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There have been many, many posts on MeFi about male privilege and sexual harassment and the discussions are always enlightening but there was one comment in particular recently that blew me away.

In the past few months there was a post about Gamergate or just general sexual harassment on the internet/ social media and I remember there being a perfectly encapsulated description of white males hollering about political correctness being based in their own fear of losing power. I thought I favorite'd the comment but I didn't and I can't seem to find it and I would love to quote it to someone. I know this a needle in a haystack but maybe just reading this will trigger someone's memory.
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Change is painful. People react against pain reflexively.
posted by Sebmojo at 7:18 PM on September 16, 2015

There are probably a dozen comments that could qualify, but here's one. That thread has a lot of thoughtful takes on the subject.
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Thanks Naju - I'm sure the comment I'm looking for is in that thread and the one you linked to gets to the meat of it but someone wrote essentially the same thing in a response but it amounted to a single sentence or two. I'll keep looking.
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search "white fragility"?
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This VICE article on the same theme might help provide search keywords.
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Maybe el io’s comment from that thread?
Which seems to be this: that cultural critiques on the various works of art (games) will somehow force everyone who is making this art (games) to stop being misogynist and all future art (games) will be "PC" (and we gamers won't get to see half-naked elves in their games or whatever).

This position essentially makes the feminist critics out to have incredible power to change the nature of a medium, simply by writing about it! Just bringing up the tropes, patriarchal tendencies, and mysogny in games will stop all of this from happening in future games.

That's essentially the fear, right? Ruin games forever, ruin gaming forever; and what they mean by that is games will cease to have the troublesome elements that these people are pointing out in games.
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I wrote a comment on this that definitely isn't mind-blowing, but since it fits I'll post it here.
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Was it Peevish perhaps? He had produced a number of videos on the subject
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