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Most-favorited comments get highlighted throughout the year. Now it's time for their wonderful but overlooked cousins to shine. Which terrific comments made by fellow MeFites in 2014 deserve a little more attention? This is the place to share your own Best Of.

Please feel free to share the under-appreciated comments that have moved you, made you laugh, taught you something new, etc. The cutoff has traditionally been somewhere around a dozen favorites.

Previously, the Best Of: 2010; 2011; 2012; and 2013.

God as my witness, I adored the Thomas Pynchon title marine life-themed pun-fest in "You Hide, They Seek." Lorin's "Against the Cray" and "Brineland" and zamboni's "Gravity's Rainbow Trout" still make me groan. Thanks, all!
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Can't access comments I've favorited, via my profile>favorited. All it shows are posts.

Or am I missing something?
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Drop down box lets you switch between posts and comments.
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Hi real live Black person!
posted to MetaTalk by gman at 10:38 PM on September 4, 2014
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that's how i feel about being an american. if this ship goes down, i'm going down with it. nobody IRL has ever had the temerity to address me as a(n?) "USian", and it would NOT BE WELL RECEIVED.

Go home, Springsteen. You're drunk.
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It just makes the cutoff - but this great-grandchild of a couple from Krakow was very amused at Pope Guilty's opinion of pierogis.
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Hot cock Sriracha Ice Cream.
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OH NO I forgot to make a list because I have been very busy romancing qunari spies
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....Wait, are we highlighting cool comments, or cool comments that only have SOME favorites? Because that text one and the sriracha ice cream one have like a few hundred, and if we're looking for just cool ones I have others.
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Me too.

I brought my scrapbook.
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I love these threads. (Opens bourbon and begins to look into The Past)
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bring to our attention 2014's best UNDERLOVED comments

Please feel free to share the under-appreciated comments that have moved you, made you laugh, taught you something new, etc. THE CUTOFF HAS TRADITIONALLY BEEN SOMEWHERE AROUND A DOZEN FAVORITES.
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I love these :) The idea is that they're lesser acknowledged comments, a dozen or so favourites was a general guideline at first but a little higher is fair these days. Will get a list going!

Oh, and the post linked at 2010 above should be best comments of 2009, so the 2010 post is missing. Here it is!
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BTW, those ancient comments suddenly getting favorited? That's me going through my favorites, unfavoriting, and re-favoriting comments I particularly enjoyed.
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This deserved more than one.
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Trade culture!
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I feel as if there is serious potential for a sort of distortive effect here, where the act of highlighting these underappreciated comments may garner them more favorites, pushing them above the notional "underloved" threshold....

Isn't that kind of the...point? Y'know, "hey, all y'all saw that sriracha ice cream comment, but it looks like you missed where someone called pierogis 'happiness pillows' which is just as awesome so you should go look at that too".
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I've used this line in real life.Thanks, maryr!
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I need to believe that there's a parallel universe where this spinoff was greenlit.
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Well, good point is raised. A specifically historical inquiry is born less of the necessity to establish that certain comments occurred than of the desire to determine what certain comments might mean for the groups conception of its present tasks and future prospects.
Anything said by meatbomb.
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* Marauding Ennui taught me the meaning of desenrascanço.
* b1tr0t tees it up for the NSA.
* mwhybark educated me about the history of the mandolin.
* 1f2frfbf remembers manufacturing authenticity; he also gave us a song for other days.
* TheWhiteSkull is, evidently, a large Canadian screaming, "WHY THE FUCK ARE YOU HONKING AT ME I LET YOU IN GODDAMMIT!"
* Meanwhile, Ghostride The Whip has discovered his true identity.
* barchan provides practical commentary on using drones. Also, "just pass me the goddamn iodine."
* squid patrol does an awesome thing with historic photographs of America in this fantastic FPP from ColdChef.
* iminurmefi, thank you for the reminder about the avocado.
* Etrigan: "'Should' is a much bigger word than it looks."
* escabeche suggests a better name for the Redskins.
* sciencegeek asks: Why did the chicken cross the Mobius strip?
* 445supermag's grandfather was an unwilling scab.
* mudpuppie imagines the sadness over a lost rubber duck
* GenjiandProust has good advice on dealing with feral reenactors.
* chalkbored killed Pluto.
* NapAdvocacy, thanks for nerding out about shipping containers!
* mykescipark knows that Carol Burnett is still badass at 80.

Thank you for another year of good reading, all.
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billiebee explains how flags work more civilly in the UK.
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The world's least appealing soda bottle. - flabdablet
One pinto bean in each nostril. - kirkaracha
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One pinto bean in each nostril. - kirkaracha

The stories above and below that comment are priceless as well.
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And ok, cheating because spitbull got love for this, but.... Do you ever find yourself worried that little creatures from Germany's darkest forests may one day occupy your Audi?

Wurst pun of the year.
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ZaphodB brought a valuable new perspective to a post of mine by discussing distrust of Western medicine in Nunavut.

weston made a silly little pun.

fifteen schnitzengruben is my limit warned a vacationing family about the dangers of the Oxford comma.

Atom Eyes upped my snark on Walmart's punk rock cred.

Showbiz Liz discovered caged babies.

Stoneweaver explained the pitfalls of stock photos.

egypturnash made several salient points about the upgrade cycle for Adobe Illustrator, but the real joy was in the small text: her video on how she uses Illustrator to draw a graphic novel.
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Thanks MonkeyToes, and thanks everyone for sharing. My New Year's resolution: favourite more. Note to self: it's just a button you click, not a political act fraught with consequences!
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Do you ever find yourself worried that little creatures from Germany's darkest forests may one day occupy your Audi?

The "small animals in your car" thing reminds to listen out for the strange reason why the MetaFilter podcast is a little late this month...

