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Yay! That's great. I'm happy for you both. If I were local, when the time comes for me and my girlfriend to get hitched, I'd totally have y'all GAY MARRY us.
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You guys! This made my day. You guys. Awesome.
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So cool. I was watching the new documentary on Loving v. Virginia this weekend and thinking of you.
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Yay! :)
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Fantastic and inspiring to hear!
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Gives everyone a hug.
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That's terrific, I'm glad this has worked so well for you two.
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I was lucky enough to meet you and your lovely wife briefly at the '08 inaugural mefi meet-up and I must say how nice it is to hear this. Congrats to you both and thanks for all the joy you help facilitate in this world.
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Congratulations and best wishes.
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Yay! I used to work with Tiffany, and I am thrilled for her!
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Okay, I read infini's response above as "gives everyone a rug," and I was thinking that meant Mrs. Moon Pie gives all her clients a free welcome mat or throw rug or something as a gift to her clients, which struck me as "additionally awesome, but probably very pricey."

Although, if you're ever looking for an additional promotional thing for clients...
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If we ever need to get gay-married in yet *another* jurisdiction, we will let you know! Thanks!
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This makes me incredibly happy. Not only for you two, but for all the happy couples you've joined together :D
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That is awesome. Congratulations.

Man, now I'm a little sad I'm not getting married closer to home so I can't hire you guys for it.
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And LOVE the FB page, and its title, "Marriage DC-Because our marriage was once illegal, too"

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This just plain ol' makes me happy. Thanks!
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Thanks, all. It really has been an incredibly fun experience. I mean, just imagine all the happy moments I've been present for!

The sign started it all. We thought folks might like it, but were not prepared to have our picture taken hundreds, if not thousands, of times (MTV!). Then I thought I'd do a few pro bono weddings, and that'd be it. But my wife didn't like her job very much, and the wedding requests kept pouring in.

Tiffany is still fine-tuning the business side. Her website is in transition, and she's preparing for another office move (bigger, better space), figuring out advertising and accounting and all that. She's working her tail off, but having a tremendously fulfilling (and fun) time of it.

I do a few here and there--three last year, two of which were Metafilter centric (and two of which were hetero, and out of state). It's all just a great example of how a little thing can become, well, a big thing.
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While Askme has already helped me get my head on straight, a little further, now I beseech the gods to help me nail down the date ;p
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That's just lovely! Congrats to Tiffany!
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Awesome! That's so cool. We've done some 200+ same-sex marriages at my work since Iowa legalized it in April 2009 and it's the bessssssssssst.

Gay marriages for all! Or... something! :)
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MrsMoonPie is very pretty :)
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I do a few here and there--three last year...

Also, when friends of mine were getting hitched two months ago and they had left all the marriage license/officiant details to the last minute you were generous with advice to get them through the process. That's just further confirmation of your all-around awesomeness so thank you for that.

And way to go Tiffany.
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Yay, you guys! Your wife's website is very informative and welcoming, so kudos to her on that even though it's a work in progress.
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Hooray! If my partner and I ever move somewhere that our marriage would be legal (we do love DC) or if gay marriage finally becomes legal here (luckily, we're very patient...) we'll get y'all to gay marry us!
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Such a lovely story
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And they won't rest until every single gay is married. You've been warned!
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Y'all are good eggs. And a beautiful couple, inside and out!
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Aww, this is great. Goes under the heading of "Things that are awesome about Metafilter."
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Great job, both of you :)
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Thanks for this news, which put a big goofy smile on my face. And thank you *both* for your work, and for adding to the world's joy.
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Congrats! I miss gay-marrying people. It was a lot of fun. I still use it to threaten homophobes that wanna yap at me when I'm canvassing, telling them that my religion lets me officiate non-consensual weddings and if they don't shut up, "Boom, you just married that guy. Now you're gay married. You can kiss him if you want."

Good times, and one of the best benefits of being a member of the Universal Life Church, which requires only the flimsiest of syncretic theologies.
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Oh, that's wonderful. Congratulations!
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OnTheLastCastle: " Gay marriages for all! Or... something! :)"

Little American flags for others!
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Hurray for Mr Moonpie and eviltiff!
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Amazing! Thank you for sharing!
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This is very cool. Your sign, what you guys are doing and how your life (and especially your wife's with her job switch etc) has changed as a result. AWESOME!!
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The pictures on your wife's website are just so heartwarming and beautiful. Best of luck to her.
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♥s to you both
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Wow, that was two whole years ago?! Hooray for both of you, and congratulations to Tiffany.
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The really great thing is that YOU probably changed a lot of other peoples' lives too. Yay for you and yay for Metafilter!
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(and it was very nice to meet you a while back, we appreciated the tour, that's a pretty place that you work in!)
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