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Feature or script: popup boxes to display single-image deeplinks in posts and comments? (like the youtube popups.)

I feel like I must be doing something wrong in not being able to turn up any previous discussions about this in search, but:

Is there any hope for popup boxes to display single-image deeplinks? Like the way YT vids are handled?

Or, is there a user-script or plugin that does that already?

(I know there are universal page preview rollover plugins but that's way too much.)
posted by snuffleupagus to Feature Requests at 11:22 AM (17 comments total)

I think what you are asking for is called a "lightbox" and some people find it handy, others not. I think your best bet is to look for a browser extension or script that will automatically lightbox direct links to images for you.
posted by mathowie (staff) at 11:25 AM on December 20, 2012

We don't have any specific plans for this, server-side. There's a script called Mondo Image that has been around for a while and offers some inline image functionality, though I don't use it so I can't speak to the feature set.
posted by cortex (staff) at 11:26 AM on December 20, 2012

Cool! Something like that should work. Link much appreciated.
posted by snuffleupagus at 11:28 AM on December 20, 2012

Sorry Aloysius!
posted by carsonb at 11:30 AM on December 20, 2012 [1 favorite]

If you're using Chrome, the HoverZoom extension does exactly what it says on the tin.
posted by deezil at 11:31 AM on December 20, 2012 [3 favorites]

I used Greased Lightbox back in the day, but not anymore. So I can recommend a build of it ca. 2008.
posted by griphus at 11:31 AM on December 20, 2012

What was nice about the script was that you could black/whitelist domains, so it would ONLY work on MeFi if you wanted it to.
posted by griphus at 11:32 AM on December 20, 2012

HoverZoom lets you switch it into whitelist mode. I have it locked down to metafilter.com only and so far it seems to work as expected on the Blue. Woo!
posted by snuffleupagus at 11:35 AM on December 20, 2012

I use HoverZoom too. It doesn't grab everything (mlkshk.com, for one, off the top of my head), but it gets a lot... and it loads flickr images a whole lot faster than going to the flickr page, which I appreciate.
posted by taz (staff) at 11:40 AM on December 20, 2012

Flickr's mobile experience is physically painful.
posted by adamdschneider at 2:15 PM on December 20, 2012

Hover Zoom works nicely, but it would be great if there was a little icon like the video one to alert you to the nature of the link. Anyone know of a Chrome extension for that?
posted by Rock Steady at 2:28 PM on December 20, 2012

Thanks for posting this request, I have now installed HoverZoom.

Let's see if it works!
posted by insectosaurus at 4:01 PM on December 20, 2012

Yay, it works perfectly.
posted by insectosaurus at 4:02 PM on December 20, 2012


Glad it's working for you insectosaurus and for you snuffleupagus.
posted by deezil at 9:07 PM on December 20, 2012

Please don't encourage posting SLYTs.
posted by tommasz at 6:49 AM on December 21, 2012

Um. This was about inline image viewing? The back button disturbs my metafilterflow.
posted by snuffleupagus at 7:05 AM on December 21, 2012

Well, whatever, just as long as we're not making it any easier for people with puppets to buy twine.
posted by carsonb at 7:43 AM on December 21, 2012

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