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I could have sworn that somewhere there is list of MeFites willing to review OKC profiles but I can't seem to find it. Am I making that up? Maybe there was just a post with people who said they were willing to do it? (I know I can post it to the green but I'm not entirely comfortable doing that for now.)
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Not your answer exactly, but that's a pretty common pastime in chat.
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There's also the Volunteer Mefite Portrait Photographers page on the wiki, though that's not really quite it either. I remember some discussion of the idea of profile critiques but searching so far I've only found Metatalk threads talking about semi-related policy issues, not any sort of organization of that specific idea.
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Meta is on FIRE tonight!

( oh god someone get the ladders and foam sprayers meta is on fire tonight.)
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Sorry, I ate all the foam on my ice cream sundae. We still have ladders though, I think.
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ActingTheGoat, that is the thread I was thinking of. I'll also wander into chat, thanks!
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Foam ladders for meta sprayage
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Whoa. I wish there was a Volunteer Mefite Portrait Photographer in Philadelphia!
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I didn't know about the volunteer photographers page! That's super neat. Added myself.
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All my ex left me with was a sock in the nose. Would you take that in payment?
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Chat seems to be buzzing with this! We've helped with a few profiles today for those who have swung by. There's always people on hand, so don't be shy about dropping and getting us in a chitter about how cute your photos are.
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I added myself to the volunteer photographer list too!
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Go to chat.

Seriously, go to chat. We handle helping with OKCupid profiles at least once a week.
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MeMail me your OKC profile. I will read it carefully and provide you with feedback using citations from respected, peer reviewed academic journals. If you don't have access to those journals I will gladly provide you with a PDF copy of the articles. If this approach is too formal and cerebral, you may ask for a mansplained critique instead.
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