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They say that cats rule the internet - is there proof that they rule Metafilter? Mefites, show us your pets!

Or will some other dark horse - perhaps literally! - take the lead? Personally, I think this video (slyt) proves cats are our overlords. Clearly the only way to determine The Truth is for everyone to share images and videos of their beloved pets, from amphibians to llamas to particularly lovely rocks.
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You are mistaken. The cats are innocuous quadrupeds. They are of no concern. They are of no concern.
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This is Oscar Wildecat. Since the weather's gotten hotter here, he's taken to flopping around the apartment like the above pic.
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Pile of cats.

So fierce.
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(she's a girl and doesn't care if you think she has a "boy's name")
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Springtime dogs--the black one is my housemate's, and the dachshund is mine. Their supervisor is my Cairn Terrier, shown here inspecting my bedding. (Cooper, the dachshund, is helping.)

They're joined by a hilariously large number of cats. In a teen movie, Louise would be the resident mean girl. Howie would be the confused new girl, and Rupert, shown here with one of my housemate's cats, would be the dumb, slutty one.

My favorite pet-related thing of late is this video of Rupert getting his annual haircut, because he just lounges on the floor and lets you buzz him. Failure to give him a haircut means that he will find your fans or air con vents and then arrange himself so that his junk is directly in front of or on top of it, and he will then stay there. Forever.

This does not include most of my housemate's cats, nor my daughter's cat. Being in my house is sort of like being in the internet. You think that you've run out of cats, and then -- hey, look, a cat!
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Korben the cat is photogenic and I love him.
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I have not stabilized my depression in a way that I'm all that good at taking care of myself, let alone a kitty, but I do get to pet my lovely kissfriend's cat sometimes, or I can just watch said lovely kissfriend stretch out on the the couch (it's one of those corner couches) with BELLEH CAT ACTION HAPPENING and omg they are the cutest
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Jackson here is my roommate's cat, but he loves curling up in my bed next to the laptop and purring like crazy. Jackson is the best cat.
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Here is a "glamour shot" of our cat from the humane society, taken shortly before we adopted him.

His name is Riker!
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Leon looks quite regal on his perch.
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Wilson, Wilson, Wilson. Lhasa/King Charles. Hooray!
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Yes. Yes. Let's all talk pets for a while and cool off. Yes.
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McGee Cats, one eye each.
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omg does one have a right eye and the other has a left eye? did you plan that?
with their powers combined they have: depth perception!!!
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Bella and Penelope (not updated recently). My Instagram tends to be largely cat pictures…

Cats of MetaFilter on Flickr, y'all. Don't make me remind you again. Because if I have to keep reminding you I wind up sounding boring and tedious, so, y'know, work with me?
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They do! And it just came out that way. The stripey one is actually our third one-eyed cat after cat #2 died (Grey cat is cat #1, he was a super-dumb-ass kitten). Cat #3 came to us from 1300 miles away via a vet we knew and who knew we had one-eyed cats and one of them had died in the last six weeks ... I worry what will happen when we need a one-eyed cat next time! We may have to graduate to three-legged dogs or something.
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I have no idea how to pick a cat with intact sensory organs.
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Took me 9.5 years to get a picture of her in a bandana, but it was worth it.

Here's our mixed crew* featuring a bonus for @darth Twitter fans.

*cat has too much class for such nonsense.
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Shaman, Misty, Kismet and my newest addition Niki
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The baby of the family is this bobtailed minx named Marceline. Her middlest brother is polydactyl Murphy. We are still a bit heavy-hearted in the Steady household, however, as we recently had to say goodbye to Killian J. Meowler, who had been with us for 18 years. He was the best snuggliest cat there ever was or will be.

He was also a lazor cat from time to time.
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This is how I got my first cat:
"Oh, this poor kitten, he is so ugly nobody will adopt him, especially after we remove his eye, we will just use him as a practice euthenasia for you."
"Or! You could how me how to save him!" says the Idealistic vet student. "How to make his missing eye look okay."
"But the shelter won't take him, and this is a really ugly kitten," protested the vet.
"I'll find someone," the vet student insisted confidently. "There's a Cubs fan in my dance class."
And that is how I ended up with such a sad-sack kitten that not even the ASPCA would take him. My dance classmate knew I was a Cubs Fan and therefore totally unable to resist a hard luck story. My kitten spent several months attacking everyone but me before he decided that multiple people might possibly bring him food and he should suck up to them all.
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If you read dog threads on AskMe, you've already seen my dogs but I dote so I share again: Pilar and Shaggy.

Rescue mutts. Tucson brown dogs. Valley fever cases. My reason for getting out of bed in the morning (well, them plus coffee.)

This picture is funny because it makes them look like cuddle buddies where in reality if Shaggy touches Pilar at all, she sighs dramatically and moves away. They do play together but otherwise like to maintain their stoic pretense that they themselves are the only dog in the house.
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Huck? Hey, Huck? What up, Huckleberry?
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Ooh! I've not yet had occasion to post any cat pictures to MeFi. Here is Tasha, otherwise known as Fuzz Bucket:

- lounging on the couch
- relaxing with a fuzzy friend
- helping me work at home
- inspecting the perimeter
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Cats: Otto, Toes, Trixie and Toes, Elwood, and Shell.

Dogs: Binky, Gibbon, and Gibbon doesn't understand personal space (he was standing on my chest while I was lying down.)
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Meet Zac, short for Prozac.
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Allow me to introduce our mutt Kesugi, the most noble (-looking) dope this side of the Canadian border.
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I am not a friend and I am not a pet.
I am the Cat who walks by herself
and all places are alike to me.

Nonetheless, Biped has updated my profile picture.
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so many gud kittehs and dags ヾ(@^▽^@)ノ ★★
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These are our dumb cats. The black one is Max and the tuxedo is Doppler. Max's hobbies include barfing and murder. Doppler's favorite home accessory is poop, and his favorite food is all of them.
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Baron von Floppy Ears.
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I share my abode with Murphy the Birman cat and Paddy the Labrador dog. And I should also mention Miss Puss, our recently deceased Persian friend.
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Moxie celebrated her fourth birthday earlier this year. A couple of months before, she'd developed a taste for science fiction.

