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In case the regular FF league wasn't enough for you how about an American-style draft league?

I noticed in the other FF thread a couple of people mentioned that they were disappointed that it wasn't a draft.

Well, whilst I'm a happy player of traditional FF (and had a decent challenge going in the Mefite league last year until Red Star got a touch of the Arsenals), it is perfectly possible to run a draft one as well.

I've played draft a few times, and it's enormously fun (and different). It's also now easier to do and this year myself and my co-leaguers have used Dugout FC to do it.


1) Free
2) Virtual, so it's perfectly possible to do it online
3) has a chatroom during draft (although we actually use a slack group for all chat as it's better)
4) Allows shortlists, so people not present (or called away) can theoretically still take part although make sure you rank your shortlist

More on how to play here

Any takers? Based on previous years (And our own draft last night) the draft takes about 2.5 hours with 10 people, which is the maximum you can have in a single division. If you have more those people will be pushed down into a second division, then a third, etc. etc.

Obviously it's short notice, so we'd have to draft tonight. My suggestion would be something like 9pm UK time tonight - although if people were amenable to it, or we had a lot of American interest, we could draft later at, say, 10pm.

If there's interest, then it's probably fairest if we operate on a "first come first served" basis. So flag your interest here and I'll memail an invite.

One thing to note: To be fun, the draft model arguably requires you to be a bit more active during the season, so if you're not sure if you'll likely stick the course of FF throughout the season then it might be best to hold off on requesting an invite until the first division (or two) has filled up a bit. That said, it is a more engaging model (you tend to feel more personally invested in your team - not least because you're playing another real person each week for points), so if your normal FF gripe is that everyone ends up with the same players and you get bored, then this is certainly for you.

Alternatively, I'd be happy to set up a second draft league for those who worry they might not stay the course but who still really want to give it a go.
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