I still say it looks like a shaved beard
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recursion had the best vasectomy story.

narain made a graph.
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Also, I thought this was pretty cool. In our discussion about "a base jump from a 1,099 foot tower into a swimming pool on the roof of an adjacent hotel," the question came up about what a building is in the neon distance and what it says. Divabat found the exact location of the building in Kuala Lumpur on Google maps.
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grumblebee shares his personal list of rules for online discourse.
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that story simultaneously squicked me the goddamn fuck out and I am now wearing duct tape over my ears forevermore and made me laugh so hard I dropped my cigarette.
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it's entirely context dependent* and it happened two days ago so it doesn't even belong in this thread, but chavenet's "Can I still punch Paul McCartney?" is one for the ages as far as I'm concerned.

* though that said, I think it would make an excellent t-shirt or bumper sticker
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(there is an odd recursion effect here for me in which I read a comment then go read the thing linked to in that comment and favourite both; next year's thread should include links to comments here that link to the older comments for maximum metametaness)
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* though that said, I think it would make an excellent t-shirt or bumper sticker

it would be a sockpuppet if I could justify spending the money
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> And a member of my household just vomited so that's all for now.

This is my favorite comment of 2015. So far.
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anonymisc on fighting imaginary monsters
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These are just from the first third of the year:

I thought ROU_Xenophobe brought up a great point about the cognitive abilities of athletes.
Joakim Zigler discovers a great treasure.
Mrs. Pterodactyl recalls the story of an unfortunate NPC.
box rightly asserts that fuck y'all Diane Rehm rules.
theodolite details a solid compromise for us favorite-haters.
Sebmojo describes a dalliance with heroin.
Flunkie brings up the pizza problem that everyone knows but never talks about.
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Voice of folger's

how has this not been favourited more times than anything else

That would be appropriate

the story that is in response to is exactly why I hate the cellphone culture of "Hey let's meet here at 7" being responded to with "text me at 7 and we'll figure something out". It's this incredible culture of 'you're good enough to make maybe plans with' and it grinds my gears I tell you what.

I'll shut up but please keep sharing these because they are amazing.
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These are just from the first third of the year:
I love Diane Rehm's voice. If you want everybody on your radio to sound like the goddamned Big Bopper, listen to Clear Channel.
posted by box at 3:38 PM on June 24, 2008 [9 favorites +] [!]

Odd! However I am all for box rightly asserting that fuck y'all Diane Rehm rules, whatever the year.
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blnkfrnk: hollow chocolate disappointment bunnies. They can burn in candy hell.

Mr. Yuck's 9/11 in Chapel Hill story

hilaryjade's tips for writing letters to a prisoner

Mary Ellen Carter: Nicest guy in the south calls you a jerk, you know you got an image problem. [Jimmy Carter calling out the Southern Baptist Convention]

wabbittwax imagining Katharine Hepburn as Dr. Lecter

anytime quonsar II: smock fishpants and the temple of foon chuckles maniacally is good
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In no particular order, and with a few errors because favorites are tracked chronologically and I tripped over the ones I favorited from previous underappreciated-comments MeTas and I'm just skimming my favorites and looking for low numbers:

1) Potomac Avenue meets his untimely end
2) LogicalDash feels young
3) St. Peepsburg describes how to assess your own personality
4) RogerB on what differentiates John Banville's narrators from Vladimir Nabokov's
5) Sara C. on the importance of accuracy in historical memory
6) sweetkid describes the progress of a childhood friend of hers
7) languagehat doesn't quite think that change is just life
8) Eyebrows McGee's friend named her kid after a minor European city and gets mad as heck whenever it comes up
9) the quidnunc kid proposes an interactive fact contest
10) elizardbits knows what the real dialect quiz was
11) rtimmel points out something I had not known about Dinosaur Comics
12) Myca's secret
13) Eyebrows McGee on what makes a white knight
14) elizardbits on a tea house's excellent safety precautions
15) ilana: "On a good semester, you would receive 1500+ emails in 24 hours."
16) aryma remembers her mother's friend in Iowa
17) griphus distinguishes between generative and appreciative senses of humor
18) Sticherbeast peers into the heart of Armond White
19) Ivan Fyodorovich analyzes Jerry and Wade from Fargo
20) valkyryn disputes the notion of a spiritual journey in The Lord of the Rings
21) maryr's understated reaction to a megapost
22) dinty_moore learned this version of the story when she was 12
23) Metroid Baby on the pros and cons of dating extreme extroverts
24) threeants gives us the bottom line
25) cromagnon defends Brutalism and critiques the way people discuss it
26) Greg Nog doesn't buy a Marxist critique of Hannibal
27) mhum uses the example of black QBs to illustrate institutional bias
28) cortex understands later
29) Miko on the stealth date
30) Conspire learns a lesson
31) (Arsenio) Hall and (Warren) Oates UNLOCKS THE CODE
32) two words:
33) octobersurprise on leaps of logic
34) escabeche gets stuck in a recursive loop
35)jquinby gets the last word in
36) daq pontificates about Pacifica Radio and conservatives' image of the Left
37) bl1nk on stereotypes about Asian men and their effect on his life
38) Potomac Avenue raises a legitimate concern
39) AAALASTAIR critiques the idea that hits have to work at the campfire
40) ignignokt on a telling bit of a Theroux documentary
41) Vibrissae remembers going to a jai alai game in Mexico City
42) vibrotronica recalls the time he pissed next to Peter Buck
43) elizardbits wonders aloud about the Hannibal team's press statements
44) nadawi on the value of defining "rape"
45) jaguar on what their ideal world doesn't include
46) The Whelk on how to read T.S. Eliot
47) postcommunism found MeFi through a Something Awful prank
48) evidenceofabsence is submerged in the spectacle
49) Greg Nog puts "Pitbull" and "interpellated by ideology" in the same sentence, which is fine
50) boo_radley sounds the horn
51) griphus remembers a visit to his aunt and uncle
52) the man of twists and turns highlights a chilling part of an article about sexual assault on campus
53) cortex describes Diplomacy as the union of chess and poker
54) cjelli on why backstabbing in Diplomacy hurts so much
55) mstokes650 remembers jai-alai at the Newport Grand
56) marrog offers some nuance regarding Manfeels Park
57) NoraReed is disappointed that a comment didn't become the premise of a Cronenberg movie
58) Potomac Avenue delivers the most devastating own of the year
59) gingerest gives credit where credit is due
60) Corinth points out that the disclaimer makes it worse
61) quinndexter needs a citation imo
62) Awful Peice of Crap has strong opinions on BJJ
63) on a funny scene in David Graeber's writing
64) jamjam on masculinity and police