She's one of the reasons I've gone off pork entirely.
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Here's Lola, being the little bundle of joy and fluff that she always is.
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Let's see, I think I have some photos I posted elsewhere recently...

Ah. Here we go. Hennessey, who we suspect is half mountain lion, and Percy, who doesn't know how to cat. There was also Zephyr, but she passed away two weeks ago. Both the boys miss her, as does the rest of the household.
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Here are two cats. They're littermates although they don't look it. This photo is a few years old but they still look pretty much the same.

On the left is Florabelle Goldenpaw. She has a magic golden paw (you can't see it right now) that goes tinka-tinka-tink! when she shakes it and then you do what she wants. She likes flamethrowers and trebuchets. She used to eschew comfort because it kept her "frosty" but recently she discovered electric blankets and can detect them being turned on from anywhere in the house. She also answers to Flora the Destroya and Flo Rida.

On the right is Henry Pants. He has his own song. He likes sandwiches, TV time, and making friends. When he pretends to be the world's richest cat we call him Franklin Mint; when he pretends to be a famous British novelist we call him Christopher Pawpads; and when he's stretched out as far as he can go we call him Miles O'Tum.
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Needs more rodents. Pigwidgeon, guinea pig extraordinaire, at leisure. Archimedes preparing to demolish a cauliflower leaf.
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These are my cats.

First, we have my two Australian cats Rosie and Sebastian who are settling in for winter. This will be their second winter after moving down from the tropics. They are not impressed by the cold weather and spend most of their time either on a human or in their cat bed (which has a heat pad because their humans felt sorry for them).

This is Kitten. She lives in New Zealand and doesn't have the temperament required to be an international jet setter so I see her once a year or so. Here she is all grown up.
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BunnyCat atop her favorite thing: freshly laundered towels.
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Timing! After the March doggy DNA post, we finally did a Wisdom Panel for our dog, and we just got results back a couple of days ago. Here's Sky (and more photos; we really need to update with newer ones). SCIENCE says she's half Siberian Husky (Sibes all the way up) and half very mixed breed (they think probably significant Keeshond, followed by Basset Hound, German Shepherd, Greater Swiss Mountain Dog, Miniature Schnauzer. hm.)

I've been saying pretty definitely poodle mixed with something else, but I was apparently wrong, wrong, wrong. Still not clear on where her long, soft curly hair comes from (if it's left alone, she goes full Wookiee), though I can see "long" from the maybe-Keeshond part. It's funny to match up behaviors and characteristics from the Husky side – she has a lot of them! When we first got her, we called her "Houdini" for her escape antics (she wasn't trying to escape us, but she couldn't tolerate being separated), and this is apparently a big Siberian Husky thing... plus now we know why she doesn't bark, and probably why she doesn't like water (rain, bath, hose, puddles – in subfreezing temperatures those would not be a great idea. But dog, you're in Greece! Trust us on this one.)

Despite being geographically challenged, she's super smart (blows away all those doggy IQ tests and games), and she's like our kid. Interests include long walks, pack solidarity, killing squeaky toys, supper (hers and yours). Willing to work for treats; main Love Language = Quality Time; nicknames = Skilaki, Skilee, Wookiee, Little Bear, Tiny Dancer, Baby, Baby Girl; official title = "Food Inspector"; Myers Briggs personality type = ESTJ; favorite quote = "One cannot think well, love well, sleep well, if one has not dined well." -Virginia Woolf; favorite book = "Dogsbody" by Diana Wynne Jones; favorite song: Cajun Moon, J.J. Cale (totally 100% serious. She has a favorite song.); favorite instrument to sing along to: harmonica, pref The Blues.
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Mona the cat likes a good upside down stretch.
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Living pets: Jasper, Mimi, Marley

Dearly departed: Seth, Marla and Slide, Emory and Oglethorpe, Major Tom
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Sir Walter Raleigh, dreaming of new worlds and fat, slow chipmunks.
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Good grief, this thread has exceeded the daily allotment of cuteness.

More please!
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Aggro, Non-nude Aggro
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Here's one fuzzbutt, Carrot, named after Ironfoundersson in Discworld. He got his name because we got the grey-and-white Gandalf first, and Carrot was going to be named Gimli, but then was just far too happy and energetic. So we decided to name him after a different dwarf instead.

I discussed Gandalf's dog-like tendencies in the dogcat thread. He and Carrot are (usually) best buds and enjoy co-grooming and then snuggling together.
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Yay, I finally have kittens to show off!

Princess Razorblade is a fan of hockey, daring acrobatics, and investigating everything.

Her sister, Princess Specialprincess enjoys looking regal, overseeing her domain, and silently judging everyone.
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It's Impierna, a Saudi Arabian cat I rescued from the mean streets of Saudi Arabia. The picture was taken in California, shortly after she had cancer surgery.
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I think my lot are already in the Cats of Metafilter Flickr pool. But for thoroughness' sake - this is Schroedinger, a distinguished and silly 15-year-old who is the purest ball of love ever to walk on the earth. These two siblings are Gigi and Cal. Gigi is the smaller pointier-faced one in the green collar, Cal is bigger and rounder and in orange. They are Schro's favorite toys in the world but he lets me pretend they are my kittens, not his.

The Flickr pool also contains three of my former cats who are no longer with us, alas - Pixel, Dimitri, and Antigone. (We had a bad health run there for a while with our adult cats. Hence the kittens.)
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Here's our little chihuahua mix Sassy immediately after we caught her trying to snack from the cat box. And here she is with her brothers Ashley and Karl waiting for dinner.
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Triceratops and Sadie are my Ohio Cats. Emma, Fezzik, Arrow, and Flit (no picture, she is afraid of everything) are my New Hampshire Cats. Black is my Ivorian Chat. They are all the best cat!
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For a long time, we were honorary parents of my Dad's cat Tubby, the sweetest, most doglike cat I ever knew. Then we lost Dad and Tubby suddenly last Fall within three weeks of each other. So, it seemed providential when a friend of Mr. gudrun put on Facebook that they were fostering a young cat Perry (his real name is No, Kitty!) who needed a home. The fact that they live a long drive away and that we neither have a car nor do either of us drive did not deter us from cobbling together a solution, aided by some cat loving friends, to get Perry to our home (which he has of course taken over).
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Everyone on Metafilter has the best pets.
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Today was Charlie's birthday! He turned 11!
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OMG OMG OMG. This makes me so happy. I get to show off Tiny!

