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I've noticed that, after sending a message, the Your Inbox "tab" link includes "sent=1" and the only way I've found to clear the "Your message was sent" message is to use the little (more difficult for me to click on) envelope link. This just seems like odd behaviour, is it intentional?

If not, can it be logged in the admins' unofficial bugtracker for one of those days when someone's bored and wants to squash a little one just for the tun of it? Also, the whole inbox is shifted to the right by the the "Your message was sent" message.

I'm a natural nitpicker, can't help it, sorry. Also I'm one of the edge casey MeMail users who doesn't have any other form of email right now, by choice, sorry for that too. So I use it daily and notice these things daily.

On that note...a pony request: one day, can we have some sort of MeMail export, so when I do transition back to real email I can save all my MeMail elsewhere and free up a smidge of server space?


(note for the mods: the "requires community input" confirmation checkbox is new, and nice! But in this case, I'm not sure it so much requires community input as much as it might benefit at least a small fraction of the community to see your reply. Does that count? ;)
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I took a look and found two problems. The "Your message was sent." note was not disappearing in the Classic and Plain themes. Also, there was the layout problem you mentioned in Firefox on Ubuntu. Those should both be fixed.

On the export front I'm afraid we're not going to add it. We even have an entry in the FAQ about it: What about adding more email-like features to MeFiMail?. We don't intend or want MeFi Mail to be a replacement for email. It's meant to be an extremely lightweight way to directly contact another member. When you get to the point that you need more features, it might be good to switch to actual email, instant messaging, voicemail, or something designed to be more robust. You could always send a MeFi Mail along the lines of, "Here's my [alternate contact method]...".
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Heh, 7-minute fix.

pb, please tell me you're camping right now.
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Thanks, pb!
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I don't understand how you don't have any other email account. You only email mefites?? Or there is a way to give nonregistered people your me-mail address that ends up in your me-mail in-box?
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Heh, 7-minute fix.

It's an illusion. MoTLD's post hit the queue last night when I wasn't around. I investigated a bit this morning before it went through to the site.

Or there is a way to give nonregistered people your me-mail address that ends up in your me-mail in-box?

No, we don't have anything like that.
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I don't have a phone. I only talk to people with ham radio licenses.

I don't have email. I only talk to mefites.

Ya gotta pay to play, with me. ;)
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Do you tell people you meet to buy an account and MeMail you? I have email, but I might try that once.
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What is "edge casey memail user"

sounds like a cool rock band.
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I'm even more confused. Is this a parody? Much as I love MeFites for a social fix , there are emails I need to receive/send for personal financial/administrative reasons. You have no such need?
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Me? I like nouns. I see the OPs meaning. pb, from the book, lays it out about the export feature which, is that. The glitch thing i don't understand.

S'all good. You?
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Sorry clavidivs, no, not you! Was just wondering how MoTLD manages without email (or phone) as things like government agencies, utility companies and banks seem to like one or both. Then I worried there was a joke I was missing.
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Do you tell people you meet to buy an account and MeMail you?

michaelh, this is the best idea ever.
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Nope, taff, no joke. Locked myself out of my email account a couple years back by accident (lost the MicroSD with all my passwords and forgot the password to my backup). Haven't missed anything but my GV number, which ends in 0042. I'll get back into them one day when I need email or a phone number for something...

michaelh, that's pretty much exactly what I do. $5 barrier to entry for talking to me keeps out the rifraff. And I don't even have to take payments or worry about collections...thanks MeFi! ;)

I don't get much mail. :-P
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Oh, clavdivs, in case you were curious (and yes, it does sound like an awesome band name), the backstory is that a couple years back I asked about some features that would be nice to have in MeMail. To make a long story short, I was informed that my use case is somewhat unusual. I believe the verbatim phrase "edge casey" was actually used. ;)

Thus I was considerably more careful in how I worded my complaint/request this time. I appreciate that MeMail exists at all and don't want to frustrate the admins.
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I have learnt a lot today.
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3 page essay due Monday!
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I have a bunch of email addresses. If our MeMailing rises to that level, I'll give you one or more of 'em (regular one, professional one, academic one, work one, domain-I-own one, etc.).