ok that's it it's 3 AM and I did all that in one sitting, good night/morning
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Odd! However I am all for box rightly asserting that fuck y'all Diane Rehm rules, whatever the year.

Oh hell I forgot that the favorites view is chronological by date favorited and not date posted. I guess it's time to make like a puppy and piss on the floor in front of everyone and then whimper in the corner.
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The comment that made me laugh the most all year was Stitcherbeast's innovative strategy for dealing with presentation problems. It starts off so earnest and quickly veers off into unexpected lunacy.
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ifjuly had a colossal year-end music round-up comment a few weeks ago that intrigued me. Still haven't listened to the vast majority of her recommendations but I am listening to that Grouper album now and it is perfect for the headspace I want to be in right now.
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benzenedream: Authenticity is an ouroboros.
posted by hawthorne at 4:42 AM on January 4, 2015

I think I'm going to have to replace the carpet in the bedroom. It was red gatorade.
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i really really wish there was some way for me to go and view what stuff i had flagged as fantastic.

doesn't seem like that unreasonable of a pony... and that's also the only way i can think of to find the ones i'd post :(
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Holy crap, my new hero Lexica took the time to collect a whole jar full of dandelion fuzz
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oh also re: #58 in my list, make sure you CTRL-F any random phrase from it

this is important for the proper understanding of the ownage
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As reminded on another recent MetaTalk, the Penis Beaker FPP led to some great comments. I nearly didn't do that FPP, as thought "MetaFilter folk are a sophisticated bunch; this will probably be beneath their dignity and no-one will comment on it."

I got that one very wrong.

So many good comments - just read the whole thread again and, yeah - but especially liked the ones by...

- billibee
- phunniemee
- MCMikeNamara
- elizardbits

(Thinks may turn this FPP into one of those e-print book things)
posted by Wordshore at 8:33 AM on January 4, 2015 [1 favorite]

And dammit just noticed dates and Penis Beaker wasn't last year but was heck 2013. Sorry; my wrong. Still surprised the mods didn't delete it on the grounds of it being a bit base.
posted by Wordshore at 8:40 AM on January 4, 2015

This suggestion from Wemmick about using vintage wall calendars blew my mind. It had never occurred to me (MATH!).

Also, Flunkie on descriptivism.
posted by davidjmcgee at 9:06 AM on January 4, 2015

Freecellwizard's daughter is awesome.

Is it okay to link something from Bulgaroktonos replying to something I said? It made me giggle.

Cold Lurkey speaks awesomely to pumpkins.

Phunniemee, ASL and cows.

Copronymus makes an accurate point about Family Feud.

I love these threads and I especially love seeing comments from people who I haven't noticed participating as much. It's often easier to make yourself recognizable in an on-line community by being an abrasive jerk than by making positive contributions so I am really glad whenever we have a way to provide positive attention instead of just directing all of our focus at people who behave problematically. Seeing your own name in these kinds of threads feels really good and I'm happy when we can make more people, including those who comment infrequently, feel like valued members of the community by recognizing them in stuff like this.
posted by Mrs. Pterodactyl at 9:12 AM on January 4, 2015 [1 favorite]

I still have occasional giggle fits over Munching Langolier's parade of three comments, spanning eight minutes, during which she or he gets progressively drunker on fruit cake.
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Louche Mustachio is not fond of the upstairs cat. Dhruva's post of the Miss Aloha Hula 2011 farewell performance was awesome and also led to Joey Michaels' comment about the Merrie Monarch Festival and gave me a night of watching amazing videos on Youtube. Similarly, Deoridhe posted about Samoan dance, and Alice Russel-Wallace gave some more detail about the style. Dialethia explains How Trees Work. The Whelk, on what would happen if Brienne/Pod and Arya/The Hound were to meet. Plus, kudos to Turdbid Dahlia for all their Game of Thrones comments. Pracowity exposing Thoreau's hatred of woodchucks. My punk rock cred is a lot like Bondlcliff's.

And, finally, a shoutout to everyone who commented on my malaria question urging me to go to the hospital! None of you received enough favorites.
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I wish there was some way to tell which of these comments were in massive browser-breaking threads before clicking on them.
posted by poffin boffin at 10:22 AM on January 4, 2015 [1 favorite]

--Pjern creates 36 lessons on photography in response to a question on becoming a better photographer.
--DirtyOldTown teaches us a Hungarian swear.
--Delfin talks about a science teacher that was his "Trowelblazer".
--Eriko provides the best obituary dot ever for Toronto Maple Leafs coach Pat Quinn and Rocket88 explains what makes a good sports logo.
--The Whelk sums up English WWI poets.
--EmpressCallipygos hones in on the main point of an article about how museums relate to people.
--MonkeyToes provides a line on the power of not giving a damn.
--Sticherbeast blows my mind on how to think about bees (As an aside I stuck that comment above my desk to ponder it a lot more and it inspired the paper I'm currently working on. Thanks Sticherbeast!)