She is artistic and contemplative. She is sleepy. She is fierce. She likes hiding. And snuggling.

She is my best friend.
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My sweet girls at the mud spa.

Rude turkeys.

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Allow me to me introduce Trilby, AKA Trilby-Wilby, Tril, the Trilster, Evil One, Bratsie, Squawky, Baby Cakes, Tuna Breath, the Sultan of Sass, and Will You Let Me Sleep, You Little Asshole. A former tenant of mine called him Axl Rose and Trilby Howl III because of Trilby's vocal proclivities. Trilby is deaf and does not get the concept of volume control.

Trilby in a classic portraiture mood. Trilby goes Hitchcockian. Trilby in a lifestyle blog mood. Trilby being le chat du Metachat. Trilby sunbathing. And Trilby in a before and after adoption photo set.

Trilby likes to post to Metachat about his ambition to become an international spy and his side interest in poetry.
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This is Iris. We found her in Quebec. She was born in the wheel well of an abandoned, rusty pickup truck behind a general store in a small town by a lake. The store owner had taken to call her "Peuce", which I'm sure I've spelled wrong but is a french word that means "small" or something like that. I wanted to name her Poutine, because that is the greatest name ever for a three-colored Canadian cat, but my family vetoed that name because they are jerks. So instead she is named after an optometrist shop in Maniwaki, PQ.

Iris is a very social cat. Iris will be your friend.

This is Lily.

Lily wants to stay the hell away from you. Lily hates you.

More photos here.
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Next month will be 1 year with my tiny dog.

My favorite things so far:
- She does not always look tiny in pictures
- Unless you have other items of scale to compare her to
- She dresses down with me
- And even makes my 3 sizes too small grinch heart appreciate the holidays
- Her face
- Her feets

The end.
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I am technically* allergic to cats, but am adoring cat-aunt to Hoover, a dilute tortie who has the most beautiful eyes and will paw-tap sometimes even if you don't have treats.

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I just want to let everyone know that your favorite pet does not suck.
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Triceratops and Sadie are my Ohio Cats.

Triceratops and Sadie are the best cat names. I love them so much.
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Yesss can we also list all our pets' nicknames?

Princess Razorblade is also known as T, Miss T, Snoozy Homemaker, Razorblade von Snugglestein, Fuzzy Noodle, Little Nerd, and Rumblestiltskin.

Princess Specialprincess is also Z, Queen Z, Miss Grumples, Mouse Queen, Fuzzy Muffin, Big Nerd, and Rumbelina.
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Oh, and these are my happy, healthy, treatment-free bees. The colony is named Ida Bee Wells.

And bonus photo of Potpie. She's my favorite chicken and here she is giving major side eye.
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Here's another one of Truman, dog of action.
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Nicknames! Sure.

Schroedinger is usually Schro. Sometimes he is "Schrobunny", "Schrobuggy", "Brodinger", "Creepy Uncle Schro", or "Schroderbund the Educational Software Cat." As he is now pretty much fully deaf, he is impervious to any of these names.

Gigi is just Gigi except once in a while when she is "Gigi Love and Special Sauce" or "Gigi Gordon Liddy."

Cal is actually Pascal, so Cal is his nickname. But he also goes by a wide variety of other names, generally "Cali Ma", "Cali Monster", "Low-Cal", or "Cal Bug."

Gigi and Cal collectively are "The Ruckus" or "The Kittens." Cal and Schro are collectively "CatBros" and all three are the "CatSibs."
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Bonus kitties: Sam and Cloud, most awesome of cats and founder members of an outstanding freelancer support group.
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Molly (often called Millie) likes boxes. My sister found her in an alley.

Snookie is my husband's cat (he lets me live here, but does not claim me as an owner). He was named before Jersey Shore was a tv show.
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DJ Torgo
Torgo’s catnip face

Seven the dog and Frank the cat, RIP
Seven's alterego, Superdog
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The dog who thinks he is a cat: Emery.

The cat who thinks he is a dog: Remy.

The cat who knows she is a cat and would like the other two to just leave her alone already so she can get ALL THE SCRITCHES NOW PLEASE: Chloe.

Bonus photos: Snuggles. Fetching. Burrow kitty (which was bought for the dog but he is afraid of it).

My birthday and Christmas and Mother's Day have all gone by without a single kitten as a gift for me. I don't think my family loves me.
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The store owner had taken to call her "Peuce", which I'm sure I've spelled wrong but is a french word that means "small" or something like that.
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Puce in French means "flea."

I love kitties but can't have them because my husband is horribly allergic. However, we have two of the best doggies in the world: Kenda the Wonder Mutt (who earned her Canine Good Citizen last week) and Maeby the Found Hound (who is a therapy dog specializing in working with special-needs children.)

They're also both gigantic goofballs.
Kenda using me as a flotation device.
Kenda along for a ride in the sidecar.
Maeby after breaking into the kibble bin.
Maeby relaxing on the sofa.
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Not my pets, but birdies that live on my office building, that I watch every day

Warning: feeding time is pretty brutal
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Workerant! I think I'm officially in love with Maeby.
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Zuzu is the laser-iest of all laser cats. She also has very little pride or shame. But, she very lovingly takes care of her sister, Turtle, so it's all good.
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Rufus is noble, photogenic, charming and agile.

He also has a big nose.
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Guess what?
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Sophie1: PERFECT.
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old pic of Herbert smooshing Bellatrix
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BunnyCat is also known as Noni and SugarBunny. When she's in trouble, I invoke her official title: Maria Sophia Louisa Francesca the Bunny.
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Quigley is at least 4 octaves long, and very handsome.
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Sophie1, I'm loving the chickens! Awesome chicken names too.
Any chance you could squeeze one into a scanner? Asking for a friend.
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When a friend makes a tiny, knitted hat for your cat, what else are you gonna do?

