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Today I was pleased to notice that Metafilter's Own℠ Avery Edison is the new intern over at Today in Tabs, which is now back from a month's hiatus. That's all. If you don't subscribe you could probably do it now. Or, if that's too much of a commitment, it's also syndicated at FastCompany.
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Avery's internship (congratulations?!) is unpaid. You can seriously, email [Rusty] for info on sponsoring new intern Avery Edison!

A quick salve to my crotchety-ness in response to this post was a link to NPR's First Listen today, which is The Mountain Goats' new album Beat the Champ.
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I dunno if this is implied or a given or whatever, but Rusty Foster of Today in Tabs is also Metafilter's Own.℠
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I feel like this post needs better explanation.
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What is Today in Tabs? I know who Avery is from previous Mefi discussion but couldn't figure out what the column was about. A snarky roundup of internet content?
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Didn't kuro5hin.org used to be on one of the MetaFilter.com taglines?
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Maybe it's a little inside baseball, yeah; Today in Tabs is a ongoing internetty thing written by (as noted) Mefi's Own rusty, it's come up now and then on the blue and I think on a couple occasions in the grey on account of Metafilter itself sometimes being a mention.

I don't think we ever had a k5 tagline on Metafilter, no, though k5 was definitely among the contemporary web communities when Mefi started out.
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Sorry about the sparse framing--I initially wrote more about Rusty/k5/etc. but felt like that was shifting the spotlight off of aedison. And, yes, if your initial take is that Today in Tabs is pretty much a daily hateread/internet garbage roundup email, you've nailed it--but it's a fairly consistently funny and insightful daily hateread.
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Congratulations, Avery!

because we’re dying, we’re all dying, oh god when did I become so old?

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You kids be careful. You might get tetnus if you cut yourself on a rusty tab.
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sponsoring unpaid internships, that's a new one
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I'll be happy to contribute nothing if someone can share the paynil link.
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I'm not sure how this is noteworthy, but congrats I guess?
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If Today in Tabs is doing unpaid internships, I guess they're part of the problem. Yech.
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I'm sorry, this is dumb on so many levels.

First, presumably Today In Tabs is paid by FastCompany for the right to reprint their content? So why isn't this guy paying his intern?

Second, why is this here? Mefite gets unpaid internship, so what? A mefite with less than 100 comments on the site, mostly discussing "her work"? Should we be posting everyone's new job on Metatalk?

And, third, ha ha, this scenario just encapsulates the awfulness of the zeitgeist stunningly well. 27 year old person doing an unpaid internship ... which people who bestow these internships have been telling us "help get your name out there" ... which justifies the lack of a paycheck ... but this Avery Edison is someone who at least speaks of herself as being established, so why the internship with this newsletter that no one here seems to have heard of ... and I don't understand why a guy who runs a newsletter that is reprinted in a major business magazine is not paying his intern; I mean, his content is going in a BUSINESS MAGAZINE, presumably there is money changing hands, and they are PANHANDLING to pay the intern? The fuck?
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I'm sorry, this is dumb on so many levels.

That's a weirdly overtly grumpy tack to take on what's just a mild "hey, here's a thing involving a couple mefites on a thing that's come up on mefi before as mentioning mefi" sort of deal. Like, it's okay to be meh about things but it's also okay to just sort of roll your eyes to yourself and move on if the thing you're feeling meh about isn't a like site policy proposal that requires clear and active pushback. I don't think a quick "well, I feel odd about x" bit is out of line or anything but there are far more sensible and useful places to rant outright about the ethics of internship than in a nice little collective bro-dap of a thread.
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So it's that time of the year again; time to see if K5 is still operating.

Yep, it is.

The "horsecock" tag still going strong, I see.
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A bro-dap sounds like a birdcall of some kind.
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...plus as far as I can tell the entire point of the Tabs "internship" is to give somebody who deserves one a temporary soapbox / signal boost so they can, like, get attention for their work and get hired for jobs and stuff. So I guess I feel like maybe in this one instance we could just let the "help get your name out there" thing slide a little bit instead of doing the ideological rectitude dance over it.

So it's that time of the year again; time to see if K5 is still operating.

For me it was more like that time of decade. The fossilized zeitgeist appears to be about what I would have expected.
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That's a weirdly overtly grumpy tack to take on what's just a mild

I get grumpy over even mild reminders that life is becoming structured more and more like a pyramid scheme.
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well, Rusty ain't no Amanda Palmer ...
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Who is in turn not Matt Haughey, and so we can establish by the associative property that Ed Helms hangs out on k5.
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Hi MeFi! I think I can cast some light on the paid/unpaid thing here:

This internship is DEFINITELY paid. Not only is it paid, it's very well paid. If you think unpaid internships are bullshit, I am with you. This is the second month of organized Tabs internships, and the deal was that I would find two sponsors for the month, who pay $800 each to sponsor that month's intern. The entire amount goes to the intern, so for writing 150-250 words a day on a link or links of her choice, 4 days a week for one month, the intern is paid $1600. I am thrilled to be able to both give young writers a platform to write for about 11,000 heavily media-slanted readers, and also pay them very well for it.

Avery was supposed to be the March intern, and I had two sponsors lined up for her in March already. But burnout loomed and instead I took March off and pushed it all back to April. April doesn't work for one of her sponsors (which I was expecting) but also there was a complication with the other sponsor that I wasn't expecting, leaving me with none officially as of yesterday. That why I was asking for sponsors. I was, and still am, completely confident that we'll sort it out, and either way I stand by the terms with Avery. I should have followed up with the March sponsors earlier, that's entirely on me.

As of this morning, we have one new sponsor committed (the fine folks at Atavist). There are a couple possibles for the second sponsor, but the spot is still open if anyone here thinks it'd be something you'd like to do. Drop me an email!

Also Avery's great and I'm lucky to have her as an "intern" which, as a title, started off tongue in cheek and is only getting more so.
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I take offence at the suggestion that I only comment on posts related to mysel–

Oh. Right. I'm– I'm doing it again, aren't I?

(rusty is the best and Tabs is amazing and unpaid internships suck, I would not be involved in one.)
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the ideological rectitude dance

I kind of wish I were in need of a new username, because this is delightful.
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Great to hear this is a paid gig. Fuck a unpaid internship.
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I'll second that motion.
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I would hapuly choreograph an Ideological Rectitude dance; would need music.
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I swear there's a square dance joke in there somewhere.
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I just remembered how to log in to k5 after being away for 12 years. I say we wrest it back from the trolls! We can make it a happy place again! Who's with me?!
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did you know that plastic.com still sort of exists on reddit
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