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Pretty sure I originally found this through Metafilter. It was a short documentary on Youtube about 3 girls (high school students?) in the middle east documenting the harassment and threats they received for doing things like going out in public without a head scarf or driving a car. It was mostly just footage the girls filmed themselves.
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Might it be linked from one of the comments in the 10 hours of street harassment thread?
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Hmm, I am pretty sure I originally found it long before that thread, maybe a year ago? But I will look through that thread and see if I can find it.
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YES! That's it! Sadly, the video is no longer working :(
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Funny it worked for me an hour ago. Also looks to be available here.
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Still says not available for me. Weird.
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Neither of those links are working for me either.
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Both of these links are working for me right now.
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Teleri and I are in the US; Rumple and Unilateral are not. I bet it's about geography.
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Ha! you made the list ChuraChura. I haven't had one for a while.
Librarypt check your mefimail.
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I maintain a unilateral action list in my profile.
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Oh wow, I never saw that fpp and now I am welling up. I have been on those streets, I have worked with young women like them. My Facebook feed updates me on the lovely young "escapees" who have managed to be in the West where they can be pretty and share photos of themselves, and my friend Shabana who is a real hero there, who I am certain knows these three in some way or other. Thanks much for this link.
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Thanks unliteral!
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Yeah, I missed that post too. Wonderful documentary.
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