Gizmo questions your sandwich, plus you've interrupted his special private time.
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Beatrix T. Cattenborough will accept your friend request on Facebook. She is a ginger tabby who was rescued almost drowned in a storm at around a week old and does not know she is a cat.
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As you can see, I am in fact fully made of cat. I don't share pictures of my human on the internet.
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Is there still a 100 per day limit to favorites? If so, I'm gonna have to carry on reading this thread tomorrow...
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Yoda was the runt, the little guy.
But then he grew, got a job.
Now he's big. And lazy.
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There were breeders of purebred Huskies who lived near breeders of purebred Shepherds. One day a litter was born that was a "useless" mix. We adopted Nala who is the best hiking, camping, geocaching, and laying around buddy ever. NOT USELESS.

Then my wife had "small dog needs" as she put it and we found Nimbus (the last Pom was named Cirrus and the next - I'm told - will be Stratus) at a rescue event. He's a Pomeranian who was a stud at a puppy mill that was shut down. He has little in the way of teeth and he's never been socialized so he's still finding life in a house with people strange but he's pretty awesome. He even allows my daughter to do crazy things like this to him without much of a fuss.

We used to have cats that pushed us all around - including our 120lb Shepherd. We traded the dozen animals for 6 animals and 3 kids a bunch of years ago. I haven't decided if it was crazier then or now.
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This is the best metafilter post ever. I love seeing everyone's furry family members.

Morgan, she of the order of most unphotogenic felines (DSH)
Ivy de Cardboard (Siamese+Tabby)
Atlas, he of the tiniest derpy tongue (Maine Coon + ?)

Bonus: Group Photo, Gentleman (previously)
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My cats are Miles O'Brien and Julien Bashir. Julien is over 22-years-old at this point, and...basically fine????? Miles is a bean-shaped catbro who likes feet. They are friends, as is only fitting given their Deep Space Nine namesakes.
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There needs to be more guinea pigs in this place. Here are my two cavies: Tristram and Bertram.
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More guinea pigs are on the way! I just don't have any pictures of Princess and Jade at work or online - yet.
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Grace, I am sad to say, died at home on the 21st of March. She had a bad night and I was waiting for the vet to open to take her in for the last time. But she was gone before then. She was the sweetest cat I have ever known.
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Meet Maximus Decimus Meridius. We call him Max, Maxie, and lately Drek'thar. He's 13, 90% blind, diabetic, and an evil genius. He was also the subject of a panicked Ask, and he made me look really dumb by NOT dying. For that, I am grateful to him every day.

Meet Oliver Queen. We call him Ollie, Olliepeno, and sometimes Breath. He's 7, hairy, overweight, and not so smart. He loves Max best. They are brothers and very best friends. This is my first go-round with two dogs at once, and I will never go back to just one.

I'm still grieving our late cat, Charlie. He was the most affectionate and lovable of the three cats who shared my life, and I miss him the most.
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We just got our cat Phryne three weeks ago! I've never had a cat before and I am super enjoying how all the cat stereotypes are true, like how if you put a box anywhere, there will instantly be a cat in it. Also I'd never really seen a cat go crazy for catnip before and it makes my day every time. It is possible I should have run name by someone who is not a fan of Miss Fisher's Murder Mysteries though, as now I spend a lot of time explaining it.
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Oh my God, that cat is definitely a Phryne (and Phryne is definitely a cat). I like how your kitty's face markings kinda look like a black bob with white face make up.
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There is a distressing lack of Yorvit in this thread.
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Here is my kitten Jasper. He's 9 months old, more or less. I think he is 50 percent tabby and 50 percent Shetland Pony. Yes, he's a little fat, but he's bigger than he is fat.

Here he is sitting on his adoptive sister Cosgrove's head. He started doing this when I wouldn't let him bite her ears. He can be contemplative at times.

Cosgrove and Little Kiwi are twin sister littermates. This picture was taken a couple of hours after they arrived home on their adoption date in December 2010.

Here's what happens when I play the harp. Cosgrove in particular likes the music. She's taken to rolling around on the bed while I play.

Little Kiwi is distinguished from Cosgrove by her white eyebrow whiskers.
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My muses, Clio and Calliope are helping me paint the bedroom here. They're often very helpful. They're mother and daughter and almost always together even though Clio is a fairly abusive mother to poor Calliope.
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What perfect timing! Today is Water-Loving Fluffy-Britches' 7th (theoretical) birthday. Puffy kitty as a kitten. His official name is Kanoko but I pretty much call him "beau chat" most of the time.

His best friend Susuwatari (Soot Sprite) likes to tease him. She likes to tease me as well, but occasionally sits still long enough to show off her graceful ebony lines.

My first cat Morris, vintage 1992 pic there.

My second cat, Le Chat Malo, who in 2002 took the internet by storm with the very first catblog and captioned cat pics ever (I later uploaded some to that set for backup, Flickr wasn't around in 2002 so don't pay attention to the upload dates).

Kanoko was my third cat. Grey joined us not long afterwards, and passed away much too soon from an illness he likely acquired when abandoned. He was the sweetest sweet cat.

Miss Soot Sprite was the rebel of her litter – no one wanted her. Fate stepped in because she and her siblings were born not too long after I lost Grey. Miss Black Terror just so happened to be rebelling against a colleague, who asked if I wouldn't mind taking in a kitten he'd hardly even been able to catch sight of. Her calmer grey tabby brothers and sisters were already spoken for. The day he brought her to my place was the first day she had ever been touched by a human. Apparently it had taken him several hours to snag her.

And since you asked for "beloved pets" generic ;)

Winnie the winsome beagle, belonging to a friend in Provence, but delighted to get extra ear scritches, leg-jumping, and ball-chasing from me.

Koira and Maggie, son and mother respectively. Also delighted to chase balls. Koira was my brother's dog, Maggie my father's, and Koira's father was my cousin's Rottweiler. It... happened just before Maggie was set to be neutered.
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BooBoo, aka Darth Lovey and the former Princess Leia, who now goes by Miss Kitty.
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fraula, your photographs are gorgeous (and so are the kitties). And because I'm sadly catless, I'm delightedly clicking through the galleries and reading the captions on every picture, too. Thanks for sharing!
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My sheltie Zila (here as a puppy).

