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I'm remembering an article that unexpectedly resonated with me and I'm thinking it was posted 2011-2012ish . It was about the mutual loss when young people have to move away from a community to find work. IIRC, it wasn't about a specific location, and it talked about how difficult it is to rebuild support networks. Please hope me Metatalk !
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Was it a comment from It's only supposed to be 30% of your income?
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Not an article, but maybe?
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No luck with either, but I enjoyed reading through both threads.
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From the Atlantic, The Go-Nowhere Generation Speaks: 'I'd Love to Move, but I Can't' (2012):
Every new place represents a start from zero: you need to find a new gym, figure out which supermarket has the best produce, realize that you are living in the wrong neighborhood and have to switch apartments. This is all while you try to build a new social network. A friend who moved from New York to LA put it this way: "I went from having to schedule dinners a week in advance to thinking, 'thank God Grey's Anatomy is on tonight so I don't have to kill myself'." And constantly bringing yourself back to zero means depriving yourself of the opportunity to being the person who knows the area, is well connected, and can enjoy the fact that they've established themselves. I'd argue that it's the settled, established people who are able to affect their communities for the better.
I don't think it was posted here, but it checks for at least some of what you're looking for.
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