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Would it be very difficult to add a date/time stamp to the "jump to the comment in this thread" links in the "All Comments by (Username)" listing? It would be tremendously useful in tracking living threads.
posted by rushmc to Feature Requests at 6:26 PM (1 comment total)

I'm a features slut and uncritically go "Oh yes!" every time a suggestion is made. Then I think of the extra work for Skippy and how this sours the poor fellow's relationship with Matt. And finally I realize how fine MetaFilter is as it is. That usually clinches it. So I guiltily refrain from cheering.

But I've given this some thought and agree it would be useful for serious searches as chronology is always helpful and sometimes quite surprising and instructive. It falls into "it would be nice if it weren't too much trouble" category; which is usually the most sensible.
posted by MiguelCardoso at 9:31 AM on May 12, 2002

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