(My favorite comment of the year got tons of favorites, but it's such a perfect example of why I come to MeFi to have my worldviews blown up: magstheaxe destroys Field of Dreams.)
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First off, griphus predicted the future this time last year.

I liked this comment from Rykey about the importance of discussing trivial things.

Also GenjiandProust's misreading here.

Harvey Kilobit on why high school seniors feel older than college freshmen do.

In a months-earlier foreshadowing of the three-second shrimp FPP, jetlagaddict demanded flying acts of flash-fried derring-do.

Here's taz's favorite comfort food for an upset tummy.

Iridic has a suggestion for changing how we teach kids literature.

asok reflected on how MeFi culture has evolved.

As someone who doesn't follow sports of any kind, I enjoyed KathrynT's advice on sportsball appreciation for non-sportsball types.

This comment by Miko about MeFi's value to introverts.

Ivan Fyodorovich dreams about the mods.

So that's from January…
posted by Lexica at 11:00 AM on January 4, 2015 [4 favorites]

mittens' unconventional approach to Henry James;
Eyebrows McGee freaking out about the New Madrid fault;
The Wrong Kind of Cheese on housecleaning (an approach I swear to god THIS YEAR I am going to implement);
spamandkimchi and I are twin souls in having serious anxiety issues watching movies or TV;
speug and I are twin souls in finding retirement communities horrifying;
Eyebrows McGee and I are twin souls in being prairie people who get wigged out in the mountains and also about the annoyance of dealing with chronically late people (a really disproportionate number of my favorites are by EMcG);
zarq's idea is an excellent one regardless of context;
nonasuch puts the smack down on people being snotty about media fandom;
jessamyn is very wise about living your life in a messed-up world while still working to make things better;
Mr. Yuck's memories of his own experience of 9/11;
honestcoyote on the pleasures of driving I-70 across the prairies;
Mayor West rants about the awfulness of the Chevy crossover SUV;
poffin boffin with the best descriptions ever of what a pelvic exam feels like and trying to put a duvet cover on a duvet.

I love the way this annual exercise gets me to go back through my favorites and actually LOOK at all the stuff I'd marked for re-reading and then promptly forgot about.
posted by Kat Allison at 11:07 AM on January 4, 2015 [1 favorite]

Oh! I complete forgot to add KathrynT's survey of Classical Music, Part I and Part II (OK MODERN ERA LET'S DO THIS ONLY 114 YEARS LEFT TO GO).
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Some light, humorous comments that hit me just right and set me off on massive laughing fits:

griphus orders against the grain at the MeFi Flavortown Meetup

yoink makes several increasingly obscure pop-culture references in a single sentence based on a video of a cat looking into a camera

kittens for breakfast sums up Orphan Black from Felix's point of view

benito.strauss gives joy to proofreaders and punsters alike
posted by tzikeh at 12:21 PM on January 4, 2015 [2 favorites]

- Jesse the K talks about accessibility features with Macs.
- mitschlag suggests good reading for people interested in intellectual property law
- FAMOUS MONSTER is compassionate and helpful to someone grappling with creepiness
- desuetude "This idea for a FICTIONAL murder plot brought to you by my real-life house."
posted by jessamyn (retired) at 12:27 PM on January 4, 2015 [3 favorites]

Metroid Baby mentioned Wizard People, Dear Reader here. This resulted in weeks of uncontrollable let's-look-at-the-next-episodity. Also we laughed a lot. In November.
posted by Namlit at 1:35 PM on January 4, 2015 [1 favorite]

gudrun shares amazing anthropology cakes.
neckro23 provides step-by-step instructions for realistic goat simulation.
sparkletone compiles Awesome Games Done Quick highlights for 2014. Looking forward to mefite favorites from the just-started AGDQ 2015 .
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OMG, kat_allison, I missed that pelvic exam thread when it was posted and I do love the comments you selected, but just reading it is about to make me cry right now.

I have had to go through an absurd amount of medical testing in the last couple years, and It is just SO depressingly true that women patient's comfort is a really low priority that I have more than once just told my family, "That's it, I'm done, I just can't see any more doctors!" It is too depressing. I will give just one, by no means the only, example of how bad it is:

In the last year, I had multiple incidences of blood in my urine, with no accompanying infection, so I was sent to a urologist.

I did not like this doctor. This had nothing to do with his gender; I have a wonderful OB/GYN and primary care doc, both of whom are male. I also know that the majority of the patients urologists see are older males coming for prostate issues, so I could see where maybe this doctor doesn't deal with many female patients.

But this guy...he bothered me right from the beginning because he would ask what problem I was having and then interrupt me before I could answer properly (and after all the testing, I have learned how to make my answers concise and relevant, I wasn't rambling).

Still, i needed to be there, and the urologist says that because of the bleeding they should do a cystoscopy, which he very fleetingly described as, "A simple test, takes like 30 seconds, no prep necessary, so we can get a look at your bladder. The girls (yes, he actually referred to his staff as, "The girls") will set you up."

He made it sound like so much nothing at wondered why he didn't do it just then, but, okay. We schedule an appointment down the line, but I still had questions when I got home (usually I am no slacker about asking questions, but as I said, he was interrupting and rushing me as it was).

I read a bit about the procedure (online, they have given me no pamphlets or anything), and there's rigid and flexible cystoscopies, sometimes there's infection and bleeding for several days afterward (!), etc., and it actually sounds like a pretty big deal.

So I call the office to get some more details about what to expect, and I ask about the local anesthetic, a topical numbing gel, that I had read was standard. And they said they wouldn't be using it, or any anesthetic all all, which startled me.
I asked why. and had it clarified that actually the anesthesia was standard for male patients, but, "Doctor doesn't use it for women, because, you know, the anatomy is different."

