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Between my fat thumbs and vintage iPhone 4 occasionally having browser stutters, I occasionally manage to mistakenly hit the [!] and scroll through the reasons list in one misplaced thumb swipe. I'm talented like that.

If a reason is chosen and I hit the [x], thinking to get out of the flagging dialogue, the comment is flagged anyways. If "pick a reason" is chosen then hitting the [x] backs me out of the dialogue as expected.

Since I rarely flag, I never freaking remember this. Is there a logic to this I am totally missing or would anyone else like a tiny [x] shaped pony?
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An errant flag or two is no big deal—so don't worry about that. If you do fat-finger the [!] and then you do scroll through the list of options and then don't want to flag, just scroll back up the top and make sure "pick a reason to flag:" is selected. Then click the Done button. No flag will be sent.
posted by pb (staff) at 6:14 PM on April 23, 2015

vintage iPhone 4

Oh man, does it have the tailfins? Those are worth money on Ebay now!
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Hey now.
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Yeah, same thing here with kirks '66- Ayefhonesamun4.
99% user fault. 1% desire to flag?
I kinda like it as it makes you scroll in and hit the right button, like yer planting a radish.
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I did that other day with my iPhone 5 (not 5s) and felt so bad. But then I see that you have a 4 and I feel a lot better now.

(I kid! I kid!)
(But not about the 5 or the accidental flagging. That really happened.)
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If tailfins would make the memory run faster, I'd slap 'em on. Of late scrolling down some pages locks things up for about 20 seconds, then it catches up with my last gesture, which on MeFi means the occasional errant flag.

The user confusion came into play with a combo of i18n and expected behavior - in Italian the Done button is Fine, which I sometimes mistakenly connotate as "End" in a programmatic sense. So when that resulted in an errant flag, the next time I hit the [x] thinking it would drop me out without flagging like a modal dialogue. Whoops, flagged again.

I'll just have to remember to scroll back up to "pick a reason." Cheers, pb.
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While I don't tend to flag accidentally, I find the closeness of the flag link to the favorites link on touchscreens to be a problem sometime. (And I favorite things all the damn time, so I should know.)
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