My cats:
- Nina, the beautiful calico
- Güero, who likes to be squeezed and cosplays as Yoda
- Cosmo, the office cat. Yay!.
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Thank you so much for this thread! Thank you all for sharing your beautiful pets with me!

I couldn't narrow it down enough so here are way too many pictures of my wonderful cat Yoshimi demonstrating her many virtues.

- Yoshimi patiently listening to me yell about someone being wrong a few years ago
- Yoshimi hiding in a paper bag, probably because I'm still yelling
- Yoshimi chasing a spider to protect the household
- Yoshimi helping me choose something to read
- Yoshimi getting upset about injustice at the Westminster Dog Show
- Yoshimi vogueing for the camera
- Yoshimi cosplaying a cat superhero
- Yoshimi in repose
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This is Buddy and Rosie.
This is Rosie slightly less dignified.
This is Buddy being zen
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My now late-and-lamented cats Disraeli and Victoria (photographed many years ago).
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Yoko likes to come with me to the Beer Store because they give her treats.
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Sandy Zac
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Magnificent. Needs more lagomorphs! Artemis is also known as Loafy, Floppy, Miss 'mis, Flumpstress, and sweetie-pie. She has huge feet and a lot of opinions and she would like head rubs pls also parsley aw yeah.
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ok, you twisted my arm. Here are my dogs Luna & Phoebe. No cat yet, but some friends have some new baby kittens and I'm not made of stone.
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This thread is an excellent remedy. Meet Raina.
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Best thread.
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I love this thread! I love how enthusiastic everyone is about their - clearly best and prettiest - pets.

Here is my gorgeous MiaowMiaow, snuggling on me, chilling on his cat shelf, whose birthday it is today (he is 7! But he's only been with me since January. He's the best thing that could've happened to me).
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Needs mor chikn.

Duck Duck's dust bath. (Listen with sound on if you didn't already know that chickens purr.)
Turkey, aka Red Chicken, went broody and tried to hatch a bunch of eggs she laid in a flower pot. She had to be dragged out of said flower pot.
Said chickens, as babies, flipping into a frenzy over a treat of dried meal worms.
Said chickens, as babies, with a frozen blueberry.
Said chickens as toddlers during their very first dirt bath.

Yay chickens.
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This is the only picture of Hedy where she looks a quarter of how pretty she is; her shelter picture was so terrible that she was in that shelter for a year before we found her. The other house cat is Fancy Pants, who used to live with my brother and sister-in-law. Things are dramatic right now because after 2.5 years of absence, our beloved semi-feral Nero showed up again after a big snow this winter. Hedy was super-delighted her old friend was back; Fancy is seething with jealousy. Nero is wary, but shows up every night for dinner and lets us pet her and answers by name, but hasn't gotten to the point where she'll sleep inside yet.

Nero was born under our shed, and his cousins were born IN the shed a year later. Here's #3 (aka The Ghost) and #1 (aka The Supervisor). They have a brother (#2) who has a face that is half-white, half-black and 1 white leg. Naturally, he's known as The Pirate. #3 is called the Ghost because that picture is literally only 1 of 5 times we've seen him since he was a kitten. #1, on the other hand will supervise all activities taking place outside. (We do catch and release in our neighborhood, so almost all of the cats in the neighborhood have been spayed or neutered). This is the tip of the feline iceberg.

We also have a pack of groundhogs (both brown and golden). There are a couple of raccoons (here's Rhonda), an adorable possum whose cutest pictures I lost in my last computer crash, and a pair of red foxes and a pair of black-legged foxes (Here's Freda). There's a deer pack that likes crab apples and berry bushes, and lots of squirrels.

Last year, we had six different varieties of frogs and toads - Fowler toads, bullfrogs, tree frogs, 2 kinds of grey tree frogs, American toads, and wood frogs. It was AWESOME. Here's El Quatro from last year. We also have a bunch of goldfish, but they are hard to photograph in an outside pond.
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Also, in his less lazy, floppy moments, Oscar LOVES to gnaw on people's feet, like so.

When my dad first learned I'd picked the name Oscar Wildecat he asked if my kitty had any "unusual proclivities," and I had to admit that yes, he does have a bit of a foot fetish.
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Beaky sleeping.

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Nina running out of a tunnel.

Tish jumping.

Zhora jumping.
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I am sending hugs and kisses to every pet mentioned in this thread tonight. So much love.
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Cats Sunshine (tortoiseshell) and Moonshadow (18 or so pounds of Maine Coon, black).
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What breed are those, ROU? Norwegian Elkhounds?
posted by Rock Steady at 6:29 PM on May 15, 2015

I can't link pictures at the moment, but last week, The Dog Who Cannot Be Trusted wore us down to the point that we let her sleep on the bed, which is the Cat's kingdom. I have spent the past seven nights lying awake at night, trying to broker interspecies peace, as each side tries to make land grabs while climbing all over me in the process. The rescued feral cat is named Gatsby and the rescued abandoned cocker spaniel breeder is named Zelda, so why, in the name of F. Scott can't they get along?
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We don't have a pet at the moment, but we just moved to a building where pets are allowed, so maybe that'll change.
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You want a pony? Here's Tyson. There's also Go-Go Kitty aka Upstairs Cat, Princess Petunia, aka Basement Cat, Raffi (pronounced "Joffi", in the Portuguese manner), Big Dog of Action, and Pumpkin, Small Dog of Petting. And last but not least, the Tank of a Thousand Guppies.
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Tyson is gorgeous. Thanks for sending a pony our way.
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Thread needs more birds.

Beaker playing with his crest. He's only about 6 months old. The sound is his baby voice.

Beaker the dinosaur.

He looks good in blue.
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BTW, Beaker is 2 years old now. He no longer has a squeaky baby voice. Now he has an adult, hear him miles away through thick forest voice.
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Chunkers is more my husband's cat but there she is.
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Zatanna and Rembrandt.
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Here's Sofi, my oldest. A friend stopped this border collie from herding the cars that were dropping off children at a school eight years ago. We had to wean her away from the desire to corral cars to frisbees instead. She still after all these years will give me with a look on our walks that she KNOWS she can fix these traffic problems in our neighborhood if I'd just let her.

