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I just watched the finale of Breaking Bad last week, after snorting the entire series over the course of about six months. Withdrawal is giving me a fever, and the only prescription is more Heisenberg. Who wants to jump in the RV with me?

Also, Better Call Saul is slated to start airing sometime early next year, so that might be an additional reason to start a Breaking Bad rewatch soon. Watching 2 episodes a week would require 31 weeks (plus a little extra time to accommodate holidays), so if we were start at the beginning of August, that would take us into March. Thoughts?
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I'd be on board for this. A couple of my friends have started watching it and are in Season 3; the last time I talked to them, some cautious elliptical questioning revealed that they hadn't yet gotten to One Minute (which prompted me to start looking up various clips on Youtube, reading episode synopses again, trivia, etc.)
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Oh hell yes! I started watching a couple of weeks after the finale, so I missed the chance to hop online and discuss the episodes in depth as they were airing. This would be fantastic.
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This could be the moment I've been waiting for. I watched 3 seasons in a binge a few years ago and stopped cold turkey, convinced I could wait until the entire thing was binge-able. The only problem might be finding time between Arrested Development, Fringe, The Wire, The Prisoner, and the Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Spy re-watch I've been dying to start. But sure, yeah, ok!
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I'd like this. I didn't watch it the first time around, and I've been putting it off because I wouldn't have anyone else to talk about it with since everyone I know watched it as it was airing.
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I keep waiting to be ready to rewatch this show, but I'm not yet. But I'm with MoonOrb, I'm super-excited to see what you all will say about it.
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Since I rewatched the thing in factorial as each new season came out and then reawatched the whole thing again after the finale, I am probably tapped out as far as actually rewatching them goes, HOWEVER, I would really like to read/participate in discussion threads.

Would this be done as a no spoilers episode-by-episode thing or an eyes wide open spoileriffic rewatch?
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I was envisioning it as an eyes wide open, spoileriffic rewatch (a la the Mad Men rewatch). I don't know if I'd be able to watch it again without discussing each episode in the context of the show as a whole, especially as the first watch for me is still so fresh in my mind. But if there are enough people really eager for a first watch no-spoilers thread, I wonder if we could do two threads simultaneously? I know I would have loved to have been able to discuss it for the first time as it was unfolding, especially starting around Season 2.
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I'd be fine either way, as it's very likely that I will not adhere to any schedule and just binge-watch the entire show over the course of the first week of discussions. Again, based on the personal problems I've already been having with FanFare.
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I'm in! I'd also prefer a rewatch spoiler policy (as opposed to first watch), for whatever it's worth.
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I'm in.
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Any particular preferences for days? I was thinking every Sunday and Wednesday (or Thursday).
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ME! I would.
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Just FYI -- AMC is doing a Breaking Bad marathon (sorta?) starting in August and going into October.
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I would totally be in for a rewatch, not a first watch.
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I'm in for a rewatch as I have many thoughts on Jesse and Hank (separately) that the world needs to know.
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and I haven't seen it yet, but I don't really care about spoilers.
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Man, I'm gonna need MetaFilter to stop making me rewatch ALL THE SHOWS. FanFare is amazing but it just makes me want to watch everything. And rewatch everything else.
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Have only seen the first season: I'd be in for a first watch with spoilers banned, but it sounds like I might be in a tiny minority there.
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Pink Frost: "Have only seen the first season: I'd be in for a first watch with spoilers banned, but it sounds like I might be in a tiny minority there."

I came to say exactly the same thing.
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I was just thinking about this. How have the other series been going? The Wire seemed to be falling off the radar - the OP had stopped posting episodes, so I jumped in with the last two but I wasn't really intending to take over. Seems like people are posting Mad Men episodes like clockwork, though.
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I'm part of the Mad Men rewatch posting team. A couple of us decided on the schedule in a combination of in-thread and off-line communication. We're posting twice a week (Wed/Sun) and specific people are responsible for posting. Our schedule was designed for us to get through all 6 1/2 seasons by the premier of Season 7B sometime next spring.

The interaction has definitely fallen off - we were at 700+ comments by the mid-season finale of first watch and are lucky to get to 20 comments lately. But it's nice that the posts will be there whenever anyone wants to jump in.
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I just wish the Wire posts were more frequent. I've been hesitant to post because I thought maybe the slow pace had already been decided on, or like I'd be stepping on someone's toes somehow - maybe that's not the case?
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After having watched the entire run -- bingeing until caught up to the final season, then suffering week to week -- I went back to catch a few episodes, and I was disappointed that they lacked most of the tension of the first time through. That's not really a surprise, I guess, but it does reflect the show's finely tuned exploitation of both character motivation and dramatic irony to heighten tension. Now that all those threads have been resolved, it kinda feels like there's a lot less there than there used to be.

