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On FanFare, would it be possible to have the option to subscribe to a film club like you can subscribe to a tv show?

I really like the idea of film clubs over on FanFare; they've pointed me to at least a few things I otherwise would never have watched. There's been the Spirit of 99, MeFi Horror Club, and probably there are others I'm just missing because I don't think there's a way to search for film clubs aside from constantly browsing FanFare Talk. It would be really easy to miss a movie post if you're away from the site for a few days and something didn't get tagged perfectly.

Since I'm about to start a film club myself that would move really slowly over a long period of time, I was thinking it could be really useful to have the option to subscribe so you could follow the film club in My FanFare and not miss anything.

Is this doable? Is this something someone other than me would find useful/fun? Thoughts?
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Right now—in addition to FanFare Talk—people are using the MeFi Wiki to organize their film clubs. Take a look at the Movies: Upcoming and Posted section of the FanFare Scheduling page.

We've talked about this a bit behind the scenes and it is something we'd like to work toward. There are a lot of steps that need to happen between having no support for clubs or scheduled viewing on FanFare to having a button that allows you to follow a particular set of movies. So I'm afraid it won't be ready in time for your club, but it something we're thinking quite a bit about. So to answer your question: it is doable, we think it would be a nice addition to the site, but we have more thinking to do about how it will take shape.
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Robin Williams Movie Club is one.

I think this is a great idea!
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Oh, forgot to mention that the MeFi Wiki also has a list of Movie Clubs & Series on that same page.
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One current option for anyone using Reader an rss reader is to add FF Talk. It's the only way I'd ever hear about the clubs.
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So how do film clubs on FanFare work? Can anyone start one or do you need mod approval or something?
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No special permission required - you can just start it yourself - how do you think I did mine? :)
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Just be sure to reserve the conference room on the sign-up sheet.
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How about being able to follow a particular *tag* on MyFanfare? That way any club discussion tagged with the club name would show up (presumably including FFTalk discussions).
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Yeah, I think following specific tags would be a good interim solution.
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Sweet! *adds tag nobloodymonkeys*
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I wish there were enough MeFites in the world that I could put "invented Metafilter film clubs" on my resume as an accomplishment. Because I am absurdly proud of that.
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DirtyOldTown: Put it on there! You know you'll have found the right employer when they are impressed by that!
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