I often think of her at the hospital I work when our tube system breaks down. If we had a trained fleet of border collies - they could get those samples across the campus to the lab so fast! Then I daydream about all the awesome things border collies could do better if we let them work as much as they want to.

And this is Gibby, our youngest, literally saying: HEEEYYYYYY! She likes to cuddle a lot. Sometimes she reviews the durability of paperback books and ipad covers.

This is Bea Bea Kitten Cat. An only cat, she indulges all of us with her presence as long as we abide by her demands. She'll even lets Gibby cuddle with her, but she won't let me photograph it.

We are all still mourning the loss of Rae Rae who recently died of renal failure after 15 glorious years. Sofi was especially close to her and is pictured here with her.

Thank you for indulging me. I love many of your pets! I almost imediately thought of Panjandrum's dog and was SO EXCITED to see that one again where he's shreading that pillow! It was posted in some thread years ago and still makes me laugh! We are so fortunate to have this energy in our lives, making us better. Making the world better.
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Did somebody say catpile? Lucy and Lloyd have spent much of their lives together perfecting sleeping positions.
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This is Miss Moneypenny, on her special mat, which is on her special shelf. She loves playing fetch with catnip mice and "talks" and chirps a lot.
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Though she's been gone a couple years, I still miss Kitty a lot. Awake, she was sometimes not quite as cheerful as her friend.

(We always said we were using Kitty as a placeholder name until we could all agree on a permanent one, but somehow 15 years went by...)
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What breed are those, ROU? Norwegian Elkhounds?

Swedish Vallhunds. Or, if you're in Sweden, Västgötaspets (Spitz from Vastergotland). OOOOR, if you're in Finland, Länsigöötanmaanpystykorva! Which is also just "Spitz from Vastergotland."

They do look sort of like dwarfed elkhounds, but behaviorally they're really REALLY herding-dog-ey. They're cattle heelers like corgis.
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Current furbeasties. We think they are siblings.
Former beloved fur beastie who inspired my username.
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Here's Oona.
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Because everyone wants to see more than one picture of a Saudi Arabian cat, here she is in Saudi Arabia, making good use of one of the country's two English-language newspapers. I may have given her too much catnip.
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Oh my.

Well, my Fritz was a good cat, when I was ill he never left my side, preferring to have his food brought near me. He was my bedmate and companion for 12 years. I was devastated the week after I had to take him to the vet the last time.

And the there was Kaspar, whom we lost much to early from congestive heart failure. He was my granddaughter's favorite, being born almost on the same day, and he was amazingly tolerant of her as a toddler, allowing her to hold him and roughhouse with him with nary a complaint.

There was Gracie, who we lost this year to well, basically, old age. She was a huntress, and would stalk a bug for hours. Not two weeks before she passed, she caught a mouse and left it by my chair at the kitchen table. She also loved her some catnip.

There was also Smokey, who haunted my mother's back yard in the 1980's. He loved to curl up next to the hearth in the winter.

When I lived in Chicago with my second wife, we had a pair of Standard Poodles - Cory and Natasha. They were spectacular when freshly groomed.

I don't have any picture of the first pets I remember- a pair of black-and-white kittens we named Frisky and Buttons. I was maybe 6 or 7 years old, so about 1960 or 61.

Lately, the chores involved with keeping pets are a bit much for us to deal with, so now we have grand-pets. Meet Rooney. He's a shelter dog who the kids fostered, but is now in his forever home with them.
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Penelope, aka Penny, aka Pefenepelopopoly, aka Parnalu.

She of the WHISKERS.

Her tail is also a corkscrew, but I've never been able to get a good picture of that.

How are you supposed to get out of bed in the morning when this is what you see?
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This is Miles in his younger days. He is the best cat. He may also be Frank from Donnie Darko. He's 15 and has started having seizures and I am a mess.

This is the back-up cat, Manny, when he was a kitten.

Oh, they also are private investigators and have their own agency (Bumblebutton & Bumblebutton), but always manage to solve the case in just enough time to get home seconds before we arrive home from work, so we are none the wiser.
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Say hi to Smidgen! Sometimes she is photogenic, and other times she shakes drool onto us and tries to steal our pizza. Her hobbies include purring into a phone, headbutting a computer, politely requesting cream cheese, and annexing couch territory from its rightful owners.
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That's the code YouTube gave me to share a video of Pumpkin Cat. There's a couple more on my account there.
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Pepper and Hudson, cool as always. They are a joyful pair.
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I can't stop looking at pictures. Each of your cats is the best cat! Each of your dogs is the best dog! Treats and snurgles all around!
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Bella is a true rescue. As in, a friend rescued her on the street.
posted by raisingsand at 1:30 PM on May 16, 2015

This is Moose, our rescue lab/border collie mix. He has mixed feelings about camping. But he loves other dogs, like this guy (my parents' lab), so we got him a friend last summer. Molly's a mystery mutt, picked up during a spay/neuter operation on one of the nearby Native American reservations. She has yet to catch one of the squirrels in our backyard, but not for lack of determination.
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Torvald is not allowed on this couch. Therefore, he is on this couch. And knocked off the box of tissues, just to make his point even clearer.

And here is Nora, who is a bit of a scaredy-cat, but loves to take a nap with Mommy.
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Marley is helping to go through my inbox.
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Abbey and Sunshine (gray and black, respectively)

They almost never cuddle together like this.

NoraReed: I have not stabilized my depression in a way that I'm all that good at taking care of myself, let alone a kitty

I felt this way before Sunshine adopted me.* I could barely keep myself alive, let alone another living being with actual needs they depended upon me for. Now, seven years later, I can tell you with great assurance that nearly nothing else in my life has helped with my depression as much as having a purring furry ball of love (or two) to curl up with every night.

* I may have told this story here before (and if you know me IRL you've definitely heard it), so pardon if I'm repeating myself. Back when I lived in Tucson I rented a guesthouse and enjoyed whiling away the blistering evenings in the shade of the giant mesquite tree in our yard. One summer Sunshine started showing up and hanging out after the sun went down. She's saunter into the yard along the back wall or under the gate from the driveway, sit down a few yards away, and just chill. Occasionally she'd move in for some shin-butting, but she never wanted to be held or even touched too much; she just seemed to like the company.

