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Appalachian Trail hiker, Zak (aka wearyaswater) took me up on my mefi offer.

She made it to Virginia!! Yay, that is a benchmark for thru-hikers. She landed in Damascus, Virginia (a major trail town) in the middle of the week so I did not post a flash meetup because (1) remote location (2) middle of the week. So we had maybe the tiniest mefi meetup ever (= 2 members.) BUT we made a sign (link to her blog post... scroll down for the photos.)

I am a romantic where this trail is concerned. I am not going to tell you that wearyaswater is not having a struggle. She is and is doing very well! What I want to say to you is that the struggle is an inextricable part of it and the struggle for each is as different as we are as individuals. This has been true from the very beginning. Even as I consider and witness the changes in technology and gear there are aspects of the trail that do not change and thwart many advancements.

Even though my first mefi meetup was just the two of us I was SO EXCITED! I didn't think I would ever have a chance to meet a Mefite IRL. If Zak comes back for a reunion here I will propose a meetup even though everyone will have to declare a roadtrip (but it's worth it!!)

pertinent blog entry (scroll down for mefi art)

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Yay! Glad she's doing okay. Meet ups are fun!
posted by arcticseal at 7:14 PM on April 27, 2013

Man, I have so much respect for those folks. I'm not sure I'm brave enough to do anything that would make one of my toes "smell like death".
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Wow, congratulations wearyaswater!

Of course depending on cell coverage and battery life it may be a month before you see this...
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That's awesome. Good job everybody!
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Meeting people from the internet is so terrific! Glad your first meetup went well!!
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This is a lovely post, yay for both of you!
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Yeah, one person meetups are not unheard of.

Glad to hear wearyaswater made it to Virginia!
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I went into my profile and it said drhydro lived 0 miles from me. I had some weird idea that there was a third person in the house. I dropped him a memail and we had breakfast. I'd worked with his partner for one of my college jobs. We've shared the same twon for a couple decades and between the two of us we know everyone here, but somehow managed to not meet previously.
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This is great! I've been loving her blog.
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Yay! I've been following her blog and twitter and living vicariously through her as I sit in my cube under florescent lighting. Hopefully when she gets up this way some of us can meet her at some point in New England.

I'd love to set up some sort of meet up / hike in New Hampshire along the trail but the logistics of that (even without meeting a thru-hiker at a certain time and trailhead) are kind of tough. We'll see.
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That would be awesome! she said with enthusiasm that far outweighed her own capabilities.
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HEY! Three comments in a row by three people sharing the same birthday. I get TEN POINTS for that!

<reaches into backpack, pulls out "Mefi Scavenger Hunt" notebook, pulls out inkstamp, flips a few pages, looks, stamps notebook, puts both away>
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Technically, this is five.
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