Which is just... Seriously? I know the plumbing is different, but I am pretty sure women can still feel pain, jeez. I am now feeling no rapport is possible with this doctor. I cancelled the appointment.

BUT...he is the only specialist available and apparently bladder cancer is now a possibility I really need to look into, so I had to call back and reschedule.

What really sucks is, I was then supposed to have the cystoscopy on the afternoon of New Year's Eve, (which they set up, saying it was the best time, and only scheduled for me after specifically checking to make sure the time worked for the doctor). I was dreading it, and frankly relieved when the day came around so I could have the damned thing over with. And guess what happened? His office calls me the morning of the procedure to say that, "Doctor won't be in this afternoon after all, and after that he will be gone for a week."

So now I have to wait until the 13th to have the stupid thing.

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Anyway, back on track, more overlooked gems:

Elr shares a Dave Barry Dad joke.

Your username is the sound a trolley makes.

Jason_steakums nails one reason anxiety sucks.

Humanfont explains just HOW that tiger ended up in Paris.

GregNog on Star Wars diversity.

Aryma pithily sums up the parenting experience

Griphus' post, THUD, is delightful and brimming with fun comments , but especially overlooked, IMO, are the great onamatopoeic comments from TheWhiteSkull and this one, summing it all up, by InsertNiftyNameHere.
posted by misha at 2:28 PM on January 4, 2015

Madame deFarge on intergalactic oppression.
Bruce's 15 minutes of fame?
Ilana knows dogs. And musicals!
I could learn so much from A_dead_Quaker.
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You should talk to people in Belgium. I was going to chime in but I don't know beans about employment law and fellowship norms in Belgium, and I expect that most of the people who've already answered also know little or nothing about how these operate in Belgium.
posted to Ask MetaFilter by ROU_Xenophobe at 8:04 AM on November 14, 2014 [8 favorites −]

Someone actually came out and said it! Plus, anything with multiple uses of 'Belgium' in one sentence is pretty much automatically funny. (Sorry, Belgium. Blame Douglas Adams.)
posted by hoyland at 3:00 PM on January 4, 2015 [2 favorites]

Naberius has, um, interesting plans for the evening.

As a kid, jim in austin made friends with a jumping spider. Scientist thinks they're cute.

The Whelk suggests new hand gestures for speakers.

GrapeApiary deftly finessed an encounter with a barroom drunk.

running order squabble fest reminds us to take the compliment when offered.
posted by Lexica at 4:40 PM on January 4, 2015 [1 favorite]

Holy cow misha please say you are going to another doctor. My sister has had that procedure done and it is not pleasant (to put it no more strongly) even with the numbing gel.
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friends ... jumping spider


*looks at link*

Aw, they're so cute.
posted by SpacemanStix at 4:48 PM on January 4, 2015

Yes! This is always my favorite thread of the year.

My personal philosophies and practices in a nutshell, as described by MeFites: Saxon Kane, entropicamerica, COBRA!, TheWhiteSkull, and MCMikeNamara. Plus jeather and Mrs. Pterodactyl, MeFites after my own heart if ever there were.

critiquing the everloving fuck out of some random sentence in an article on the internet [billiebee]
Now that I've typed that out it seems like bullshit [el io]
a major bummer if the party gets busted and you suddenly have to negotiate reality [el io, again]
The details of He-Man canon are a lot more complicated than this [XQUZYPHYR]

Woefully underappreciated jokes:
"Mimes murdered my father. How dumb do you feel now?" [echocollate]
"Could I conceal it under my tattoo sleeves?" [barchan]
"Personally, I use my powerful testicle-crushing mandibles to open jars." [desjardins]

More under-favorited favorites, OH SNAP edition:
like_a_friend makes an excellent bet
RogerB shines a light on the master stroke of animal ethics concern trolling
purpleclover reminds us that hiring a maid does not actually solve the problem you think it does
shakespeherian asks a fellow MeFite a perfectly reasonable question
anazgnos has a friendly reminder for spiritual seekers
TheWhiteSkull knows what's up at Wrigley Field
and last but certainly not least, Bulgaroktonos has a word of advice for his fellow men: Telling strange women on the internet what kind of bodies you like? Never helped. Not even once.

Stuff that made me lol irl:
(mrs)uncleozzy's (Pause, look of consternation)
We had a deal, Kyle's meat molehill
Lucinda's poignant message to future generations
sweetkid's superior rewrite of American Horror Story ft. Tami Taylor, y'all
zeptoweasel's superior rewrite of Piano Man ft. bananas

My underloved but still slightly popular favorite comment of the year, serious business edition, is from our dearly departed Anitanola: good lord, sweetheart!

And my #1 favorite underloved comment of the year, in response to this FPP: passerby celebrates (and mourns!) the rise of the age of falconry.
posted by divined by radio at 5:04 PM on January 4, 2015 [6 favorites]

zeptoweasel's superior rewrite of Piano Man ft. bananas

Yesss, I finally made it into one of these threads! Although I wish I had thought of this before the thread died down:

Who can take an orchard
Sprinkle it with dew
Wait until they've ripened so the pears taste good
The banana man can't
posted by zeptoweasel at 6:03 PM on January 4, 2015 [3 favorites]

Holy cow misha please say you are going to another doctor. My sister has had that procedure done and it is not pleasant (to put it no more strongly) even with the numbing gel.