One night a friend was visiting and porch-chillin' with me when Sunshine arrived. She'd been a tiny, skinny cat as long as I'd known her, and my friend became worried that she was malnourished. After much cajoling, and much protesting (on friend's and my parts, in order) on the same tack as NoraReed above, I relented and agreed to set out food and water for Sunshine every day. She starting coming in the mornings for food too, and we began a routine.

The routine started just as an outdoor thing, but as the weather began to turn to not-blistering I could hang out inside occasionally and Sunshine would come in and chill with me indoors too. She left in the depths of the night, and again every day after breakfast as I went to work, but she was back twice every day. One morning she showed up and I noted to myself, with great satisfaction, that she looked plumper than before. All this food was doing her good!

That same night I parked and went back to my guesthouse only to discover that I'd locked my keys in my truck in the driveway. Luckily my landlord was home and I knocked on her back door for the spare key. While she was grabbing that for me, Sunshine appeared out of nowhere and did her leg-twining schtick. When landlady came back she handed me the key and waggled her eyebrows at me and said "Your cat is pregnant."

Sure enough, Sunshine's sudden plumpness wasn't (entirely) the food I'd been providing. Palpation revealed several distinct lumps forming inside her, and sure enough that evening she picked her spot in my closet. Two days later I had a litter of three kittens, one of which was Abbey.

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I have very few pictures of all three black cats together where the end result is not one giant mess of black fur, but this one was taken the day I brought them home new scratching posts. Silly kittehs wouldn't even wait for me to put them together.
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Satisfying Splunge's request for more birds, while accommodating the mainstream quadrapedal nature of the thread, here is the boxer the dog, observing the asshole the bird.
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Marley close-up.
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Hey Bert!
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I have an axolotl named Wani-chan. He started off very small but is now much bigger.

His hobbies include climbing trees, dancing, playing hide and seek (poorly), and listening to jpop.

Wani-chan is vain and stupid and I love him.

Also, he has his own pet marimo. The marimo does not have a name. Yet.
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These spooning kittens turned into these cats (Jack is black; Della is gray). They're littermates and they're rarely found farther apart than the opposite side of the room.

Other cats I have loved:
Sophie, my childhood kitty.
Alejandro the Magnificent
Loki, who now in his dotage puts up with preschoolers who swathe him in towels and place lettuce hats on his head.
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I am just one of the parrot parents around here - see my album on Flickr.
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It's so difficult to force myself to post cat pictures, but if I are some recent pics of Willow and Giles. They are siblings, but Willow is small-cat-sized and Giles is mountain-lion-sized. He is truly enormous (and outrageous).

One day I came over to my parents' house and Willow had shown Giles where to find the catnip. Giles got to this nigh-unreachable spot, pulled it down, and they ripped open the bag, strewing catnip all around the house. My dad looked at her and said, "well, if you didn't want the cat to be addicted to magic drugs, you shouldn't have named her Willow." That's what happens when you spent high school watching Buffy with your dad.
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Also: not my pets, but I think this is my favorite funny cat picture in the history of ever.
posted by flabdablet at 12:05 PM on May 17, 2015

My sweet little buddy Finnegan. He follows me around the house like a ginger shadow. He also LOVES perching on the bathroom door. He can jump right up there from the floor.

The Mollycat is a sassy, bossy little thing. She feels very strongly that she should be in charge of All The Things, and is annoyed when that desire is thwarted. She has a Facebook page of her own, though.

This picture really sums up their personalities, I think.

I have to run now, but later, I shall post guinea pig pictures!
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You all have wonderful pets! This is my cat Buffy. I am obsessed with her.
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Jasper likes you. He also wonders if you might have any carrots. Jasper's a little old piggy, he's 6 1/2.

Oliver also wonders if you might have some carrots, or perhaps a sprig of parsley. if you do, he will be happy to take care of them for you.
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Catfriends of mefite good lorneing:



Sometimes they arrange themselves in translational symmetry.
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Here is some Yorvit, and some more, and some Roswell
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Nicholas Henry Fleming.

The "Fleming" is for his golden eyes. This spwawlout picture has prompted the reaction "Obscene!" from no fewer than three nice ladies, but they're just referring to his display of excessive sloth. And luxurious tummy fur.
posted by The Underpants Monster at 5:36 PM on May 17, 2015

Grubby Carioca cat looking rather put out and who has since had a bath.
posted by adamvasco at 6:01 PM on May 17, 2015 [1 favorite]

posted by avocet at 6:22 PM on May 17, 2015

but damn Roswell has a very nice little cat face and I feel bad for excluding him in my previous Very Excited Comment
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OMG Carioca Cat has a witch's hat and an apostrophe just like my dear departed Melanie!!!
posted by The Underpants Monster at 6:28 PM on May 17, 2015

The thread has donkeys now! I want donkeys.
posted by Glinn at 6:31 PM on May 17, 2015

Before and After photos of my cocker spaniels Chasely (left) and Sailor (right). In the "after" shot, they've very tired after a long day at the groomer's.
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Yes, animals!!! YES

Charlie, looking quite guilty after stealing my tangerine off of the desk. Attacking, from his tower. Inexplicably bathtubbin'. Fiercely eating wheatgrass.

Sorry, currently just a one-pet household!
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Milo, in poses that showcase his adorability but not so much his utter destructiveness and penchant for chewing on everything. Maybe because those are action shots, and harder to capture.
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I want donkeys.

The vital thing to know about wanting donkeys is that it is fundamentally incompatible with wanting trees.

Our three girls have all died now. All of them were already old (rising 40) when they first came to live with us, and well over that before they left. They were lovely people to have around, and we miss them. But the trees are doing much better now that nobody is ringbarking them every few months.
posted by flabdablet at 4:50 AM on May 18, 2015

I have few pictures of my cats but they do each have a Twitter (blame my husband). Which includes headshots.

Roger the Cat
Porchy the Cat
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My adorable little Caye.
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Huge Cat rules in many ways, and he looks the part.
Yes, he's a big fella. This picture was taken at the shelter where we met.

