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Is MetaFilter/Turlyming DNS down? I only seem to be able to reach MeFi because Squid cached the address. NS1 and aren't answering queries. Anyone?
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It looks bad for the home team:
$ dig

; <>> DiG 9.2.1 <>>
;; global options: printcmd
;; connection timed out; no servers could be reached

posted by majick at 6:09 PM on June 21, 2002

Eh? Who or what is Turlyming? And how does he/she/it relate to metafilter?
posted by ashbury at 6:37 PM on June 21, 2002 hosts the DNS servers that MetaFilter uses:
$ dig
; [...snip dig saying lots of extraneous stuff...]


;; ADDITIONAL SECTION: 172800 IN A 172800 IN A

(this means that when you ask for, you are asking for the IP address)

...and which apparently does not have network or geographical diversity, so it's not terribly resistant to net.badness.

Matt: Think about setting up secondary service at an outfit like GraniteCanyon to help offset the potential for these problems.
posted by majick at 6:43 PM on June 21, 2002

Yep, it's all screwed up here, too. Luckily I had saved an old hosts file with the Meta-IPs in it.
posted by mr_crash_davis at 9:37 PM on June 21, 2002

Okay, when everyone else comes back in, pretend like they just missed the best MeTa thread ever!
posted by whatnotever at 11:45 AM on June 22, 2002

whatnotever, you're my hero. Thanks!
posted by riffola at 1:35 PM on June 22, 2002

...the thing that really cheeses me off is that I can't get to #mefi. Grrr.
posted by majick at 3:37 PM on June 22, 2002

This is punishment for being allowed all the fun on SiFi. I told you all! But would anyone listen? NooOOOooo! least I THINK I told you all....
posted by Salmonberry at 9:02 PM on June 22, 2002

haven't been able to see the site for a couple of days

anyways, i just wanted to post in here so i too could look crafty and resourceful (all i did was try all of my shell accounts until i found a dns server that still saw mefi)

also - still works, its dns is hosted elsewhere
posted by sawks at 7:53 AM on June 23, 2002

the DNS servers may have changed, because i can get to the site now. is still down; i hope chrish is ok.
posted by moz at 11:28 AM on June 23, 2002

Yeah, I got in by way of and saw whatnotever's post and remembered the dns entry I had scribbled down in a notepad file. Whew.

I really think this is mathowie's test of our geek skills, much like Mr. Burns' race up the mountain.
posted by plemeljr at 11:31 AM on June 23, 2002

Or, our teamwork abilities. I found the answer as a comment that riffola had posted on iconomy's blog.
posted by vacapinta at 12:06 PM on June 23, 2002

"Yeah, my teamwork."

I got in via notalentassclown as well, and did a lookup with network tools to get into metatalk. It's kind of nice with just a few people milling about, not that I'd wish it were like this all the time.
posted by Nothing at 12:49 PM on June 23, 2002 still works.
posted by Hackworth at 2:55 PM on June 23, 2002

The line the turlyming box is on was apparently cut by city equipment outside doing construction on Friday, the last I heard. I have no idea when it is coming back, but I was getting all my email through it until recently. I've went ahead and added's DNS service to the domain record, but it took about 48 hours to take effect.

Oh, #mefi is hosted on the turlyming box, so that won't work until the box comes back online.
posted by mathowie (staff) at 6:29 PM on June 23, 2002

the crack is back.
posted by zpousman at 8:10 PM on June 24, 2002

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