Yeah, no kidding. I'm a dude so maybe things are different, but even with the numbing stuff it was No Fun and remains a less-than-favorite doctor memory.
posted by Dip Flash at 6:10 PM on January 4, 2015 [2 favorites]

65) busted_crayons points out a flaw in The Wire [long thread warning]
posted by Rustic Etruscan at 7:42 PM on January 4, 2015

Admit it. You read all though these hoping to find your name, didn't you?
posted by double block and bleed at 7:45 PM on January 4, 2015 [8 favorites]

Yes *sob*
posted by h00py at 8:00 PM on January 4, 2015 [8 favorites]

Admit it. You read all though these hoping to find your name, didn't you?

Thinking about this, I would feel pretty gauche posting something from myself in here, but how would everyone feel about having a separate thread in a week or so where we post exclusively lists of our own comments from 2014 (maybe like three or four each) that we felt were underappreciated? I don't know that I'd submit the post myself but I thought it could be a neat way to get a lot of voices in here, give everyone a chance to participate in this type of thread (and see their names!) and provide an interesting insight into what comments other people in the community are especially proud of making, perhaps disproportionally to the comment's popularity. If anyone else would be interested in a post like that, feel free to make it assuming it's okay with the mods!
posted by Mrs. Pterodactyl at 8:43 PM on January 4, 2015 [1 favorite]

Admit it. You read all though these hoping to find your name, didn't you?

Absolutely [refreshes page just to make sure] Not
posted by Rustic Etruscan at 8:59 PM on January 4, 2015 [2 favorites]

Wow, I favorite too much -- took me ages to read through the last year's worth to find the under-favorited, yet utterly deserving. (So much time I haven't read the comments above yet -- so if one of the other 2-11 people already posted these, sorry.)

Etrigan's brief sendup of the FDA blood ban change
Eyebrows McGee's description of the experience of drinking in a dry town
Room 641-A brought US joyous tidings that Kinder Eggs are now legal
Telephase showed me a new way of wrapping a present
mskyle's maybe you're just not that into outfits
the man of twists and turns's link to a different way to view Days of Future Past
desjardins's link to best practices for communication with people who are deaf or hard of hearing
Michele of California shared about how to feel deeply safe in a relationship
purenitrous introduced me to the "F You Fours" age description
azarbayejani succumbs to Gilmore Girls
Mrs. Pterodactyl blogs The Meet-Up Wars
Rock Steady recommends talking over crushes with spouses
Holy Zarquon's Singing Fish questions why Enlisted wasn't aired in a block with Brooklyn Nine-Nine
SpiffyRob on mefi contact adding angst
posted by Margalo Epps at 9:00 PM on January 4, 2015 [1 favorite]

Sane. Orderly. Safe.
posted by Mayor West at 5:09 AM on January 5, 2015

Speaking only for myself, and since you asked, that would just annoy the shit outta me.

Totally fair, I can see that.
posted by Mrs. Pterodactyl at 6:35 AM on January 5, 2015

This is my all-time favourite mefi comment and I am wholly unmoved by the indisputable facts that it is neither recent nor unfavourited.
posted by poffin boffin at 8:37 AM on January 5, 2015

Admit it. You read all though these hoping to find your name, didn't you?

Of course not.

posted by maryr at 8:40 AM on January 5, 2015 [6 favorites]

oh geez I favorited a lot of comments this year. Appreciate them. Appreciate them all! there may be some slight bias here towards DC MeFites. not sorry at all

NoMich has trouble confusing predators
bibliogrrl thinks the parody dialect quiz is missing an option
winna does imaginary crack
Runes chats with a FedEx representative unfamiliar with the NATO phonetic alphabet
Going to Maine has suggestions for where to find new music on the internet
corey flood succintly debunks an anxious thought pattern
puyallup figures out a lip balm problem with chemistry
The Card Cheat suggests a kangaroo costume
peachfuzz and escabeche collectively invent Montgomery County erotica (in what was a generally awesome FPP and thread)
misanthropicsarah's cat has a song
BusyBusyBusy's students have questions about the English language
Alexandra Kitty discovers a paradox
axismundi shares video of a wimpy goat (at 16 favorites this is only borderline underloved but I am seriously obsessed with this Vine so deal wit it)
Roger Dodger tells a scatological dinosaur joke
George_Spiggott identifies a product for the genderqueer market
bleep explains the narrative purpose of Cindy's flashback on Orange is the New Black
doctornecessiter reveals a David Wain Easter egg and some fun Jaws trivia
aydeejones writes a pangram
drlith paraphrases Sir Mix-a-Lot
Blue Meanie discovers that Mac Miller annotates his own lyrics on Rap Genius
neushoorn points out some great photos of Iceland
Copronymus shares some insight about tech industy and sports salaries, but his Google search history will never be the same after a certain comment about goldfish. also, Helen the cat
Lucinda's senior yearbook writeup confuses future generations
Mrs. Pterodactyl brings us a new perspective on Groot
troika's cat flips out. troika herself has a great cupcake decoration idea
yomimono's dad is a dad (this whole thread was great too)
hydrophonic's coworker doesn't understand Billy Ocean
maxsparber has an awesome Big Lebowski insight
and finally, some filk from maryr and chambers!

There's no way I'm going back through the thread to check if any of these are doubles, so if so, hopefully they'll just get twice as much appreciation. Happy New Year, MetaFilter!
posted by capricorn at 8:48 AM on January 5, 2015 [2 favorites]

Metroid Baby on guys.
double block and bleed on time travel.
primalux on nature.
ROU_Xenophobe on molecular gastronomy.
cortex on relevance.
posted by EndsOfInvention at 8:59 AM on January 5, 2015 [1 favorite]

Pope Guilty expected more from the Slytherins

Hairy Lobster worked on Space Jam!

sweetkid might be a "Beyonce voter"

maryr's guess at what Etsy soap smells like is as good as anyone's

madajb knows the challenge of carrying kitty litter up stairs

telstar's mistaken definition of "sartorial" is not wrong

two or three cars parked under the stars asks: "Does anyone ever feel a memory go?"