Anyway. You kids have fun!
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Without looking, I'm 90% sure The Wire was supposed to be on a twice/week schedule. After a week went by, I just made a post. I've watched halfway into season 2; it's hard to watch only one or two a week! And yet, not everyone could keep up if we had an episode a day or something. Apparently other people have these things called "lives." (So I'm told.)
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I am a fan of having designated days, even in a loosely organized rewatch. That way anyone can throw up a post without worrying about taking control or assuming responsibility for the whole enterprise. As for The Wire, three episodes a week seems to me like not very much, but then I too am curious about this whole "having a life" thing. I wouldn't hesitate to make a post. Anything that was slated to be in someone else's version of the post can just as easily be a comment.

Is the possibility of a discussion section a la Music Talk still on the table?
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I started rewatching The Wire when the first post went up, and I'll probably finish the final episode tonight.

And yeah, I'd be in for BB as well, and I'm strongly in favor of rewatch rather than first watch.
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Wow, what timing! I literally (sorry) started watching the final season this week (watched first four in a marathon bender in snowy jan/feb)....and needed time for recovery from the anxiety they caused me!!

OK, if you write about it, I'll read it or however this all works. oh...March...what??? Maybe I'll finally watch the Wire by then but won't be thinking about Walt and co...I hope!!
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Ok, no one should be onboard with this wacky idea but I've been thinking of doing a first watch but in reverse order. Breaking Bad Backwards. Why? Just because. Why not use a bit bad of alliteration to organize a few hundred hours of your life?
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I'd be in for a first watch with spoilers banned, but it sounds like I might be in a tiny minority there.

I'm totally sympathetic to this, so am wondering if it would be OK to simultaneously post rewatch and first watch threads for each episode. I get the sense that most people might be participating in the rewatch threads, but that would still give first-time watchers the chance to discuss the series without spoilers (which I would have loved to have been able to do myself!). Do the mods have any thoughts on this score?
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I've only watched the first three episodes, but I'll happily participate in a rewatch thread.
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Scody, I don't see any problem with creating both threads simultaneously, provided we ensure the First Watch thread is scrupulously sanitized.
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I've only watched the first three episodes

Ridiculous. Apply yourself.
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I'd be in on a First Watch, I think. I probably wouldn't participate in a Rewatch... even though I wouldn't be inherently opposed to spoiler-filled discussion even though I'd be watching for the first time, the combination of that plus the time for the other things I'm watching might keep me away. I'm already staying out of the West Wing rewatch, even though I liked that show a lot, due to time.
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Rewatch, definitely! (I don't think I could handle a first-watch, personally.)
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For added fun, there could be a First Watch of the Spanish-language version of Breaking Bad on UniMás, Metástasis.

Viva Walter Blanco!
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I would love to watch Metástasis too; if anyone wants to post it as well, that would be great! (I don't think I can manage more than handling the simultaneous first watch/rewatch threads for the original.)

Okay, so going with every Sunday and Wednesday starting in August, we'll start Season 1 on August 3. If anyone would like to share thread-posting duties, MeMail me and we'll work something out.

New viewers: brace yourselves. Seriously.

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Oh, and I'll just go with Wednesday as the second day of the week to post new threads, unless anyone has a strong preference for Thursday.
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i covered the entire series in about 5 weeks. i have no life.
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I watched it for the first time only recently, so would be happy to join the discussion. A rewatch would be interesting for me, as I actively disliked Breaking Bad for quite a while until eventually giving in to it.
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I'm just now finishing the final series, which I should get through by the end of next week. I'm in for a re-watch, though I won't be actively re-watching the series because it's so damned heavy. There are times when I just wanted to give up, but I'm so close to the end (and there are those damned flash-forwards) that I have to see this thing through.

At the same time, I appreciate and enjoy it for the level of detail. Living near Albuquerque, the show feels even more real than so many other shows (I'm looking at you, Psyche) that claim to be set in one place, but are pretty clearly not there.

I'm definitely down for a spoilerific re-watch/re-review/tally of the number of times a GoPro-type video camera is employed, or we're seeing a shot through an object that is not really transparent or translucent.
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Also, I could then get my attept to make a BB version of "There Was Once an Old Lady Who Swallowed a Fly (Perhaps She'll Die)."

So far, all I have is:

There was a mad chemist who came down* with cancer,
Why he got cancer, we don't know why,
Perhaps he'll die.

I know a mad chemist who started to make meth,
That bubbled and fizzled inside an RV.
He made the meth to treat the cancer,
Why he got cancer, we don't know why,
Perhaps he'll die.

* I couldn't think of anything else to fit the rhyme scheme and the material

If it really included all the (bad) decisions made by Walter during the show, it would be one very long rhyme.
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