Props to you for that no-email thing though--I admire your discipline, even if the how and why kinda confuses me.
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Thanks, box! Enforcing self-discipline is a big part of it, actually. I didn't figure that out until after I lost the passwords, though... ;)

Much as I apreciate the offer, I actually have 3 email addresses of my own, just can't get into 'em right now. My domain-I-own one, which technically my parents own, and my old-employer one (if it's still active) funnel into my gmail one, which is the one I lost the password for. So eventually I'll log into my folks' domain and drop the forwarding, or call up my old boss and have them drop the forwarding. Then I can use one of those emails to recover the gmail password.

I'm just not yet sure enough of my discipline to resume the temptation to move back onto the grid full-time.

Anyway, thanks for the encouragement! It's gratifying that someone recognizes what I'm doing for what it is.

Oh, and clavdivs, if that assignment was for me, well, this is close enough for gummint work, eh? ;)
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Oops. Just noticed infini's comment. Guess my treatise'll have to be extra credit... ;)

Which means infini, you still owe clavdivs an essay. Make it a good one, I hear it's 72.1% of my grade.

I'm counting on you! :-P
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*clears throat*

As the owner of a beta gmail with its profile blocked since the original nym wars of 2011 AD and the former owner of a true name (tm vinge ca. 20C) gmail which was disabled by google when I refused to run a credit card through for $1 - that's kidnapping, ransom and blackmail - after they refused to accept govt issued ID proving I was over 13 years of age, I could probably write a treatise on navigating the nuances of online communication in the cybersphere.

Wouldst that it were 1999 all over again...

Heck, I'd settle for DOS 1.0 right now.
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FFS, don't get me started on OS/2... *sniffle* I miss OS/2... *sigh*

I am inordinately proud of that 0042 GV phone number, though, especially since ol' Randall declared me a wizard.
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Oh god, don't remind of OS/2... whosis blathered on about it in Bombay ...

415 and 312
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I had a dumb cell phone several years ago that I dropped in a Costco parking lot. I got it back a few days later, but it had been run over by at least one car. It still made calls, but I could no longer call anyone who had a phone number that contained the number "6".
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Guess you won't be calling the devil any time soon...
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KAR 120C
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Thanks. Thanks a lot. Now I have another classic TV show on my bucket list.
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(As might be a natural assumption, avoiding TV is also part of my discipline regimen)
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Hey, tv is an evil appliance. Though, it's handy to have to watch the 1% of good stuff.

RM 40
posted by clavdivs at 10:10 PM on January 10, 2015

Ok, at first I thought "currency." Turns out RM is the Malaysian Ringgit. Now I know that. ;)

Then I googled. Found "Hustler Standard Resonators RM-40" from DX Engineering. Not a TV show. Probably not a magazine article.

I got nothing. :-P
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Oh, and really, 1%?

That's charitable.
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OB 40 was to obvious.

(Scribbles note in barcode poetics)

POI, sleepy hallow, scorpion, Nova.
And secrets of the dead.
I think collecting and watching media has fused.
The days of waiting to watch to see if Tweeki was going to save Buck yet another week are gone.

A good Google game circa 2002 was to give a vauge # then referent.
Ex. #2359x does not work well on d3468.
Yellow hightlighter/legal pad.
Adversely deconstructionism with product numbers in linear poetics is something I recently dug back up, only reason I mention that is a note about a mefi thread with the most yummy semiotics.
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I had to look up the word semiotics.


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Oh I could give a few words to look up. 👻
[gonna go ahead and wrap up my end of the thread, thanks and good luck]
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How wude.
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"Consider it a tribute to a by gone era."
posted by clavdivs at 11:56 PM on January 23, 2015

I must've missed that era. I have no idea what's happened here.

posted by MoTLD at 10:18 AM on January 24, 2015

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