Hooray for Con Harrassment FPP Going Well! July 3, 2013 6:53 AM   Subscribe

Good news everyone! The Reporting Harrassment at a Con post seems to be going well! I don't know if it's a victory for good moderation (here, and at jscalzi's site), or if Things Actually Are Better (I hope it's both!), but for once on the internet, I am not filled with grar! Good links martinWisse, good moderation, good community! Yay MeFi!
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(I probably could have punctuated that headline better, in hindsight! "Hooray! FPP post on con harrassment is going well!")
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That thread is hardly an hour old and only has a handful of comments so far. I think it's a good post and I'm as happy as you are that the thread hasn't devolved into mayhem just yet, but I don't think we can draw any meaningful conclusions from that at this point.
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Posting these sort of congratulatory MeTas almost invariably result in people fighting about the post either in the post itself or in the MeTa. The post in question has less than 10 comments as well, so this is a bit premature.
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Did there used to be a noise flag in MeTa? Would be helpful for this.
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Yeah, I'm glad it's going well so far and hope it continues to do so, so I totally appreciate the sentiment, but I think we should skip having a parallel thread here just to have one. If something comes up that bears talking about in here down the line, someone can start a thread about it at that point.
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