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It's great that MetaFilter shows how many comments for each posting are new for you on the main page. It would be even greater if, on the comments page itself, there was some kind of indication of which were new. A simple
tag at the boundary would do...
posted by kindall to Feature Requests at 8:06 PM (5 comments total)

Very bizarre. That's HR tag. I used entities for the angle brackets, dunno why they got interpreted as real.
posted by kindall at 10:05 PM on November 5, 2000

Wow -- that's a great idea. A nice little visual "bookmark" would really help when checking back on long threads.
posted by webmutant at 10:30 AM on November 8, 2000

it could also be tagged with an A NAME="new" anchor... then a bookmarklet in the toolbar could add "#new" to the end of the URL........ or better, just link to #new from the mefi home page if there are new comments.
posted by sudama at 2:02 PM on November 8, 2000

Ooh. Yes, I like the #new anchor, why didn't I think of that?
posted by kindall at 12:11 AM on November 9, 2000

Yeah, I could do this, let me take a look and get to it this weekend.
posted by mathowie (staff) at 11:41 AM on November 10, 2000

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