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It has lately come to my attention that there are several people here who are interested in creating and consuming fanworks. How would the mods - and the community at large - feel about adding an Archive of Our Own widget to the Social Apps part of the profile? They seem to exist at least to some extent because they are available on Dreamwidth (see my profile).
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On second look, I guess I don't really mean a widget but just a link in the social apps. Oops.
posted by capricorn at 1:45 PM on June 2, 2013

We can look into it. Go ahead and add it to the suggestion page on the wiki and pb will take a look.

The biggest obstacle I see is that AO3 is invite-only so access isn't widely available.
posted by restless_nomad (staff) at 1:47 PM on June 2, 2013

It's "invite only" in that it takes a day or two from when you request membership to when they approve you. At least, that was my experience.
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I'd be curious if that's still true - they currently have a 250-person queue according to their signup page, and it's not obvious how fast it's moving.
posted by restless_nomad (staff) at 2:00 PM on June 2, 2013

I would like this feature, if it's possible and reasonable to implement.
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Yeah, I can confirm that it takes about a day or two to get an invite. I'll add that to the wiki page; thanks!
posted by capricorn at 2:23 PM on June 2, 2013

Actually, it took me three months to get my invite. That was this past December. (that is, I had requested it in September.)
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I recently requested invites for mysterious purposes and got mine within a week. But there are also other ways to get invites from people who have extras, and almost all the content on the site is visible to non-members, it's just a setting can be switched on to make a fic members-only (I only see this - represented by a blue lock icon - once in a while in the fandoms I frequent), and non-members can still leave signed comments with Open ID and other services, but if they wish to leave kudos it is as a guest. AO3 is also pretty communicative about giving out big chunks of invite codes to fandom community organizer people. If, say, there were to be formed some kind of Metafilter AO3 group of some sort, a chosen administrator could talk to AO3 to get a backlog of invites to make sure anybody who wanted one could get one. I believe. I could be wrong about that.
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Well, I have three unused invitations if anyone's keen to jump the queue!
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I'm in favor of it! That way I can wheedle you all into taking part in Yuletide. Especially since Metafilter was a requested fandom last year! (Sadly I don't think any MeFic got written.)

When a while back I requested 10+ AO3 invites to hand out to MeFites, I received them in less than a week. I'm confident that a similar invite whip-round from AO3+MeFi members can be arranged when/if needed.
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When I requested an account, there were some 300+ requests in the queue. I got my invitation the following day.
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I'm very glad if they've sped up the process! I love AO3 both as a writer and a reader, and I would be thrilled to see a widget.

I was able to spot one MeFite on AO3 on my own, but only because they helpfully used the same name in both places.

I chose a silly-ass complicated name there, that was attempting to be as clever as some of my favorite names I've seen here on MeFi...
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I joined recently and got my invite in a matter of hours. FWIW.
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No love for
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No, no love for, AKA the Pit Of Voles. ;P After years of struggling with's wonky formatting, annoying ads, capricious policy changes, and high chaff-to-wheat ratio, I am an AO3 snob now.
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I just added Archive of Our Own to the list of social sites today.
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Awesome. Thanks, pb!
posted by corpsereviver2 at 4:09 PM on June 4, 2013

pb, you're the best!
posted by capricorn at 5:37 PM on June 4, 2013

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