Here's Shy Cat, who had a bad childhood. Spent his first three weeks in this house hiding in a closet. But as you can see, he's doing pretty well.

Tiny Cat doesn't photograph well because she is always running, climbing or jumping. There is nothing that scares her and nothing she can't do. She is also very vocal.

Previously: Book Cat who lived through bone cancer, being locked in a shed for 11 days, and a hyperactive thyroid. Mighty hunter. Now sleeps forever under a rose bush. Bestest cat ever.
posted by Too-Ticky at 12:22 PM on May 18, 2015 [6 favorites]

Sandy joined our family just this weekend from the local SPCA! He is about 3 and a half months old and a real lovebug.
posted by cheapskatebay at 12:29 PM on May 18, 2015 [9 favorites]

Millie sittin' pretty.
posted by maryr at 12:51 PM on May 18, 2015 [2 favorites]

Too-Ticky, I love that you are a serial black cat adopter.
posted by royalsong at 4:19 PM on May 18, 2015 [1 favorite]

This is my dog Franklin, in the form of his alter-ego Dr. Dog.
posted by chatongriffes at 6:20 PM on May 18, 2015 [4 favorites]

Butters, aka Butty aka Flabby Tabby aka Jabba the Cat.
Barney, aka Barneycakes aka Barnacle aka Barfy Barney.
They're litter mates - one is the cute one and one is the smart one, but I'll never tell them which is which.
posted by saturngirl at 8:41 PM on May 18, 2015 [1 favorite]

My kind of thread!
Meet Linus, my Welsh Terrier, and Chaplin, my tuxie. They are inseparable.
posted by SisterHavana at 12:03 AM on May 19, 2015 [1 favorite]

This is Tobi.

This is BB.

This is the Moose.

This is the late, great Kitty Michaels, stalking raspberries.
posted by Joey Michaels at 12:41 AM on May 19, 2015 [2 favorites]

Terror Oehoe is STILL best oehoe.
posted by digitalprimate at 1:06 AM on May 19, 2015

royalsong: a serial black cat adopter

I can't deny that, even if I'd try with both hands. I just love the silhouette look of black cats, and in many places, they are hard to find a home for. So I always end up coming home with another black cat. I say it's like getting vaccinated against bad luck.

When we got three of them at once (Tiny Cat, the unfortunately deceased Gorgeous Cat, and we got Shy Cat as a bonus because he had been at the shelter for way too long and did not sell himself well), the good folks at the shelter told us they were going to organise a special event to promote getting a black cat on Friday the 13th, but now that we had taken three off their hands, they would not need to do that anymore.
(This specific shelter is in our version of the Bible Belt. I'm not sure if that's relevant, but it may be.)
posted by Too-Ticky at 1:38 AM on May 19, 2015 [4 favorites]

holy moley you have the perfect cat window too!
posted by royalsong at 4:17 AM on May 19, 2015

Huge Cat would second that, but he's currently in standby mode and doesn't want to open his eyes.
posted by Too-Ticky at 4:38 AM on May 19, 2015

All colors of cats are wonderful but black cats are the best cats.
posted by amarynth at 7:53 AM on May 19, 2015 [5 favorites]

Jump and bite, growl and fight (ok, not so much fighting as fiercely playing)
posted by mikepop at 10:39 AM on May 19, 2015 [3 favorites]

This is Nora, The World's Best Dog. Her fatal flaw is that she cannot be off leash, because she'll just run. Not run away from you, or run to anywhere in particular, we don't know why she does it, but I suspect that's how she ended up at the shelter where we got her. Otherwise she is the perfect family dog.

This is Stella, Destroyer of Electrical Cords and Waker-Upper at Five-Thirty AM. She is very sweet, but if you're sitting in her way she will totally nip your butt.

This is Lyra, who really is a very good cat. We are not cat people, but we needed a mouser. We no longer need a mouser, but the kid is attached, so we're stuck with her.
posted by rabbitrabbit at 2:48 PM on May 19, 2015 [2 favorites]

Mary Kay has this Virtual Makeover thing on their website. Sometimes we get bored. Now Mozilla only accepts new lipsticks and eyeshadows as treats when we're training with her.
posted by DingoMutt at 5:58 PM on May 19, 2015 [4 favorites]

Frankie (who is a girl Frankie).
posted by oneirodynia at 9:32 PM on May 19, 2015 [2 favorites]

Our little Rascal, who is a sweet little girl, is the photo on my profile page. She is also a very talented and vigilant service dog for my wife, survivor of a vicious stroke several years ago. They are both my heros.
posted by scottymac at 9:40 PM on May 19, 2015 [6 favorites]

She came to me from the passing of an elderly neighbor. As of this weekend, they are together again in the Great Feral Beyond.
posted by maggieb at 7:15 AM on May 20, 2015 [5 favorites]

Rest in peace, Jonesy.

posted by Too-Ticky at 7:45 AM on May 20, 2015 [1 favorite]

I have a cat with gorgeous blue eyes, but she's been temporarily superseded by 5000 (and counting) of these darlin's.
posted by redindiaink at 8:46 AM on May 24, 2015 [2 favorites]

This is Diamond, who thinks she is the owner of my cell phone.
posted by omredux at 11:38 PM on May 24, 2015 [2 favorites]

Mefi animals are the best.

Can we link the "everyone needs a hug" text to these pet threads?
posted by mochapickle at 8:48 PM on May 25, 2015

Yes hello sorry I would have put these cats up earlier but the delivery was late.

Milo, doing the melted-cat thing
Mystery, relaxing in the very kitchen where she was once trapped

Caution: some snuggling may occur.
posted by Pallas Athena at 7:56 AM on May 27, 2015 [1 favorite]

I'm very late getting back with these, but I promised Guinea Pigs, so here they are though they are speedy little things, so I only got a few ok pictures. Princess and Princess sneaking into her house. Jade and Jade escaping.
posted by Clinging to the Wreckage at 9:40 AM on May 27, 2015 [2 favorites]

Frankie (who is a girl Frankie).

D'aww! Makes me miss my dear departed girl Steve.
posted by The Underpants Monster at 12:06 PM on May 29, 2015 [1 favorite]

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