I love everything about this comment from edeezy, but especially the perfectly on-point description of climate change

sobarel teaches us how to say "ironing board" in Welsh

tavella sympathizes with potatoes

emjaybee curses the darkness

JHarris talks about not-too-difficult final bosses and "break levels" in video games

effbot's search for the elusive Booper

mrjohnmuller recommends that you always have asparagus

El Sabor Asiatico explains how Soylent can appeal to foodies

I share yesster's hatred of cereal (with milk, at least)

murphy slaw's succinct analysis of "Wonderful Christmastime" makes perfect sense

joelhunt recalls KISS' attempts to ROCK THAT WATER AWAY!!!!
posted by Metroid Baby at 9:08 AM on January 5, 2015 [2 favorites]

tftio on degrees of criminality.
Ghostride The Whip on unsatisfying meat treats.
Finally, ActingTheGoat brings my absolute favourite comment of 2014 (admittedly slightly over my own arbitrary "underloved" limit of about 15 favourites).
posted by EndsOfInvention at 9:33 AM on January 5, 2015

This comment by Metroid Baby made me rethink all my priorities.
posted by bondcliff at 9:56 AM on January 5, 2015 [1 favorite]

I did a ctrl-f on my name and pb and mathowie put a special recognition for me at the bottom of the page:

Posting as: SpacemanStix

It's cool, because if I click on my name, it highlights everything I've ever done on the site.

Sort of overkill, but thanks guys.
posted by SpacemanStix at 10:03 AM on January 5, 2015 [6 favorites]

At any given time, I only have one favorite comment. This means that it stays there until there is a comment which is somehow better.

threeants dropped this one in February and it is unlikely to be unseated anytime soon. It is the best comment on this site at the moment.
posted by FAMOUS MONSTER at 10:33 AM on January 5, 2015 [3 favorites]

Pope Guilty expected more from the Slytherins

That comment is reminding me of someone on another site who dubbed Slytherin "the Diet Coke of evil".
posted by EmpressCallipygos at 10:52 AM on January 5, 2015

The theodicy of OnceUponATime
Hoopo remembers radishes
Naberius goes to hell
srboisvert cannot identify with the characters in movies these days
Bejeweled/Candy Crush knock-off names from NoraReed
hap_hazard on the life cycles of rock music
Why hippybear should have directed Batman Returns
The Confessor's one weird trick for ordering cocktails
Why EatTheWeak should have directed Street Fighter
A post-eschatological theory from localroger
turbid dahlia explains the deal with Noah
Rock Steady watches True Detective
Sophie1 establishes her Shriekback cred
spinifex23's pet pineapple, Fluffy
What is apartment hunting in SF like? griphus has a perfect analogy
Music appreciation with erlking
emptythought detonates an oily, hoppy, McNuggety truth bomb
posted by prize bull octorok at 11:48 AM on January 5, 2015

oh man, that comment about strikers breaking scab's arms with crowbars is a fascinating piece of history I had no idea of, much less knew anyone with personal history there! This is a great thread.
posted by corb at 12:36 PM on January 5, 2015

kyrademon's comments in this Harry Potter thread were far from unloved, but could always use more attention regardless.
posted by Navelgazer at 12:51 PM on January 5, 2015 [1 favorite]

I like that "How a burrito became a sandwich" so perfectly illustrates how the devil is in the details, but tavegyl's comment makes me giggle.
posted by soelo at 1:10 PM on January 5, 2015

IIRC, FAMOUS MONSTER likes that threeants quote so much that he has mentioned it at IRL meetups.
posted by maryr at 1:16 PM on January 5, 2015 [1 favorite]

IIRC, FAMOUS MONSTER likes that threeants quote so much that he has mentioned it at IRL meetups.

You do indeed RC.
posted by FAMOUS MONSTER at 1:55 PM on January 5, 2015 [2 favorites]

My lot below. I apologize if there are any repeats, I'm posting these first and then reading the thread as a treat. posted by maryr at 2:36 PM on January 5, 2015 [5 favorites]

kagredon knows I love viola jokes.

As a former and atrocious violist I love this.

And, finally, Anitanola leaves us with a poem.

This though... this hit. Hard. The world is lessened without Anitanola's grace.
posted by feckless fecal fear mongering at 3:01 PM on January 5, 2015 [4 favorites]

TheWhiteSkull provides a couple of verses from "Back in Old Carcosa," as sung by Nathan Lane in the Winter Garden revival of The King in Yellow.
posted by Iridic at 3:10 PM on January 5, 2015

I liked Flunkie's explanation for why jeather suddenly had 1000 ships.

Also, tonycpsu, your Metafilter: quote of me infuriates and amuses me.
posted by halifix at 3:49 PM on January 5, 2015

My own suggestions: last winter, It's Raining Florence Henderson offered an airtight rejoinder to those who dismiss Fargo; blue t-shirt talked about why buying a game only to destroy it is not actually that bad; adipocere put Oglaf in D&D metagaming terms; this is a thing enlightened us on a tricky pluralization; Celsius1414 discerned the function of Tom Bombadil in Lord of the Rings; mightygodking reminded us what the Dissolve's Forgotbusters feature is all about; EmpressCallipygos wrote about how adaptations should work; Wolfdog gave us a brief reminder of the fickleness of mythology; and komara offered a six-word review of the least of the Coen's oeuvre.

