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WICKR is an instant messaging client for secure, OTR communication that at this point has a fairly large user base; I think we should add an option for WICKR handles to the IM section of the profile.
I’m posting this to MetaTalk because, while we have a wiki page for new social sites, we don’t have one for new IM tools. That’s probably okay, but might be worth revisiting at some point. As a proxy, if people have tools that they like they could post them below.
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Instant messaging networks are a bit different from social networks. We have some clearly defined rules that help us evaluate whether or not a social site can be added. We don't have those rules for instant messaging because the lines are fuzzier.

Each listing needs to have something to link to. Many of the old chat protocols like AIM or Skype had their protocol built into browsers. So it was clear that we could list an AIM account by using the aim: protocol for the link. Browsers would typically know what to do with that link—fire up the aim client and start a message to that user. WICKR isn't built into the fabric of browsers yet, but if WICKR has website profiles for users we could use that as the IM link on profile pages.

I don't think we have enough new IM networks that will work on profile pages to justify setting up a page to suggest new ones. We can talk about some here or folks can use the Contact Form to ask us about them.

In the meantime, you can list your WICKR username in the "About" section of your profile. We aren't going to be able to support every method that people will want to use to connect, but that doesn't mean folks can't add it to their page.
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It's called WICKR?

This is poffin boffin's doing, surely.
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