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I recall reading an article (written by an academic, I think) about a method of getting through a textbook quickly by analyzing the most frequent entries in the index. Pretty sure it was linked from MetaFilter. Does anyone remember?
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If it helps: I've been thinking about the context I was in when I read about this, and it was in mid-2011.
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Ah, I found it - funnily enough, via the Ask MetaFilter post Lost article on nonlinear reading techniques, posted July 11, 2011.

The best answer (again, funnily enough, posted by the person asking the question!) to that question links to 'How to read a (good) book in an hour' at the Savage Minds website.

That's a dead link, but I found the article at Ted Curry's webspace on the UTEP website.
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Award yourself 'Best Answer'.
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I very much appreciate the conversation you just had with yourself.
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Right on, gonna close this up.
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