Whan that Aprille with his shoures soote, the droghte of March hath perced to the roote, Curious Artificer discovered a new website; Greg_Ace lamented a lot of fine music lost forever; yarrow wrote about what makes portraits different from other art; viggorlijah broke down why sex work is viewed differently than other things in criminal codes ; pendulum suggested a different way that Fastball song could have gone; weston outlined this one simple trick to end the death penalty; Atom Eyes knocked down a poorly-founded critique of a movie; rabbitrabbit opened our eyes to the challenges in cataloguing foreign-language texts in a library; compartment addressed some indicators of overwrought prose; TedW found himself in a thread he never made; lownote told a great anecdote about his dad; modernnomad allayed a weirdly specific fear; mazola produced that rarest of things, a worthwhile pun; benito.strauss highlighted the importance of soundtrack choice; bearwife called to our attention the perspicacity of a departed mefite; murphy slaw questioned NASA's priorities; kewb made a thoughtful observation about canonicity; Jonathan Livengood gets to the heart of Diplomacy players; and Herodios called to our attention a child prodigy.

Summer (in this hemisphere anyway) brought us dejah420's conversation escape tactics; pretentious illiterate's Orphan Black confession; RobotHero's frank assessment of Weird Al's "potentially final album"; ctmf's transit-based oopsie; JoeZydeco outline of a crafty way to... well, best just to read it; the whelk's vexillogical observation; axiom's link to a fantastic bit of WILTY; The Card Cheat's sad truth about CAH; emjaybee's observation about what future we are living in; The Tensor breaking it gently; Brockles' clarification on what italics signify in text; and Ursula Hitler reminded us of how much influence Mike Myers has had.

In the fourth quarter: TheWhiteSkull pointed out a crafty but ultimately fruitless loophole in the Toronto election campaign; L.P. Hatecraft proved able to count better than some people online; Karlos the Jackal talked about working in an ever-rarer type of store; effugas relayed a shocking truth about an eighties movie; michaelh summoned up my feelings perfectly in a MeFi darling author; schoolgirl report smacked down a criticism of another eighties movie furnace.heart offered an excellent casting suggestion; seymourScagnetti reminded us that sometimes a remake just detracts; roger ackroyd mentioned an inexplicable phenomenon; General Malaise spoke truth; beagle linked to a photo that should be better-known; Joey Michaels reminded us that labels are often not useful; Sara C. corrected a weirdly common misapprehension; maqsarian doubtless mystified a few people with a joke; and Dr-Baa deflated me (and really, guys, Charo was just the first name that came to mind; substitute Tiny Tim or Zsa Zsa Gabor).
posted by ricochet biscuit at 4:27 PM on January 5, 2015 [3 favorites]

schoolgirl report smacked down a criticism of another eighties movie

my favourites now include so many comments from this post
posted by feckless fecal fear mongering at 4:11 AM on January 6, 2015

...and actually one of the funniest things for me on rereading these threads linked here is running across an awesome comment and thinking 'I should favourite this" and then finding a - next to the favourites.
posted by feckless fecal fear mongering at 4:36 AM on January 6, 2015 [4 favorites]

pemerkins' pithy tagline for a short-lived web app.
posted by Wolfdog at 4:43 AM on January 6, 2015

fffm, I've had that happen once or twice and then discovered, "Oh, hey, I wrote this comment. No wonder I agree! I'm very clever."
posted by maryr at 8:37 AM on January 6, 2015 [10 favorites]

Ray Walston, Luck Dragon advises when not to let your dick hang out

the quidnunc kid has a new symbology proposal for MetaFilter

double block and bleed tells us what we really need to know about government surveillance

I'd forgotten about purposefully deleted from my brain all the "Game of Thrones" Unsullied/Bookwalker madness til I came across this comment from Drastic

Mrs. Pterodactyl explains how she found MetaFilter. Kind of.

Ivan Fyodorovich coins my new favourite word

maxwelton signs up for Secret Quonsar and we are all afraid

In a fraught MeTa, this pair of comments from His thoughts were red thoughts and Tanizaki were a little ray of silly

(Not exactly underloved but it deserves even more) oulipian helpfully explains surrealist Starbucks

poffin boffin has an...interesting gift-wrapping idea

A special mention to FAMOUS MONSTER for his frequent "Great job, everyone!" comments which consistently amuse me (and which I'm too lazy to list individually)

And finally, love to pretty much all the comments in this thread
posted by billiebee at 11:35 AM on January 6, 2015 [4 favorites]

Flashman on MA highway signs.
Mayor West on his friend Gabe.
jessamyn's friend with good advice on trading stock options, or not.
Cold Lurkey on palmaris longus.
posted by craven_morhead at 1:35 PM on January 6, 2015

I agree with chaz 100%. (The whole thread is great).
posted by h00py at 6:38 PM on January 6, 2015 [1 favorite]

Almost forgot about biffa's brief history of the war of the coasters. Then poffin boffin's name-calling began.
posted by MonkeyToes at 5:43 PM on January 7, 2015

rtha explains Eyebrows McGee's sudden lapse in judgement. TheWhiteSkull speculates about a dumb journal. mykescipark recontextualizes a technical recommendation. Elementary Penguin explains the whole "1 + 2 + 3 + 4 + ... = -1/12" thing (see also jeffburdges' explanation immediately above it). FAMOUS MONSTER makes a good case for the defense. Scientist generously writes an extremely detailed account of how he sets up his morning for the benefit of us other attention-challenged people. This comment from escabeche should probably just automatically be posted whenever anyone brings up that Ioannidis paper, you know the one. modernserf gives a twist ending to his own AskMe. late afternoon dreaming hotel explains a sewing stunt. Meanwhile, in other escabeche news, an unflattering snippet of his PhD thesis makes it into the Economist. OH MY GOD I'M ONLY IN FEBRUARY
posted by en forme de poire at 11:57 PM on January 7, 2015 [1 favorite]

Okay, someone just hipped me to jonp72's awesome plotline of the upcoming Back To The Future IV
posted by Mchelly at 9:51 AM on January 14, 2015 [1 favorite]

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