I do not care for the recent upsurge in images being posted to threads. June 6, 2002 5:50 AM   Subscribe

Am I the only one who does not care for the recent upsurge in images being posted to threads? I hate to sound like my grandfather yelling at the kids in his yard, but it really irks me. I come here to read, not look at stupid images of Barney, fox medals and purses. Although, looking for the specific examples of the last two, maybe Matt has been deleting them?
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I'm guilty of doing this once, in a light hearted thread. I did hesitate, I feel it's probably better to put the image on your webspace and link to it, that way you are not forcing it on people and cluttering the thread up. Sometimes though as they say, a picture is worth more than a thousand...[not barney or a momo]...but I'll refrain myself from doing this if most folks here do not appreciate it.
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I was drinky-drink the drunk boy last night, which explains (but does not excuse) the John Belushi in the mint julep thread and my own South Park yhbc (but boy, that thread just cried out for images). Likewise, I'll refrain if that's the consensus. I know images can be distracting, are band-width suckers, and will dumb the place down if used too much. Sorry if I have offended.
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Previously discussed here and here, and elsewhere, but I'm lazy... moderation is the better part of valor, or something like that, is the consensus, I think.
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Am I the only one who does not care for the recent upsurge in images being posted to threads?

Uh, no. But then again...

Actually, my suggestion is post that Barney and Baby Bop pic to all I/P threads early and often.
For thread killer purposes, only, of course...
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Damn you, stavros.
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Actually, yhbc's Belushi pic in the julep thread is the ideal image post: it's small, unexpected, amusing, makes a point relevant to the discussion(the "drink the whiskey and throw away the mint" attitude) and, above all, is unrenderable in words.

Images are annoying when, like Barney, they're annoying in themselves or predictable or irrelevant. Otherwise I thing users generally strike the right balance as the odd image(odd in every sense)does liven up a thread. Though I'd say the smaller and the more original(preferably just personally photoshopped)the better.
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Personally, I am waiting with bated breath for the first time someone posts a "Photoshop This!" thread on the front page.

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Here's an example of a totally unacceptable and irrelevant image. Oh, be patient, revbrian and briank: it's my first!
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hahaha, "drinky-drink the drunk boy"
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I love the images. They break the monotony of words and are usually quite hilarious. A little comic relief isn't bad, in my opinion.
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Hey, if you're fixin' to cook that, Miguel, save me a wing!
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I stand behind my use of an image in the Napster post.

Besides, it's refreshing to see the occasional image in MetaFilter. Reminds me of LiveJournal... ;->
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Next week on MetaFilter: How to add the alt attribute to make those images work even harder for you!

Two weeks from now: Want to know how to hyperlink that image so that it's clickable? We'll show you how!
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Hope me.
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Maybe that was a wee bit dark.
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I hope you're not playing everquest, dong_resin. Then it would be dark.
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On the bright side, dong_resin, you could probably think about an exciting career as a graphic artist. Can you draw a pirate?
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That... that was a pirate.
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great thread. honestly, amazing.

But images, imo, suck. metafilter is a place for sanity if not reason. I read here because y'all can write. and the content is not too shabby either. Yes, please, be funny. Yes, please take the piss. But try to do it with words. Unless it really warrants the pic.

This is an exception that proves the rule.
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